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Outlaw Names for Boys

There are 6 Outlaw names for baby boys.

Outlaw names are somewhat popular baby names for boys. At the height of their usage in 1931, 1.558% of baby boys were given Outlaw names. There were 3 Outlaw names ranked within the top 1000 baby names then. Outlaw names have since experienced a steep decline in frequency, and in recent years they are of only occasional use. In 2012, 3 Outlaw names listed among the top 1000, with a combined usage of 0.173%. Within all Outlaw names, the English and German Jesse was the most commonly used, with a ranking of #151 and a usage of 0.1329%.

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Bandit outlaw ...The name Bandit means 'outlaw'. ...

Billy Popularity Trend of Billy
from 1900 to 2012. 
2012 Rank: 662 662 will, desire; helmet, protection ... known by the American outlaw and folk hero Billy the ...

Fógarta outlaw ...The name Fógarta means 'outlaw'. ...

Jesse Popularity Trend of Jesse
from 1900 to 2012. 
2012 Rank: 151 151 God's gift ... from the notorious US outlaw of the Wild West, Jesse ...

Kid kid ... American frontier outlaw Billy the Kid. ...

Roy Popularity Trend of Roy
from 1900 to 2012. 
2012 Rank: 561 561 ruddy, red-haired; king; son of ... Scottish folk hero and outlaw Robert Roy MacGregor ...

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