7 Baby Name Themes To Explore in 2020

Different themes hold exciting inspiration for baby names! Let us share with you some themes that can help make your search for the perfect baby name a little more focused.

Here are some of the baby name themes you need to know!


In European history, the Middle Ages is from the 5th to the 15th century. While there were certainly knights and ladies-in-waiting, many people lived as farmers.

As for baby names, children were usually named by or after his or her chief godparent.

For names with enduring style, you might want to take a look at medieval baby names.  You might like classic medieval names such as Elizabeth, Kate, or Emma for your girl. For your boy, Alexander, Henry, or Thomas are great options.

But if you’re going for one with a modern vibe, consider Ava, Macy, or Paige. Austin, Colin, or Toby could also be perfect for your little trooper.


The moon has fascinated people for centuries. Some even deem it sacred.

Did you know that for primitive hunters, the moon was deemed as male and dangerous? While for ancient farmers it was female and generous?

Across many cultures, moon worship carries intriguing symbolism, mythology, and legends. Some notable female lunar deities include the Roman goddess Diana, Greek goddess Artemis, and the Chinese goddess Chang’e.

On the other hand, some cultures feature male moon deities, such as Tsukuyomi of the Japanese, Igaluk of the Inuit people, and Baloo of aboriginal Australians.

Moon-related names would be excellent for babies born at night, during a lunar eclipse, or even during Lunar New Year. For the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, the exact holiday changes yearly but it’s between January 21 and February 20.

If you fancy popular moon or star-related baby girl names, go for Selene, Cadence, or Luna. Now, for more unique ones, a few names we’d suggest are Livana, Najima, or Aylin.

As for boys, some of our favorites include Axel, Zeke, and Savan.


Wars and fighting have been played a significant part in world culture and history. In many primitive cultures, fighting is considered a rite of passage for young boys to become men.

Warrior-themed names are appealing to many parents as they signify strength and power through difficulties. Perhaps you had a difficult pregnancy, or you want your child to have that resilient spirit.

If you’re looking for popular baby boy names, you might go for Neil, Chad, or Miles. For unique ones, we suggest Quirin, Garvin, or Rhain.


Did you know that it was only during the 15th century that people began to use the typical heart symbol to represent love?

Before that, it was usually meant greenery. Certain plants such as the sacred fig or peepal and the now-extinct silphium or laserwort had heart-shaped seeds. Both have medicinal uses.

For baby names, our collection has those that “literally” mean heart while others are associated with love. A few names you might want to add on your shortlist are Asha, Nahia, and Sevilen.


Gold is a significant element in many religious rites and rituals.

In Hinduism, one childhood rite uses a gold spoon to briefly touch the lips of the 6-month-old baby when feeding rice, the first traditional solid food. Hindus believe gold can protect from negative forces. Moreover, they maintain that gold gives strength, vitality, and long life.

Similarly, in Chinese tradition, a golden smiling cat signifies protection, abundance, and good luck.

When it comes to baby names for boys, several gold-themed ones caught our eye. Blaine, Darren, and Edric all relate to wealth and power.


Wood is regarded as a symbol of life, strength, and growth. In many cultures, trees and forests were seen as a means to communicate with the divine.

Some baby names that attracted our attention from this theme are Briley, Keith, Xylo, and Yves.


Many cultures give meanings to flowers and their colors. A red rose symbolizes true love while a white one represents purity. In Japan, cherry blossoms express gentleness and kindness while in the Philippines, jasmines signify monetary wealth.

Some sweet flower names for your baby girl would be Alyssa, Amara, Lei, and Zara.


One Step Closer

We think using the themes mentioned above can help you get ahead in your hunt for an awesome name for your little darling. So, keep at it, leave no theme unturned!