22 Unique Baby Girl Names For July Of 2022

Baby Names Pedia has put together this list of unique baby girl names for July of 2022 for a couple of reasons. First, these are all baby girl names that are associated with subject matter relevant to the summer months. Second, they are all unique baby girl names that you may not see very often, and rarely on top lists of favorite names.

Granted, some people are going to stick with the safest names for their baby girls, and that is understandable to some degree. There are also some traditional baby girl names for July included in this list for that very same reason.

Both Ruby and Lily are representative symbolically for the month of July, even though they are not exceptionally unique names. Despite their relative common use as baby girl names for July or for any other month, they have been included here because they fit. Other names on the list may be ones that you will not normally see.

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What Are The Symbols Associated With July

What Are The Symbols For The Month of July?

  • The Birthstone in July is the Ruby
  • The official Flower of July is the Water Lily or the Larkspur
  • The Western Zodiac signs for the month of July are Cancer through to 22 July, and Leo until the end of the month

July is an amazing time of the year, even if the heat can be stifling at times. The gardens tend to be in full bloom. Work on the farms continues at a breakneck pace as summer crops are harvested and fall crops are maintained. The beaches and the resorts are booming with summertime visitors, and life seems to be in full swing.

The Easter Squall and any lasting remnants of the winter are now long gone as we enter the dog days of summer. When the summer rains come, they tend to be warm and even refreshing, cooling things off at least until they pass leaving nothing but excessive humidity as a reminder of their passing. Baby Names Pedia however, hopes to leave you with pleasant thoughts and dreams as you consider these top 22 unique baby girl names for July of 2022.

Top 22 July Baby Girl Names For 2022

Aamira – Aamira is a unique baby girl name of Arabic origins and means someone who is full of life. Given the current bounty being harvested in terms of the summer crops, and the ongoing care and nurturing of crops yet to be harvested, Aamira seems a fitting inclusion among these unique baby girl names for July.

Chan – A seemingly simple and unique baby girl name, Chan is from the Cambodian and may be influenced by the old French and the French influence in the region of modern Cambodia. Chan is a more popular name in China though it has different etymological roots in the Chinese language. In the Cambodian and English variants, Chan is a fragrant trees that blossoms in the summer.

Dagny – A Nordic name for baby girls, the name Dagny is derived from the word dagr which means day and the word which means new. These words are combined to form a unique baby girl name meaning a new day or figuratively speaking a new beginning.

Elidi – This is a unique baby girl name for July based on the Ancient Greek words combined to mean a Gift of the Sun. Baby Names Pedia can think of very few baby girl names more true or appropriate for the money of July. While the sun may seem hot even to the point of overbearing in mid-July during the dog days of summer, a quick look back on the long, dark, and cold winter months reminds us what a truly wondrous gift the sun and our daughters are in life.

Fadhila – This name is derived from the Swahili languages, though it may also have some limited etymological roots in the surrounding tribal languages of this region of Africa. The name literally means Bountiful and can indicate a child born in the middle of the summer harvests, or a woman who it is hoped will provide many grandchildren.

Haarisah – The name Haarisah is a unique baby girl name from the Sanskrit language and literally means a daughter of the sun. What better than a unique baby girl name for July that indicates their birth under the summer sun and hopes for the sun shining down on them throughout their life?

Iamar – If there is anything more beautiful than the hot summer sun beating down on the fields and the waters, it may be the summer moon on a cool summer night. Iamar is a unique baby girl name that has Arabic origins and means a moon. Will your daughter shine light down for those around her when they need it the most?

Jaamini – A beautiful and unique baby girl name for July is this Indian word meaning the night. Summer nights are the stuff of legends and lore, being recounted in countless tales throughout the ages. The very thought of this name could be equally beautiful, mysterious, calming, and frightening depending on the nature of the night in question.

Kaasu – This name is derived from the Sanskrit word for the forest. Anyone who has ever spent any time camping or hiking through the woods in summertime may appreciate the true beauty behind such a unique baby girl name for July when the time is right for hiking and camping.

Lily – The baby girl name is not exceptionally unique but it is one of the symbols for the month of July, as the water lily is the official flower for the month. Given the natural beauty and popularity of the lilies, this baby girl name still seems to merit inclusion merely because of the association, regardless of the time of year.

Nada – If you speak Spanish, you may understand that this name literally means Nothing. Nothing could be further from the truth in terms of the Arabic origins of this unique baby girl name for July. The name Nada means morning dew in the Arabic etymology of this name. Anyone who has ever played outside in the early morning, and run barefoot through the dew-laden grass should appreciate the comfort and feelings of freedom associated with the Arabic baby girl name.

Oba – This name comes from the African Yoruba language and is representative of the ancient river goddess in that region of Africa. The river is a source of life making this a fitting, beautiful, and unique baby girl name for July, and one worthy of some consideration for a newborn baby girl.

Pelulio – This Hawaiian baby girl name literally translates into a treasure from the sea. Anyone who has ever spent a romantic evening on the beach, on a hot summer night, may potentially have enjoyed the potential makings of a family. Whether for conception or birth, this remains a beautiful and truly unique baby girl name for July.

Ruby – The very fact that the ruby is the birthstone for the month of July makes this a very popular choice for baby girls born in July. While it may not be the most original way to name a baby girl, it does reflect natural beauty and a precious nature.

Sachi – The baby girl name Sachi has mixed etymological roots going back to both the Japanese and Indian languages and means someone who is blissful and fortunate. Again, reflections of the warm summer nights, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and other opportunities to find real peace during the dog days of summer make this beautiful and unique baby girl name ideal for July babies.

Taini – Drift back for a moment to that time you were sitting out on the shore, staring at the moon, and letting your thoughts drift wherever they may lead. The name Taini is a Native American baby girl name meaning a girl born during the returning moon.

Ualani – This is a unique baby girl name for July from the Hawaiian language. The meaning is rain from heaven. During the dog days of summer, words can be hard-pressed to adequately describe the joy and pleasure that can be derived from the summer rains from heaven.

Vailea – This name has its origins in the Polynesian and Pacific Islander languages, likely with Austronesian language origins. The meaning of this baby girl name is the water that speaks though it still keeps nicely with the July name themes. Whether you live on the ocean, by a lake, or even a small stream, the joys associated with water in the middle of summer can not easily be dismissed or diminished.

Wahiba – This unique baby girl name has its origins in the Arabic language and means the giver or one who freely shares the bounty. During the summer months when the first of the summer produce begins to be harvested, this seems fitting to include with the unique baby girl names for July.

Xantara – What better time is there than summer to appreciate the beauty and bounties of the earth? The name Xantara is an American English name and its meaning is that of a protector of the earth.

Yahimba – Ah, the green green grass of home. The African baby girl name Yahimba means literally that there is nothing else like home. For anyone who has ever had to go away for any length of time, there really is nothing quite like that feeling you get coming home, especially in the middle of summer.

Zahira – This beautiful and unique baby girl name has its origins in both the Arabic and Swahili languages. It is a derivative of the word Zahor which means apparent or manifest, such as the beauty of summer manifested in the abundance of life surrounding us all.