What are the best baby boy names of January and for the boys born in that month? For the baby boys born in January, the month begins with hangovers and sporting events galore. Though granted, ideally it will only be the fathers suffering from the hangover. How much the baby can enjoy the ensuing sporting events may also be in some doubt.

The best baby boy names of January may be those that are related more towards sports and other outdoor activities, despite the exceptionally cold nature of the month and the proclivity of many others to remain indoors. However, those that do prefer a safer, warmer, and more welcoming environment also deserve a spot on the list of the best baby boy names of January.

Thus, there is also some inclusion of baby boy names of January 2022 that focus on the warmth and comfort of homes, including many home-based activities. Among these are many different types of crafts. These may include baking in the kitchen or woodworking in the garage, depending on the proclivities and interests of the January born boys.

At the end of the day, also wants to ensure that you can learn about new and interesting baby boy names of January including a deeper understanding of the meaning behind those names. In some cases, the name itself may have an etymology specific to a certain idea or meaning. In other cases there may be people who have had the name before, and whose influence have been so great that they have left an indelible mark on history and everyone given the same name.

What BabyNamesPedia hopes to avoid as much as possible, is providing you with the same old tired lists of the “best” baby names of January born boys. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to discover many new, exciting, and meaningful baby boy names for your newborn baby son.

What Are the Symbols of January

What Are The Symbols For The Month of January?

  • The Birthstone in January is the Garnet
  • The official Flower of January is the cottage pink Dianthus caryophyllus or galanthus as well as the traditional carnation. In Japan,
  • The Western Zodiac signs for the month of January are Capricorn until 20 January, and Aquarius through to the end of the month

January 1st is well known for parades, but perhaps even more so for the culmination of the College (American) Football season throughout the US. Games, parades, and sporting events will likely fill up the first day of the month, along with more than a little feasting as the boys and men whittle away the day in front of the television.

Other men and boys tend to prefer more personal and productive measures to while away the hours throughout the coldest month of the year. January is a popular time of the year for father and son bonding, with the two working on restoring that old junk heap that has been in the garage for far too long. Others prefer more detailed crafts, focusing on woodworking skills.

Some other parents may prefer to enjoy some time outdoors, especially in the early parts of the month before the children are forced to return to school. Ice fishing and other outdoor activities such as skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and a host of winter sports will remain popular throughout the month of January.

Given the many different interests exhibited throughout the month, it is challenging to narrow the BabyNamesPedia list down to just 22 of the best baby boy names for January of 2022. That being said, a determined and cooperative effort has left us with this list. Remember though, you can always follow BabyNamesPedia on Social Media and let us know what you would have added or left out. We love hearing from you.

Professional Baby Boy Names For January

Bachelor – The baby boy name Bachelor literally means a single man, but it is a double-meaning name with other inferences at the same time. In the modern vernacular, the Bachelor Degree is used in place of the more formal Baccalaureate which is what the degree is when labeled more correctly. Bachelor may not be a formal profession, though there remain many professional bachelors in the world today.

Baker The baby boy name Baker means one who is a maker of breads, cakes, or other foods that need to be baked in order to be palatable. This baby boy name comes from the English language names and is largely exclusive to the English speaking world. Since many of the top chefs in the world are men, this seems an appropriate inclusion for this list of the best professional names for baby boys.

Brewster – The baby boy name Brewster may also be Brewer in the American English variant and means a brewer, usually of refreshing adult beverages. The job of the Brewer has always been one that is specialized, and surprisingly well respected throughout history. (See also Brewer and Brewstere)

Butcher – The job of the Butcher may not be a pleasant one to contemplate for too long, but it does take a man with a certain resolve to handle the work. This largely American English name may also be a variation of the name Butch which means manly or virile. The implications of this name are for someone who can handle the worst in life, while still remembering how to appreciate the best in life at the same time.

Carpenter – This baby boy name means a carpenter, though that term has evolved linguistically speaking, throughout the ages. The word comes from the Latin language and originally meant a maker of carriages or chariots. The profession would have oft been associated with the Wright or Wheelwright in the early forms as Wright is another word meaning a craftsman.

Cater – This entry into the top professional names for Baby boys comes from the English language names and means the caterer or the one who provides for others. In the modern vernacular it may be most well recognized as being associated with foods, but you can cater to the needs of others in many ways.

Draper – The baby name Draper means a seller of cloth, and may be associated with the Weaver, or the maker of cloth and linens. In the modern age, a draper may be more commonly associated with interior decorators through the natural evolution of the language.

Dray – The Dray or Drayer was in the Middle English, the delivery driver. The Dray was the cart itself and the Drayer the driver of the cart, though both names were commonly interchanged. In the modern language, the name Dray is from the French language names and an abbreviated form of the name Andre.

Fisher – If you have any kind of appreciation for baby boy names associated with the seas or oceans you may appreciate this. The boy name Fisher means a fisherman, though may also indicate someone who is constantly searching and longing to make the next phase of life that much better.

Forrester – This baby boy name comes from the Old French language and means someone who cares for the forests or who works in the forests. In days of old, it originally meant someone who came from a heavily forested area, though in more common usage during the 19th Century it was perceived to mean someone working in the or around the woods.

Hickey – The baby boy name Hickey may not be easily recognized by many at first. It is a baby boy name from the Irish language and means the healer of others. There are many similar baby boy names in different languages, but there does not seem to be much in the way of relationship in the etymology.

Hunter – The hunter, like the butcher, may not have the most admired profession, but these people do tend to be good providers and people capable of being able to withstand hardships. The baby boy name Hunter literally means a hunter, or someone who is keenly aware and able to discern that which is valuable and good, and that which is necessary.

Jack – This baby boy name has had a very long and colorful history, and is more than just a double-meaning word. Towards the end of the Dark Ages and into the Medieval Periods, a Jack was a person who was not a Smith or a Wright who were specialists, but more akin to a Handy man in the modern English vernacular. Throughout history, the meaning of this name has changed more than most.

Mason – The Mason was a protected class for some time, capable of working with large stones, not merely laying blocks or bricks. The Middle East and Europe house many historical monuments that stand in testimony to the skills of the Masons throughout history. Even today, the most desirable homes are often constructed from blocks and stones.

Shepherd – The baby boy name Shepherd is a double meaning word with the most obvious meaning being one who herds sheep. However, especially with the advent of the good shepherd, it has come to mean one who protects those less capable of protecting themselves. What more admirable profession can there be in life?

Smith – The babyboy name Smith means a craftsman or person. The Smith was an expert in their respective field, and often served as a mentor for younger persons interested in learning the craft. The most common smiths were wood and metal smiths, but the trades and professions associated with the name extended beyond those fields.

Stoner – The baby boy name Stoner today has a very different meaning than it did in the past. In the modern day and age, a stoner is one who uses drugs or alcohol to excess. In days of old a Stoner was so named because of the tradition of stoning those who had been tried and convicted of certain crimes. Thus it may be inferred from the name that a Stoner is historically someone who sought to dole out justice. There is admittedly, a certain irony in this juxtaposition of the two uses for the same name.

Tailor – The name Tailor means someone who makes clothes or who otherwise works to sew and create new items from cloth. The name Tailor has many variants, with the spelling of Taylor being the most popular for male babies. All of the variants of the name have their origins in the old French language.

Trader – Long before the Dutch East India trading company took the concept corporate, Traders traveled the world buying and selling goods. The name Trader is uniquely English and actually means a well-trodden path or walkway. Most of the other related terms are from Mercury and Hermes, the ancient Roman and Greek gods of merchants.

Traveler – Yes, it is possible to be a professional traveler, especially in the modern age of the Digital Nomad lifestyle. This baby boy name literally means a traveler. The name comes from the English language but is believed to have its origins from among the gypsies who traveled throughout England.

Tyler – Many people are familiar with the many cathedrals and castles that stand in recognition of the skills of the masons, but how many people know about the intricate details of the roofing? In days of old the Tyler was the one who laid the roof tiles on the castles and cathedrals. Thus the baby boy name Tyler literally means the person who laid roofing tiles, or a roofer.

Vendor – The baby boy name Vendor sounds like it should mean a seller of goods, but wanted to throw in a little extra food for thought here, so this name was added to the best professional baby boy names for January. This baby boy name is an Anglicized variant of the Dutch name Vander meaning “Of the”.