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Comic Names for Boys

There are 12 Comic names for baby boys.

Comic names are fairly popular baby names for boys. The names rose in popularity from the 1930s up to the 1980s; prior to that, they were of only moderate use. At the height of their usage in 1987, 2.117% of baby boys were given Comic names. There were 5 Comic names ranked within the top 1000 baby names then. Comic names have since experienced a decline in frequency. In 2012, 6 Comic names listed among the top 1000, with a combined usage of 0.810%. Within all Comic names, the English, Greek, and Russian Andrew was the most commonly used, with a ranking of #18 and a usage of 0.6221%.

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Abner Popularity Trend of Abner
from 1900 to 2012. father of light, father is light ... Yokum in Al Capp's comic strip Li'l Abner ...

Andrew Popularity Trend of Andrew
from 1900 to 2012. 
2012 Rank: 18 18 male, manly, brave, virility ... borne by the slow and comic Sir Andrew Aguecheek in ...

Archibald Popularity Trend of Archibald
from 1900 to 2012. truly brave ... thereafter acquired a comic and aristocratic touch, ...

Banner banner ... Banner, the Marvel Comic character whose ...

Calvin Popularity Trend of Calvin
from 1900 to 2012. 
2012 Rank: 189 189 little bald one ... in Bill Watterson's comic strip Calvin and Hobbes ...

Dan Popularity Trend of Dan
from 1900 to 2012. judge; God is my judge, God has ... Dan Dare is a British comic space hero created by ...

Delbert Popularity Trend of Delbert
from 1900 to 2012. nobly famous ... UK from the fictional comic character of the ...

Dennis Popularity Trend of Dennis
from 1900 to 2012. 
2012 Rank: 427 427 follower of Dionysos ... mischievous boy of the comic strip Dennis the Menace ...

Draven Popularity Trend of Draven
from 1900 to 2012. 
2012 Rank: 763 763 hunter; poet; fawn; little dark ... hero Eric Draven in the comic book series The Crow ...

Finnegan Popularity Trend of Finnegan
from 1900 to 2012. 
2012 Rank: 491 491 descendent of Fionnagán ... been made known by the comic novel Finnegans Wake ...

Linus Popularity Trend of Linus
from 1900 to 2012. blond, flaxen-haired ... in the Charles Schulz comic strip Peanuts. ...

Toby Popularity Trend of Toby
from 1900 to 2012. 
2012 Rank: 672 672 Yahweh is good ... of Shakespeare's finest comic characters Toby Belch ...

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