Best Baby Boy Names For August 2022

What are the best baby boy names for August 2022? If you are expecting the birth of a child this coming August, it may be a very relevant question. August is a bit early for the hunter, but remains a great time of the year for camping and fishing excursions. There are plenty of baby boy names associated with the outdoors.

How important is the etymology of the best baby names for boys? How important is the meaning behind the name? Are there any associations good or bad with the baby names you are considering for your son? What are the criteria that you use to select the best baby boy names ever? BabyNamesPedia would greatly appreciate it if you would take a moment to follow us on Social Media so we can communicate with you directly.

How To Select The Best Boy Names

Many people will have friends or family members and will use those individuals as a namesake for their child. This seems to be especially true for people who have recently lost a loved one or a dear friend, and seek to keep them alive in their hearts. Some children will be named after the locations where they are conceived or born.

Places like Reno also offer amazing venues for classic cars like Hot August Nights. There may be more than a little justification in the memes about boys being difficult to offend because they held the flashlight for their fathers. Despite that, vehicle restoration and other projects create a special bond between a father and a son.

Perhaps you prefer to pick a more unique baby name for your son. Maybe you want to focus on the summer harvest? Perhaps you want to pick a name for your son that reflects the seasonal changes from Summer to Autumn or the Fall Season? Where can you go to find the best baby boy names for August babies?

Funny you should ask as Baby Names Pedia will be introducing the best, most popular, and unique names for baby boys and baby girls for each month of the year featuring the best baby boy names for August here. The intention is to provide you with a list of unique baby names and their meanings, to give you a look into the best baby names that you may not otherwise think about or consider.

What Are The Symbols Of August

What Are The Symbols For The Month of August?

  • The Birthstone in August is the Peridot or Olivine
  • The official Flower of August is the Gladiolus or the Poppy
  • The Western Zodiac signs for the month of August are Leo through to 22 August, and Virgo until the end of the month

While the date the King died will forever live in infamy among many fans, Elvis Presley does not have quite the same popularity today that he did in his living years. While there is certainly no intention of disrespecting the King, his name will be on every other top 10 list for baby boy names in August, and we wanted to offer you a more exclusive list of unique baby boy names. How would you select the best baby boy names for August babies?

Unique Baby Boy Names For August 2022

Arvid – This unique baby boy name originates in the Old Norse though it has made its way through the ages in both the Germanic and Scandinavian languages. It literally means the Eagle Tree, and is believed in some circles to convey the ability to remain keenly aware of the surroundings, and to be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

Camden – The name Camden comes from the Olde English and Gaelic languages and means a winding or enclosed valley. It has come among some to mean someone who is skilled, generally reclusive, and capable even outside of their preferred environment.

Druce – This unique baby boy name is from Celtic language origins and means a wise man, often associated with being a Druidic elder, shaman, or other individual who is influential within the local community.

Elenio – This baby boy name is from the Ancient Greek Language and means he who shines like the sun. It has come to be associated in some circles with people who are extroverted and have a gift for providing comfort to those around them.

Gurshan – This babyboy name is originally from the Ancient Hebrew Language but has evolved to be used primarily in the Hindi language and other Indian dialects. In the Hindi, it means a student who can take comfort in and learn from the words of the Guru.

Hulama – The baby boy name Hulama has its origins in the Hawaiian language and literally means rising light. It is believed by some that the person blessed with such a name will be a good learner and generally a perfectionist, commonly seeking to exceed previous best efforts and accomplishments.

Izar – This name simply means Star in the literal translation of the word. Its origins are from the Basque language though among farmers and some others, it was believed to mean someone who had a keen ability to understand complex issues, and also a good leader or provider.

Jasper – Jasper is a term that comes to us via both linguistic conquest and linguistic evolution with origins in both Ancient Greek and Persian languages from days of old. Going back to the original Greek and Persian it is a combination of words meaning the keeper of the treasures. It has been revealed that such treasures often include knowledge, so the name Jasper may also indicate a learned or well-educated person.

Kabaka – The baby boy name Kabaka is of mixed African origins, and means someone who is a King or ruler. It is believed that bestowing this name even on a child who is not of royal descent, will grant them the necessary skills to be a great leader.

Licerio – As the dog days of summer persist, and the days are still long, it may be easy to forget how soon the days will shorten and we will long for more sunlight. The unique baby boy name Licerio is from the Ancient Greek language and means someone or some thing pertaining to or relevant to light.

Mahan – This name comes from the original Sanskrit language though in modern day India it is more related to someone who is great or even exceptional in their bearing and manner. The literal translation is “Great One” though persons given this name are seen to be above average in whatever endeavors they pursue.

Natsuo – The literal translation of this name from the Japanese Language is summer life. It tends to reflect the type of person who has a healthy zest for life and one who will always seek out the more positive aspects no matter the situation.

Ohanzee – This unique baby boy name comes to us from the language of the Sioux Indians or the Siouan language and means shadow. On the one hand, the name shadow may indicate someone who is stealthy and capable, or likely a good hunter or provider. On the other hand, the shadow provides comfort and relief from the heat, especially during the dog days of summer.

Preben – This name is derived from the word Pritbor which is the Old Slavic language word for bear. It is generally reserved for someone who is very protective of those around them, and one who is strong, capable and confident.

Ridley – This name comes from the Olde English and is used to describe an open field or clearing in the woods. These clearings were often used as the foundation for farms and later for larger settlements. Thus, the name has come to mean someone who is of the land or someone with a more exploratory and curious nature.

Sawney – This name originally appears in the Ancient Greek language and means the defender of men. Just as summer brings life to full bloom, it remains the job of humanity to be better stewards of the planet. The name also implies a desire to protect and defend the planet as well as the people living upon its surface.

Tláloc – This unique baby boy name is of mixed etymology with roots in both the Aztec language and the Nahuatl language of Mesoamerican origins. The literal translation means wine of the earth but is used to describe someone who is at one with the earth around them, though that love and passion will likely continue long after the dog days of summer are gone.

Udar – This babyboy name comes from the Sanskrit language and means generous. Summer is considered by some to be a time for a celebration of life, and for those, the generosity of the earth remains a strong focus.

Vesuvio – The baby boy name Vesuvio is derived from the Italian language word meaning Volcano and is included in memory and celebration of Pompeii. While the destruction from that Volcano was great, it is included as both a unique name for your baby boy as a means to celebrate the rich history of the local people, revealed in a preserved state only due to the destruction and the speed at which it took place.

Wahib – This names comes from the Arabic language and the word for someone who is generous, as is the bounty granted to us through the summer harvests, and the ability to enjoy the world we live in more during the hotter summer months.

Yabarak – This is another unique baby name that has a mixed history. Among the Australian Aborigines this is a name reflecting someone from the sea or of the sea. There are other uses among some of the nomadic tribes of Ancient Persia, though the name may still be found in use throughout the Middle East in the modern age.

Zahir – This name is derived from the common Semitic roots of the Hebrew and Arabic languages and means something that is obvious, blooming, flowering, or coming to fruition as the earth will during the heights of summer.