21 Adorable August Baby Names

August baby names are associated with holidays, the element of earth, and summer. The zodiac signs Leo and Virgo are also sources of inspiration for baby names fit for this month.

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy this month, then read on.

August Baby Names for Girls


First on the list is Adara. This name is related to the zodiac sign Virgo since it translates to ‘virgin’ in Arabic. Interestingly, it’s also the name of an ethnic group and language in Nigeria.


This beautiful name in Latin means ‘dignified, holy.’ Your daughter will have Saint Augustine, patron saint of theologians, as her namesake.


Since Virgo is an earth sign, we’ve included this unique baby girl name which represents ‘lord of the earth’ in the Indian language.


This gender-neutral name is on the list since it reminds us about summer with its meaning of ‘beautiful sand painting’ in Japanese.


If you’d like flower-inspired names for your little girl, you might be drawn to this name which is short for Lavender. Did you know that this flower blooms in summer and means serenity?


In the U.S., August is National Peach Month since Pres. Reagan’s declaration in 1982. He wanted people to add this nutritious fruit to their diet.

By the way, this name means ‘peach-colored complexion in English.’


One of the fun events in August is Friendship Day which is celebrated every first Sunday in August. In connection to this, we’ve added Safia which in Arabic translates to ‘pure, sincere friend.’


Another notable event in August is National Mountain Climbing Day which happens on August 1. It was initiated in honor of Bobby Matthews and his friend Josh Madigan after they successfully climbed the 46 peaks of the Adirondack Mountains in New York.


In African, this unique name means ‘resembling a lioness’  perfect for a Leo girl. Interestingly, it’s also a major city in Algeria where Barbary lions once lived.


Another name associate with the earth is Tierra. In Latin, this name literally means ‘earth, land.’


For a short and popular name, consider Skye. It reminds us of long days and clear summer skies.

August Baby Names For Boys


This list just wouldn’t be complete without August, a name which translates to ‘dignified, holy.’ This month’s name was originally Sextilis since it’s the sixth month in the Roman Calendar. However, in 8 BC, it became August in honor of the first Roman emperor Augustus Caesar.


Another name that reminds us of land is Axton. In English, this name means ‘stone or castle.’


As mentioned earlier, August has Friendship day, so we have included Corwin here. This name translates to ‘friend’ in English.


If you’re thinking of a biblical name for your baby, try Ezra. Virgo people are known to be kind so this name which means ‘help, God is help’ would definitely fit.


In Old English, this name means ‘rocky hill.’


In Old English, this name means ‘fallow land.’ This kind of land is typically used for farming but left uncultivated for a season to help regain its fertility.


This rarely used name’s suitable for a boy under Leo since it represents ‘cub’ in Irish Gaelic.


Taken from one of the most famous actors born on August, Sebastian Stan, the baby boy name Sebastian ups the ante of your baby naming game. This Old Greek name means ‘man of Sebasta’ in reference to the name of a town in Asia Minor.


Wonder why this name’s on the list? In Hungary, August 20 is Istvan’s Day or St. Stephen’s day. He’s the first king of Hungary. The highlight of this event is a big fireworks display along the Danube riverbank.

By the way, from its Old Greek origins, this name means ‘crowned.’


Summer is also about traveling so here’s a name that can remind you of your best travels.

Loving the August Vibes

If you love August’s earthy vibes, check out more earth-themed baby names for your little girl.