15 Charming Baby Names that Mean Thankful

‘All of God’s grace in one tiny face,’ a sweet baby quote goes. And while we love Thanksgiving for the time for the festivities and the delicious food, there’s nothing quite like the gift of new life. So, if baby is on the way this season, we made a list of gorgeous baby names that mean thankful.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Thankful


This name means ‘God is gracious’ in Hebrew. Your daughter’s celebrity namesake would be Annette Carol Benning.

If you’re a comic book fan, you’d recognize her as Supreme Intelligence in the movie Captain Marvel.


Asante is Swahili for ‘thank you.’ We love how it sounds exotic without the tricky spelling that often comes with names off the beaten track.


It may sound like the sweet stuff we drizzle on pancakes, but this Hebrew name means ‘God is gracious.’


This popular name also means ‘God is gracious’ in Hebrew. Singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe is a celebrity namesake. She is recognized for her signature black and white outfits and outstanding studio album ‘The ArchAndroid.’


This name means ‘to give thanks’ in Shona, a native language in Zimbabwe. You might find that it sounds like the name of Disney actress and singer Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman a.k.a ‘Zendaya.’ They do have the same meaning.


You might like this name if you enjoy Colombian singer-dancer Shakira’s music. Sheira is actually a variant of Shakira. Both mean ‘thankful’ in Arabic.


For parents who are looking for a unique name, here’s a Slavonic name for girls meaning ‘one who is grateful.’

Baby Boy Names That Mean Thankful


In Hebrew, this name means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ Your little pumpkin will have something in common with Scottish movie actor-director Ewan Gordon McGregor.

Star Wars fan would know him as Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi while Disney lovers would recognize him in the live-action of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin.


Similarly, Ivan translates to ‘Yahweh is gracious’ in Hebrew. However, this name is more commonly used in Russian, Czech, and Slavic languages.

There are several notable people named Ivan in history. In sports, retired baseball player Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez is widely recognized as one of the greatest defensive catchers of all time.

Meanwhile, in politics, we have Ivan IV Vasilyevich who’s generally known as ‘Ivan the Terrible.’ He’s a leader who transformed Russia from a medieval state into an empire by conquering neighboring countries. According to Russian language lexicographer Vladimir Dal, the ‘terrible’ doesn’t mean ‘vile’ but was used to describe how czars rule: placing enemies in fear and people in obedience.


This trendy baby name means ‘thankful’ in Hebrew. His famous namesake would be English professional football player Jayden Stockley. Perhaps he might get into sports too.


African for ‘one who gives thanks,’ Kurin is one of those unique baby names than can turn heads.


An Iranian name meaning ‘one who is content.’ It is traditionally picked for boys, but with an ‘-a’ ending, we expect this moniker to work for girls too.


This popular gender-neutral name stands for ‘Yahweh is gracious’ in Hebrew. Interestingly, it’s a variant of the name John.


Likewise, Tyshaun has its roots in Hebrew and means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ However, this name is more uncommon. But his nickname Ty sounds friendly, right?


To cap off this list, we have a name that means the same as the two previous monikers. But Yohan is mainly used in French.

A Life Filled with Appreciation

Beyond Thanksgiving, we hope picking a name from this list would lay the foundations for a child who counts all his or her blessings.

Thank you for trusting us with helping you find the perfect name for your little one.