17 Unique and Beautiful Bollywood-Inspired Baby Names

Bollywood is one of the most prominent movie industries in the world. It comes from Bombay (now known as Mumbai) and Hollywood. Interestingly, it produces about twice the number of Hollywood films per year. And it’s just part of a bigger Indian film industry.

So, if you’re going for a one-of-a-kind name for your little bachcha (baby), we have an awesome list inspired by Bollywood’s biggest celebrities, their spouses, and kids.

Bollywood-Inspired Baby Names for Girls


Want a Bollywood name that’s unique yet vibrant? Consider Ayesha. This name means ‘she who lives’ in Arabic.

She’d have something in common with actress Ayesha Jhulka who has starred in more than 40 Hindi films.

If you’re a comic book fan, you’d probably recognize it as one of the aliases of Kismet, a Marvel character who has the power to bring the dead back to life.



This name translates to ‘shining one’ in Greek. It can be considered an edible baby name since it means ‘hazelnut’ in Old French.

While not popular as a baby girl name, we think this name has a pleasant sound. It’s inspired by the gorgeous Ileana D’ Cruz, who has starred in many Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil films.

In Romanian mythology, Ileana Cosânzeana is an even-tempered princess who symbolizes beauty, youth, and innocence. Her eyes appear like the sun, her body’s like the sea, and flowers adorn her garment.


In Sanskrit, this name means ‘victory’ while in Hebrew, it translates to ‘Yahweh may protect.’ It’s also the name of a famous Indian film actress and politician, Jaya Prada.

If you love to travel, you might be interested to know that Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, comes from Jayakarta, which means ‘victorious city.’


This name means ‘maiden’ in Old Greek.

It’s on our list for one of Bollywood’s most prominent and highest-paid actresses, Kareena Kapoor. She’s won several Filmfare awards. This set of awards recognizes technical and artistic excellence in India’s Hindi-language film industry.


This gender-neutral name means ‘dark’ in Sanskrit. In Hinduism, Krishna is the supreme god of love, compassion, and tenderness. He is typically depicted as a young child with a flute.

In Bollywood, you’d associate this name with Krishna Raj Kapoor. She wasn’t a Bollywood actress, but she came from a family of actors. She was also the spouse of one of Bollywood’s legendary actor-director Raj Kapoor.


This name translates to ‘clear, bright, and famous’ in Latin. It’s apt for Hindi actress, model, and beauty queen Lara Dutta. She’s appeared in several blockbuster hits and was crowned Miss Universe 2000.

If you’re into video games, you might remember Lara Croft, the main character in Tomb Raider. Who knows, your little lady might grow up to be just as intelligent and adventurous as her!


In Hebrew, this name means ‘who is like God.’ It’s part of this list as the name of celebrity baby Misha Kapoor. She’s the firstborn daughter of famous multi-awarded Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput.

Interestingly, for this celebrity baby, Misha is the combination of (Mi)ra and (Sha)hid.

That’s pretty cool, right? Would you consider combining you and your partner’s name too?


This name translates to ‘beloved’ in Sanskrit. No wonder its derivative ‘Priya’ is also noted in Hindu texts as ‘lover’. Fascinating, isn’t it?

We’ve included it here for beauty queen and actress Priyanka Chopra, one of India’s most popular stars. She also successfully landed several supporting roles in Hollywood movies such as Baywatch (2017) and Isn’t It Romantic? (2019).

Pri would be a cute nickname, huh?


For a name that signifies royalty, pick Rani. This moniker means ‘queen’ in Sanskrit.

Rani Mukerji is one of the most widely known Bollywood actresses. In fact, in 2005, she was dubbed by Outlook Magazine, an English publication, as the most successful actress of contemporary Hindi cinema.


If you’re into nature, you might like Rhea, which means ‘to flow; river; stream’ in Old Greek. Moreover, it translates to ‘ poppy flower’ in Latin.

In Greek mythology, Rhea is known as ‘the mother of gods.’ She’s known to have hidden Zeus from her husband Cronus for fear that their son would be harmed.

As for Bollywood, it’s for Rhea Chakraborty, who started as a Music Television (MTV) VJ in India.

Bollywood-Inspired Baby Names for Boys


From Old Greek, Aryan means ‘braver.’ On the other hand, in Albanian, it translates to ‘golden life.’

You’d recognize this name in Hindi cinema for Aryan Khan, an actor and son of Bollywood celebrities Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan.

Meanwhile, in history, Aryan is a race referring to ancient Indo-Iranian people, including Romans, Greeks, and Germans.


This name from Sanskrit translates to ‘white light.’ 

It’s part of our list for Arjun Kapoor, the son of Bollywood film producers Boney Kapoor and Mona Shourie Kapoor. Besides being an actor and endorser, he supports causes that help the environment and empower young women.


For a short but powerful name, add Nas to your shortlist. This name means ‘to make victorious’ in Arabic.

Your son would have something in common with prominent Indian film and stage actor-director Naseeruddin Shah.


Another name with a royal meaning is Rajesh, which translates to ‘powerful king’ in Sanskrit.

It’s a fitting name for one of the first superstars of Bollywood cinema, Rajesh Khanna, who was adored by fans in the 60s and the 70s.

We also think Raj would be make a cool nickname.


This unique name has its roots in Punjabi and translates to ‘brave.’ You might consider it a warrior-themed name for its meaning.

This is also the name of one of India’s critically acclaimed and bankable actors, Ranveer Singh.


Another vibrant name joining our list is Ravi, which means ‘sun’ in Sanskrit. In Hindu mythology, this is the alternative name for the sun god Surya. This Hindu deity supports knowledge, goodness, and all life.

It’s also the name of a river running from Himachal Pradesh in northwestern India to eastern Pakistan.

In Bollywood, you’d associate it with actor and politician Ravi Kishan. He’s a Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha or House of the People, India’s lower house.


For a winning baby name, go for Sanjay. This name translates to ‘triumphant’ in Sanskrit. In Hindi films, you’d relate it to Sanjay Dutt, a versatile actor and film producer.

The Charm of Bollywood

With its festive songs, alluring dances, and unique stories, Bollywood has attracted an international audience.

So, if you’re going for something that reminds you of its glitz and glamour, choose one here that your little one will grow up to love. You could also check out our collection of famous Hollywood stars for name inspiration.