23 September Boy Names For The Harvest Season

There is much more to selecting the best September boy names than just the Autumn Harvest. Still, this is an important aspect of life for literally all of humanity. September is an interesting, seemingly in-between time of the year. Summer is giving way to Autumn and the days are still long, but the nights are cooler at last.

For the dedicated barbecue fans, there will still be some good evenings and weekends for the BBQ master to get out his apron, but the feasting may well be relegated to indoors, sitting around the kitchen or dining room table.

For those people who love their holidays, it may be time to start getting out the decorations and preparing them for display. For better or worse, before the month is out, the stores will be full of decorations and attractions for Halloween. At the very end of the month, Christmas songs will already have begun pouring forth from malls and other shopping centers.

For those families that have children, at least within the United States and some other regions of the Northern Hemisphere, school will be starting up again. Those children who are in band, or play sports will likely already have been traveling regularly to school to prepare for the beginning of the new school year.

The month of September starts off seemingly somewhere in the middle, but will quickly devolve into hectic and rushed chaos for those who believe in putting everything off until the last moment. For those who are expecting a child in the month of September, rest assured your child will not be stuck in the middle, but may have a very good opportunity for success if history and statistics are any indication.

What Are the Symbols of September

What Are The Symbols For The Month of September?

  • The Birthstone in September is the Sapphire
  • The official Flowers of September are the Forget-Me-Not, the Morning Glory, and the Aster
  • The Western Zodiac signs for the month of September are Virgo through to 22 September, and Libra until the end of the month

September, in true middle-of-the-road fashion, begins with the celebration of Labor Day, but then sees no other significant internationally recognized holidays that are popular or commonly celebrated. There are of course a great many “International Days Of” celebrations, and even more domestically, but not much for real holidays.

If there is any real celebration that September should be famous for, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, it should be the ongoing harvest of the crops on the rural farmlands. Farmers Markets are only the start, even for the larger commercial farmers.

For the smaller family farms, September may very well be a month spent out in the fields all day, and in the kitchen preparing the food for canning and storage all night. Despite some popular misconceptions, the fields are not all harvested in a single day or even a single week, though September will see perhaps the largest and most complete harvests of the year.

There is even some speculation that this time out in the sun during the harvest season, in conjunction with the ready availability of fresh fruits and produce will greatly assist those babies born in September. The In vitro transmission of Vitamin D from the sunlight exposure, and the inclusion of such a healthy diet as enjoyed by those harvesting make help to make September babies an exceptionally healthy lot.

23 Of The Best Boy Names For September 2023

Albaro This is an entry into the best boy names for September from the list of Gothic baby names and means someone who is a guard or protector of everything. The name is still used, though infrequently, across many of the Romance languages and in the modern English vernacular. This person, as noted, is very likely to become a protector of everyone and everything.

Ansley – This name is derived from the Olde English words an meaning lone or sole, and leah meaning a clearing in the woods. Thus this entry into the best boy names for September would mean someone from the lone clearing in the woods. It may be inferred from the name that this person would be independent, but also strong and capable.

Barric – This entry from the list of Olde English names for the month of September literally means the Grain Farm. It may be inferred from the name that this person will be successful financially, and quite prolific in terms of their ability to create future generations.

Barwick – This is another entry from the list of names related to farming from BabyNamesPedia and means an outlying barley farm. The fact that it is an outlying location specifically may indicate the presence of those who would be in the position to defend the location, and at the same time to provide a warning to others.

Cautaro – This listing is from the Native American names for boys, and more specifically, from the Araucanian speaking tribes from the Mapuche indigenous people primarily from Chile. The name indicates someone who is both daring and enterprising. This interesting combination of stealth and strategy can be very effective as they go through life in the current system.

Dagwood – This is yet another entry from the English names for boys and means a luminous or bright forest. The name may also be remembered by some as being associated with food. This is in large part due to an old Cartoon strip known as “Dagwood and Blondie” where Dagwood was a voracious eater and well-known for sandwiches made with an entire loaf of bread. Despite his capacity for eating, Dagwood was apparently able to do so without gaining excessive weight. Make of that what you will.

Daiki – This entry is from the list of Japanese names for boys and means a big tree. While the Japanese may be best known for Manga and Anime these days, their tradition and culture is such that there is inevitably a deeper meaning to this name. The large tree is exceptionally strong. However, the tree does not always rely on its strength, but rather its ability to bend in virtually any direction necessary to withstand the storms, and to meet the needs of the current situation.

Elwood – Elwood blues may have been on a mission for God but the name itself merely means one from the noble woods, or royal woods. This person would have been one who loves nature and the natural world, and was an excellent provider. While they may have enjoyed certain privileges from their position historically, it is likely they had the moral fortitude not to take advantage of their situation at the same time.

Ferdino – This name is a variant of the Gothic name Ferdinand, and similarly is used primarily for Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish boy names in the modern age. The name Ferdino means peace through bravery and someone who is a bold protector of those they love or their local communities.

Gimli – This baby name was perhaps made most popular in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy by JRR Tolkien, the famous British author. In reality, this is one of many names for boys that mean fire, and may also be used as a girl’s name historically speaking.

Hollis – This is an old Icelandic name meaning a person from the Great Hall and one from the islands, or an island man. The fact that this is someone from the Great Hall indicates leadership abilities and very likely exceptional athletic skills as well. This is because the Great Halls were generally reserved for the Leadership Class, especially if they were to live there. The leaders of the day were often the greatest of the warriors, so the name would imply a mix of leadership skills, diplomacy, and physical prowess.

Idra – This entry comes by way of the list of Aramaic names for boys and means the fig tree. Given the prevalence of figs and the importance of the Fig tree during the times when Biblical names were more prevalent, this seems an appropriate baby name for the Autumn season. The implications of the name are that this person would be capable of thriving even in difficult circumstances, and would be an excellent provider.

Javor – This selection from the list of names for males meaning trees and woods, means the maple tree in its original Serbian language. Granted, the time for harvesting maple sap to make the syrup and candy is still a ways away. However, the Maple tree indicates a very sociable personality, strength, and protection. While the maple, and especially the sugar maple can be challenging to split, it does provide a great deal of heat and comfort, even during the coldest of the upcoming winter months.

Kelby – This name is based on the old Nordic or Scandinavian names for boys though it is based on a location rather than the name of an individual. The name literally translates to a farm by a spring. It may be understood based on the name alone that this is a good name for someone who will grow up to be successful and productive in terms of their more material pursuits, but they may also freely share that which they have worked so hard for at the same time.

Leander – This name is passed down through the ages from its roots in the names from Greek mythology available at BabyNamesPedia. It was further popularized by a sixth century Bishop who bore the name and successfully converted the son of a king of the Visigoths. The name means a strong and brave man, and a man of the people.

Madoc – This is an entry from the Irish language names for boys and means fortunate or good and fire, or a fortunate or good fire. The name indicates someone who would be an empathetic soul and who would be as concerned about the welfare of others as they would be to protect and care for themselves.

Nahuel – This is another entry from the Mapuche language names for boys and means a jaguar. The jaguar is of course known for its stealth and its ability to be a good provider. What is perhaps not so commonly known is that they are also very good about nurturing those that they love even if they can be less than hospitable with those it does not appreciate.

Pampín – This name may remind you of the humble acorn that grows into the mighty oak tree. It is from the list of Latin names for males and means one who has the vigor of a sprouting plant. We are often reminded of the power held in a small seed, and this name demonstrates why that remains true today.

Saxby – This name goes back to the old Scandinavian languages, back before the Anglo and Saxon people effectively combined to become the Anglo-Saxon people of Breton and Britannia and formed Olde English from the Middle English of the times. This of course was all undone in the Norman Conquest of 1066 when the English of the day underwent a period of linguistic conquest through the introduction of the Norman French as the dominant or primary language.

Tabbebo – This is another entry from the Native American languages. Though this one is from among the largely extinct and endangered Native American language names for babies and it means one who is considered a son of the sun. Given the importance of the sun in Native American traditions, this person may be understood to be both powerful and capable as a leader.

Wesh – This entry into the best baby boy names for September is from the Roma languages, more notably boy names from the English gypsies, and it means someone who is from the forest or the woods. The name indicates someone who is at peace with themselves and who has a deep inner strength.

York – It would be easy to believe that such a seemingly simple name would have a simple meaning, but such is not the case here. The name may mean a Yew Tree which is commonly used for celebrations and religious ceremonies. The original name of York was Eburacon which meant a Yew Tree, but came to be associated with pig farms due to the Anglo-Saxon settlement and integration with the Gauls, Celts, and Picts in the North of Britannia. This resulted in some confusion between Eburacon and Eoforwic which, with the linguistic evolution of the Nordic or Old Norse language was then translated to Lork or Lorvik, becoming more commonly pronounced as York.

Zia – This final entry into the best boy names for September comes takes us over to the Middle East. This is from the list of Arabic names for males and means a splendorous light or glow. The name was perhaps made most famous by the former President of Pakistan, Zia-ul-Haq who died in 1988.