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Elizabeth Names for Boys

There are 6 Elizabeth names for baby boys.

Elizabeth names are rather popular as baby boy names. The names grew in popularity from the 1940s up to the 1980s. At the peak of their usage in 1987, 1.863% of baby boys were given Elizabeth names. The names have dropped in popularity since then. In 2015, 3 Elizabeth names listed among the top 1000, with a total usage of 0.530%. Out of all Elizabeth names, the English, Greek, and Russian Andrew was the most regularly used, with a ranking of #30 and a usage of 0.4947%.

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Elizabeth consecrated to God ... baby boy name Elizabeth is also used as a girl name, ...


Adonis lord, ruler ... in praise of Queen Elizabeth I ...

Andrew male, manly, brave, virility ... popularized by Queen Elizabeth II's second son Prince ...

Dudley Dudda's clearing ... the favorite of Queen Elizabeth I, and he came close to ...

Elian sun; my God is Yahweh; fawn, hind ... of his parents' names Elizabeth and Juan. ...

Madoc fortunate, good; fire ... 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I's advisers to assert ...

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