15 Baby Names Made Trendy by Millennial Parents

Millennial parents are known to be upbeat and versatile. When it comes to baby names, trust them to come up with creative and unique ones. Millennial parents have also played a significant role in making some baby names popular and trendy once again.

Take a gander at 15 baby names that are quickly rising up the charts.

Trendy Millennial Baby Names for Girls


Originally used as a boys’ name, Addison became widely popular thanks to the media and celebrities. This name is derived from English and means ‘son of Adam.’

Dr. Addison Adrianne Montgomery was a female doctor in the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. Since then, celebrities and subsequently millennial parents have embraced the name for their daughters. Football player Don Muhlback and actor Matthew Lillard have daughters named Addison.


While this name sounds like a royal name, its meaning is actually spiritual. It’s a Latin name that translates to ‘to pray for.’

Interestingly, this name might have come from the Scottish medieval form of Annabel, like Arabel or Orabel. We think you might love it for your little princess. A famous namesake would be Arabella Rose Kushner, daughter of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.


This posh baby name of Celtic origin means ‘strength, power, force.’ Its a form of the English name Brianna.

It’s also the name of a TV actress, Brielle Barbusca, who became famous as Debra Messing’s on-screen daughter in the comedy series ‘The Starter Wife.’


This gender-neutral name means ‘rhythm’ in Latin. We love it because it just rolls off the tongue. 

By the way, rapper Ludacris and wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengu named their first child Cadence.


Another unisex name that’s adored by millennial parents is Lexi. It’s short and more casual compared to Alexandra. Both names are derived from Old Greek and means ‘defender of men.’

If you’re looking for a modern name for your warrior princess, go for Lexi.


This lovely name is derived from English and means ‘sleek, black.’ It’s also the name of a small carnivorous tree-dwelling mammal that’s hunted for its fur.

Your daughter’s name would be the same as retired American pro-wrestler Rena Marlette Lesna’s name in the ring. Sable is also an actress and a model.


Baby names that relate to peace and spirituality are becoming trendy. It may be due to our longing to live less hectic lives. Perhaps giving your daughter this name may inspire tranquility in her own life.


For a short adorable baby name, try Zoe. We love this name for three reasons.

First, it sounds fun and lively. Second, it can double as a nickname. And third, it means ‘life‘ in Old Greek. What more can you ask for?

Celebrity namesakes include actress Zoe Saldana and singer Zoe Kravitz.

Trendy Millennial Baby Names for Boys


Dads might like this name since it’s associated with British luxury cars. It’s the name of the car manufacturer and a place in Cheshire, England where the company’s headquarters is located.

This popular gender-neutral name comes from Old English and means ‘from the bent-grass clearing or meadow.’ For us, this name sounds cool yet playful.


This handsome name is a variant of Brant which means ‘fire‘ in English. You’d probably consider this if you’re hoping that your baby would be spirited and adventurous when he grows up.


For a name that means, ‘full of goodness,’ try Declan. He’d have the same name as English pop/rock musician Elvis Costello, whose real name is Declan Patrick McManus. His nickname could be Dec or Dean.

Since it’s a unique name, you might like to test drive it first. Let us know how it turns out.


Here’s a name that has a personality. This German name means ‘ likes to talk.’

Your child would have the something in common with Australian actors Callan McAuliffe of the horror TV series Walking Dead and Callan Mulvey of the movie Avengers: Endgame.


This name might remind you of Finn Hudson, the male lead in the musical comedy-drama TV series Glee played by the late Cory Monteith. In literature, you’d associate it with Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.

The first one might be more fitting since Finn means ‘fair-haired hero’ in Irish. Interestingly, in Irish mythology, it was borne by the giant Finn MacCool. According to the folklore, he built the Giant’s Causeway, a wide area of basalt columns along the coast of Northern Ireland, to avoid getting his feet wet. Another natural wonder, Fingal’s Cave in Scottland is named after him.


This adorable name means ‘protection‘ in German. It’s the short form of William. Famous namesakes would be actors Liam Hemsworth and Liam Neeson and baseball player Liam Hendriks.


For a name that speaks adventure, we have Wilder. This name means ‘untamed’ in Old English.

Taking the Spotlight

Millennial parents are changing the way babies are named in more ways than one. They’re an outspoken generation, and their choices are visible even in baby names. Thanks to them, some baby names are becoming favorites once again.