22 Unique And Strong Baby Girl Names

22 Unique And Strong Baby Girl Names

Let’s take a world tour as we seek out unique and strong baby girl names from around the globe. As is so often the case with BabyNamesPedia, we are hoping not to bore you with the same tired lists of names you have seen time and again. Instead, our focus remains on unique and interesting strong baby girl names that you may not otherwise find without doing a deep dive.

During the course of this journey, we will look at many different strong baby girl names from a diverse selection of languages, many of which are also endangered, making these baby girl names even more rare. If there is anything in particular you would like to see, we would always welcome your thoughts and comments.

You can join BabyNamesPedia on Social Media platforms and that way we can communicate directly with you. Which names would you add to this list of strong baby girl names? Which names would you remove or replace? What topics would you like to learn more about? We may get around to what you want eventually, but if you let us know, we can make sure we get your content out sooner rather than later.

22 Top Unique Babygirl Names

Alcina – To kick off this list of the top unique baby girl names we look at one of the Ancient Greek names for girls with Alcina. This name means a female who is strong-willed and capable. If names do indeed have an impact on the attributes of children, there are worse things to have than a strong-willed and tenacious daughter.

Amari – This unique baby girl name is brought to us via the Yoruban people primarily located in Southwestern portions of Nigeria. While the name is literally translated as strong or strength, it is important to note the nature of the Yoruba people. These people are considered by some to be among the most skilled craftspeople or artisans in all of Africa. Thus this babygirl name may be equally well suited for someone who is strong in their gifts with arts and crafts.

Asiza – Asiza is originally from the Arabic girl names common throughout North Africa and parts of East and slightly into Central Africa. It should be noted that in both Arabic and some of the African tribal languages that Strength may also be translated as spirited or vibrant. In this case the name generally refers to someone having the strength or spirit of the forest within them.

Assaggi – This exploration of the most unique and strong baby girl names will stay in Africa for the moment, featuring the name Assaggi which means a woman of strength. Since this name may be commonly used among different tribes, and can be found in different languages and dialects, it may be safe to presume that the name also means strong physically or strong in spirit, though perhaps with both attributes for your baby girl.

Birkita – This unique girl’s name comes from a selection of Celtic baby names and means a woman possessed of great strength or a particular ability. It is possible that the more esoteric nature of the Celtic beliefs, along with the more nuanced application of name meanings, that this strength may refer to some deeply hidden inner strength not often revealed.

Brígh – The baby girl name Brígh is another name from the old Gaelic names though it also has a considerable Celtic influence as well. The name literally means strength or power, and may indicate a daughter who is destined to be a great leader or a strong influence on those around her.

Calistena – This unique baby girl name will take us back to Ancient Greece. You may be reminded of the word Calisthenics which has the same etymological roots. Fittingly perhaps, the babygirl name Calistena means a beautiful strength, such as the traditional sense of beauty gained by staying healthy and fit.

Chepi – We move now into the Americas as we explore some unique and beautiful, albeit very strong baby girl names. This particular name is born of Native American names at its roots, and literally means a fairy spirit of the dead. One has to be strong in order to be more maternal, just by the nature of the job. If you think your daughter may have a future as a caregiver or have a special affinity for those around them, this may be the perfect name for your baby girl.

Chicahua – We move south now into the heart of old Mesoamerica to find this rare gem from the Aztec-Nahuatl names for baby girls. This unique baby girl name means someone who is strong, though it does not specify in what way their strength may be exhibited.

Disa – Tired of the tropical heat of South America? For the next on the list of strong baby girl names we will move into the Nordic region to browse through some Scandinavian names for girls to see what we can find. The name Disa may mean an active sprite or mischievous spirit, or a goddess. While that may not immediately cause you to think about strong names, just think about all the accomplishments of both sprites and goddesses in the ancient myths.

Gota – Being this far north in our travels, we will swing by Sweden to see what other strong baby girl names we can find. The name Gota is from Swedish roots and means a woman who possesses a great strength. Given the ability of the Swedes, like the Swiss, to remain wholly neutral despite being surrounded by warring factions in World War II, the strength of the Swedes should not be in doubt, and this would be a great name for any healthy and strong baby girl.

Hasina – I hope you had your fun romping through the snow covered mountains of Sweden because we now make a return to the tropical heat, this time in East Africa. The baby girl name Hasina has distinct roots in both the Urdu language in and around Pakistan, and also in the Swahili language where it means good or strong, or a combination of the two.

Hehewuti – From Africa back across the Atlantic to the Americas in search of more strong baby girl names. Here we find the Hopi Indians who live primarily in Arizona these days. This strong baby girl name is from the Hopi language and means Warrior Mother Spirit, and anyone who is protecting the warriors must be strong.

Isamu – Moving the rest of the way through the US and across the Pacific will see us landing in Japan in search of more strong baby girl names. The name Isamu is from the Japanese language and means a girl who always has a lot of energy.

Isana – The Japanese have worked closely with the Germans in terms of research and development, but what of their past? Our next journey takes us to look for strong Germanic names for baby girls. It is said that this name is also used for boys, but the literal translation is a strong willed woman.

Jarka – From Germany it is not a far stretch to the Slavic nations and Czechoslovakian language where we find this strong baby girl name, though it may also be used in Polish cultures as well. This unique baby girl name translates to strong and fierce. Given the many YouTube videos about the strength and capabilities of Eastern European women, it would not be a stretch, and this is both a unique and strong name for your baby girl.

Kamali – From Eastern Europe it is not a challenging jump back to Africa where we continue our search for strong names for baby girls from the African Shona language. The Shona language is primarily spoken in the areas in and around Zimbabwe and as a minority language in Mozambique. The name means spirit or spirited, or someone who is not easily turned away from their aim and goals.

Kinah – From Africa we will move back into the Middle East where we find this Afghan language name for a babygirl. The name literally translates to strong-willed or spirited, and is believed to convey a sense of purpose and determination to the bearer. These certainly seem to be beneficial attributes for a newborn baby girl.

Miakoda – We move back into the Americas, deep into the heart of the west and midwest where we find this strong baby girl name used across different tribes and Native American languages. The meaning is the strength of the moon. The moon is often seen as a mother figure, offering an opportunity to rest and to nurture, making this a perfect girl name for a daughter you would like to see grow to help others.

Onatah – While in the Americas, we will visit strong baby girl names from the Iroquois Indians. This unique baby name has two meanings, one being the corn spirit, which is closely related to the second meaning, being a daughter or spirit of the earth, or a keeper and steward of the planet.

Qi – The power of words is such that this small word actually encapsulates the life force. This strong baby name is from the Chinese language and may be familiar to anyone who has studied Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or various other Chinese martial arts. The focus is to ensure a strong and healthy balance throughout life.

Zuyana – For the final stop of our journey for strong baby girl names we will head once more the United States and visit the Sioux Indians this time. The baby girl name Zuyana comes from the Sioux language and means one who has a brave heart or someone who is strong and will not back down in the face of adversity.