Best 22 Baby Girl Names For August 2022

What are the best and most unique names for August of 2022? What criteria do you use to select the best names for your baby girl? We would love to have you review this list of beautiful and unique baby girl names for babies born in August of 2022 and let us know what you think.

The dog days of summer continue into the last full month of Summer, August. The current iteration of the month of August originally came about in the year 8 BC or BCE. The name is derived from the Roman Emperor Augustus, This time period was selected during what was previously the sixth month of the year due to the many accomplishments of Emperor Augustus during that month.

In the Northern parts of the world, August, as noted, is the last full month of summer time. In the Southern portion of the world throughout Australia, South America, and all portions south of the equator, August is moving towards the last of winter and into the early parts of spring. While still early for planting, there is a little more light in the air both literally and figuratively.

Farmers are generally preparing for the fall harvest, getting their equipment ready and making other preparations. Most of the crops that will be harvested in the fall have grown sufficiently tall and robust to need very little in the way of weeding and other more mundane maintenance.

Most of the work now goes towards preparing for the harvest and preventing bugs and other local pests from destroying the ripening produce still in the fields. Kids in the United States are watching with at least some sense of dread and trepidation as the summer vacations wind down and the return to school looms ever closer, shadowing over some of the fun times still remaining on the summer wish list.

What Are the Symbols of August

What Are The Symbols For The Month of August?

  • The Birthstone in August is the Peridot or Olivine
  • The official Flower of August is the Gladiolus or the Poppy
  • The Western Zodiac signs for the month of August are Leo through to 22 August, and Virgo until the end of the month

During the Hot August Nights there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy life before the hard work of fall commences, and before the days turn increasingly dark as it will when we move into the fall or autumn season in the next month of September. You can still fire up the grill, enjoy comfortable camping, fishing, and hiking excursions into the wood, and not yet have to worry about being frozen over.

August is also very well known for being among the best times to view expansive meteor showers in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. It is held by some that babies born in August will be especially beautiful, and will have an inherent emphasis on personal character traits such as devotion to marriage and family.

22 Unique Baby Girl Names For August 2022

Aamina – This name has its origins in the Arabic language but is also seen in English and Indian languages. The root of the name is the Arabic word Amina which means to feel safe or to be safe.

Casiel – While it may be a little early to begin the transition into fall, by the end of August, many people will begin looking forward to the changes on the way. The name Casiel is originally from the Latin language and is translated to mean the mother of the earth, or the ones who ensures the earth remains comfortable for us on most occasions.

Erwina – This is a name from the American English language and means a friend of the sea. August may be the last opportunity to fully enjoy the oceans and seas as the dog days of summer come to a close and the nights begin growing longer and cooler.

Faunee – Stemming from the same root words as Fauna and Fora, the unique baby girl name Faunee is from the Latin meaning one who loves nature or one who loves the outdoors. While there are certainly those of us who appreciate walks and even camping and fishing in the winter, the hot August nights are much more popular for outdoor activities for most people.

Harika – In fairness, this beautiful and unique Turkish baby girl name may not be directly related to the dog days of summer, but when is ever a bad time to discover a superior woman? The name Harika does mean a superior woman, and wishing nothing but the best for all the daughters born in August, it seems to merit inclusion in this list of best unique baby girl names for August.

Indra – The unique baby girl name Indra is from the Sanskrit language and means one who holds the rain, literally possessing the drops of rain or the one who has and controls the rain. While this remains a popular name within India, it may not have had the positive attention it merits yet in the Western world.

Jord – The baby name Jord is from the old Nordic languages and means a baby girl dedicated to the earth or a goddess of the earth. It still conveys the nurturing spirit we should all consider when we are out and about and enjoying the summer weather.

Kachina – This name is originally from the Native American tribal languages and means someone who is a sacred dancer. Given the love of the Native American population for the earth we live in, and their desire to remain better stewards of the planet, this Native American name for baby girls seems an appropriate addition to the August list of top baby names for girls.

Lachina – This name has its roots in the Scottish form of the Gaelic language and means a land full of lakes. Given the dog days of summer and the pleasure associated with water sports, camping by the lake, fishing, and other outdoor activities of summer, this seems like the perfect name for a baby girl born during the dog days of summer.

Macha – This is another baby girl name from the Native American languages that is a direct reflection of the beauty of the earth. While the summer months are not the best time for viewing the Aurora Borealis, the name Macha is the Native American name meaning Aurora. Given the likelihood that some people will be longing for the colder winter months this far into summer, maybe a little break is merited with the inclusion of this unique baby girl name.

Nerina – Given the dog days of summer and the ability to enjoy water sports and time out on the lakes, oceans, and seas of the world, this is an excellent baby girl name for the month of August. Nerina means a sea nymph or one with a love and desire to protect and to enjoy the sea.

Olivine – Not only is Olivine the name of the birthstone for the month of August, it is also a unique baby girl name rooted in the same etymological history. While this is a unique baby girl name, it is primarily used in areas that speak English, Italian, and German languages. Olivia is another baby girl name that shares a similar history.

Poppy – Like the name Olivine, the name Poppy is one of the top baby girl names for August because of its similar spot as the official flower of the month. The name is derived from Olde English and the word popaeg which was the spelling of the name at the time. The original term in Latin was papaver but was used in Britannia, likely introduced by the Roman conquest of Britannia.

Qudsiyya – This is a very unique name for baby girls and comes from the Arabic word meaning celestial or being of the heavens. Anyone who has ever camped out in a darkened field and stared up at the night sky may understand why this is an excellent inclusion in the list of top baby girl names for August.

Rayen – The unique baby girl name Rayen comes from the Mapuche-Mapudungun language common in parts of Chile and Argentina. One of the most beautiful things about summer is the constant presence of flowers, and this baby girl name adds to the beauty, and means a flower.

Saaman – This name meaning Jasmine is from the Central Asian family of languages. Have you ever walked through an open field and been taken aback by the sweet fragrance of Jasmine wafting through the air, seeming almost medicinal and healing in nature? If you have, then you know why Saaman was included in this list of beautiful and unique baby girl names for August.

Taariq – This unique baby girl name is originally from the African language Swahili, though it may also be influenced by other tribal languages in the area, and perhaps from the Arabic language influence in the region as well. This name means someone who resembles the morning star, and again reverts back to the ability to enjoy the great outdoors during the month of August.

Udalrica – A Scandinavian word that has come to be used as a name for baby girls in some of the Nordic countries is Udalrica. The name originally means a rich country or rich and fertile lands. It has come to be used as a name, but the association with the growth of summer, and the ripening of produce in the fields make this another good choice for the best baby girl names for August.

Vaneta – The unique baby girl name Vaneta is primarily from the Gaelic language, though it may have deeper Pictic name origins as well. Vaneta is a girl name for a keeper of the forests. Less of a mythical and more of a spiritual role for the baby given this name, it indicates someone who will grow to have an intense love for nature, perhaps especially during the long summer months.

Wandella – This unique baby girl name comes from the American English language and means someone who is “from the little tree”, though whether in birth or conception is not expressed in the name. It is believed by some that using this as a baby girl name will endow the daughter with an inherent love for the land and the earth we live within.

Xanthippe – This is among the most unique baby girl names for August, coming from the old Greek language, and meaning yellow horse. It is a combination of the words xanthos which means yellow or fair, and hippos which means horse. If you have ever ridden a horse out in the mountains, valleys, or pastures, maybe you understand the inclusion of this name.

Yuuna – Some people may recognize this name from Yuuna Asuki from the Final Fantasy characters and the series of video games, movies, anime, manga, and of course, merchandise. The name originally comes from the Japanese word for tender greens, such as those that would be consumed. Given the many crops that have now been harvested, and the ongoing process of canning and preserving this produce, many being greens of one fashion or another, it seemed a great place to finish up the list of the 22 most unique baby girl names for August of 2022.