Baby Names Pedia’s Top Baby Names For 2020

Giving birth this year? You might like to look through our list of top baby names for 2020!

We’ve combed through our more than 18 million page views to bring you the 20 names that have drawn the most interest from you, our dear readers.

These names have become a lot more popular this year compared to the previous year. Some are classics, while others may sound unique and foreign. But every moniker is interesting.

And we think they’ll gain more momentum in the coming year!


Top Baby Names For Girls


Surprised? So were we. But it seems this all-time favorite’s here to stay. In Hebrew, Jane means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’

A lot of parents are going for classic baby girl names instead of trendy ones.


This beautiful name translates to ‘resurrection’ in Old Greek. By the way, it’s also a small village and gram panchayat  (village council) in West Bengal, India.


In Arabic, this lovely name means ‘new’ while in Russian it translates to ‘hope.’ Your daughter would have something in common with American TV actress and singer Naya Rivera.


We think this name has a delightful sound, don’t you? In Hawaiian, this name means ‘clear and bright.’

It looks like things are looking up for this name in 2020!


Another pleasant surprise on our list is Stephanie, which translates to ‘crowned’ in Old Greek. Interestingly, it has been a moniker often used by royalty such as Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg.

Would you consider it for your little princess too?


Game of Thrones, the TV series, might have ended, but it seems its influence on baby names hasn’t. At least, according to our most recent data.

This gender-neutral name might sound like Arya, the brave knife-wielding daughter of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. But these two names actually have different meanings.

In Latin, Arya translates to ‘song’ while Aarya means ‘of noble birth’ in Sanskrit.

We think it’s going to continue to be popular in the year ahead.


This striking name would be apt for what everyone wishes for a child and the new year. In Japanese, Meeko means ‘child of prosperity.’

If you love Disney films, you might remember Meeko as the Pocahontas’ raccoon friend to likes food.


This rare baby name translates to ‘messenger’ in Hebrew.

We think it became more popular because of Zyra, a champion character in the hugely successful multiplayer online battle game, League of Legends. She can cast spells to grow deadly plants, which makes her pretty powerful.


Another unique name going up our popularity chart is Aleia, which means ‘ornament; brightness’ in Hebrew. You might also like it for a December baby since its meaning is quite festive.

In Old Greek, however, it translates to ‘mercy.’


Malia has Hebrew origins and means ‘wished-for child.’ In ancient Turkish mythology, Maliya is the goddess of gardens, often connected to the goddess of healing Kamrušepa and the horse-god Pirwa.

Besides mythology, you could also consider this moniker a place name since it’s the name of a coastal town in Crete, Greece. This town is known for its beautiful beaches and glitzy nightlife.

Your daughter’s namesake would be Malia Ann Obama, former US president Barack Obama’s first-born daughter.

Top Baby Names For Boys


In this digital age, many parents seem to want a baby boy name that’s fitting to the kind of generation we have. You might also like this name if you love reading books and knowing facts.

This gender-neutral name means ‘knowledge’ in Sanskrit. It’s a variant of the name Veda.

Although, we suspect Star Wars fans may associate this name with the Galacian queen Veda or a Jedi youngling. This may be in because of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the last installment in the Skywalker trilogy.


This baby name means ‘man of the mountains’ in Old Greek. While rarely used, we think it has a pleasant ring to it.


This name has various meanings depending on the origin. In Chinese, it translates to ‘victorious’ while in Latin it means ‘to rejoice.’

Caio can also be a nature-themed name since, in Hawaiian, it signifies ‘sea.’ In Old Norse, however, it means ‘chicken.’



In American English, this name signifies ‘an able-bodied man.’ Your son would have something in common with The Voice season 16 finalist, Gyth Rigdon.


This name means ‘Yahweh may protect’ in Hebrew. But in African-Swahili, it translates to ‘tortoise.’

It’s a variant of the name Kobe, which many would associate with basketball legend Kobe Bryant or Japan’s world-famous beef.


In Latin, this name means ‘dark one or man from Hadria.’ It came from a town in Northern Italy known for its majestic medieval church, Church of Santa Maria Assunta della Tomba.

While gender-neutral, this popular baby name’s more commonly used for boys. You might consider this if you’re into sports since several famous athletes have this name, including American football running back Adrian Peterson and retired National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star player Adrian Dantley.



Another well-loved name making our list is Zachary. This name is derived from Hebrew and translates to ‘Yahweh has remembered.’

Your son’s nickname could be Zac or Zeke. Its female version is Zaharina.


For a short but memorable name, consider Jin. In Chinese, it means ‘gold, bright, and beautiful’ while in Korean, it translates to ‘precious.’

Did you know that Jin is a group of Chinese dialects spoken by approximately 63 M people in Northern China? It’s also a unit of measure used in many Southeast Asian markets that’s equivalent to about 500 to 600 grams.

If you’re into Korean pop culture, you might associate it with Bangtan Boys/ Beyond The Scene (BTS) member Kim Seok-jin who’s fondly called Jin by fans.


This moniker means ‘gift of God’ in Old Greek. This name was popularized in the last century by US President Theodore Roosevelt.

You probably know that the teddy bear was named after him. But here’s the fascinating story behind it.

According to the US National Park Services, on a hunting trip on November 14, 1902, the president’s assistants had already tied a black bear to a willow tree. However, President Roosevelt refused to shoot it.

A political cartoonist decided to make this event amusing by portraying the president with a small bear. A Brooklyn candy shop owner then saw this article and had the idea to make a stuffed bear, which he called a teddy bear!


For a gender-neutral name that stands out, go for Sevyn. It means ‘the number seven’ in Latin.

Celebrating Diversity in 2020

There you have it! Our list is an exciting mix of names from different cultures.

Hope you got a name or two added to your shortlist!