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Convert Names for Boys

There are 6 Convert names for baby boys.

Convert names are somewhat popular as baby boy names. At the peak of their usage in 1915, 0.415% of baby boys were given Convert names. The names have dropped in popularity since then, and in recent times they are used on a modest scale. In 2015, 4 Convert names listed among the top 1000, with a total usage of 0.142%. Out of all Convert names, the English and German Edwin was the most regularly used, with a ranking of #311 and a usage of 0.0561%.

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Ali high, lofty, sublime; the son of ... was the first Islamic convert and the fourth caliph ...

Cornelius war horn; crow; talkative person ...

Edwin rich friend, friend of riches, blessed friend ... Northumbrian king and convert of Saint Paulinus; he ...

Hamza lion; strong, steadfast ... an early Islamic convert renowned for his ...

Magnus great ... king of Norway and a convert from paganism, gave the ...

Valentine healthy, strong ... executed for trying to convert the emperor ...

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