Baby Names That Mean New Beginnings

From jubilation to apprehension, the arrival of a new baby stirs up all kinds of emotions. A baby means new life. Whether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned one, you’d be able to relate to these baby names that mean new beginnings.

So, we’ve compiled a baby name list that are associated with mornings, rainbows, and rebirth. Some of these baby names are familiar, while others are less common; however, they’re all special.

Baby Girl Names That Mean New Beginnings


In Old Greek, this name translates to ‘resurrection. This popular Russian name was also the name of the famous youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II who was the inspiration for a Disney film. Speaking of which, many Disney characters can double as fascinating names for your little darling.


This beautiful name in Sanskrit means ‘hope or hopeful.’ We think it’s perfect to capture how parents feel about their baby – bright and optimistic.


Latin for ‘dawn’, Aurora is the Roman goddess who went from east to west announcing the sun’s arrival.

By the way, aurora also stands for the colorful northern (aurora borealis) and southern lights (aurora australis). And let’s not forget Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.


We love the sound of the name Danika. This name has Slavonic origin and means ‘morning star.’


This trendy name means ‘news, tidings’ in Old Greek. We think it sounds friendly and adorable.

If you’re a bookworm, you might like this name since famous Canadian poet and author Evie Christie would be your daughter’s namesake.


This Japanese name has a zen-like meaning: ‘the beginning of beauty.’


This name has Greek origins and translates to ‘rainbow.’ We think moms who’ve gone through a difficult pregnancy may find Iris attractive. It could express their delight after overcoming adversities.


This Latin name meaning ‘bright, born at daybreak’ has an irresistibly vibrant sound to mirror your optimism. If you prefer a hint of French, you could consider Lucille.


This name has Old Greek origins meaning ‘beginning.’ It’s a Scandinavian variant of Nyasia.


This Latin name translates to ‘born again or rebirth.’ Famous namesakes include American actresses Renee Zellweger and Renee Olstead.


Baby Boy Names that Mean New Beginnings



This name means  ‘bright spirit, inspiration’ in German. Hubert tends to be very amenable to mockery-free nicknames – Hugh and Bert.


Kenji is Japanese for ‘bright, second-born son.’ Interestingly, it’s also a Japanese era from 1275 to 1278 when emperor Go-Uda-tennō reigned.


This name which has Latin roots means ‘bright, born at daybreak.’

Besides its meaning, we like that it has many alternatives. Just look at its variants –  Lucas, Lucius, Luciano, to name a few!


Xavier in Basque is a place name that means ‘new house.’ It can also be traced to Arabic roots to portray something ‘bright or brilliant’.


While phoenix maybe considered a color-inspired name since it means, ‘dark red,’ it’s one of the widely recognized symbols of rebirth. In Greek mythology, a phoenix is often depicted as a birth with sun rays on its head. It’s said that it lives for 500 years then experiences rebirth from ashes.


This name means ‘new’ in English and ‘gift’ in South African. The name was popularized by Keanu Reeves’s character in science fiction movie, The Matrix.

Embracing New Life

Being a new parent means welcoming new life. We think giving a name that highlights this important time might be something that makes it extra meaningful.