17 Superb Brand Baby Names You’ll Want to Steal

When coming up with an awesome baby name, you might need to explore seemingly strange ideas — like going for your favorite brand! Yes, personal branding can start from the womb! So, help yourself to this exciting mix of the prominent and understated brand baby names for your little one.

Brand Baby Names for Girls


Curious why this popular name is on our list? Well, it’s for Ashley Furniture HomeStore™, an established family-owned American company that’s been selling wooden home furnishings since 1945.

It’s a suitable name for the company since this moniker means ‘ash wood’ in Old English. Ash wood is a lightweight and shock-resistant kind of wood that’s a fitting option for exquisite furniture.

Interestingly, in some parts of Europe, people burn ash trees or twigs during Christmas season believing it would bring in a prosperous year. This Nordic tradition is called the ‘Yule Log.’


While Avis can be considered a warrior-themed name since it means ‘fighter, warrior’ in German, this unique name is on our list for Avis™ Car Rental.

Avis™ Car Rental is a well-known American rental car provider that caters to business and leisure travelers. While it started in the US, it now operates internationally under the Avis Budget Group.


If you’re into health and fitness, you might recognize Calia™ as country music icon Carrie Underwood’s line of active lifestyle apparel and accessories for women. This sweet-sounding name means ‘a known beauty’ in the English language.

By the way, calia is also the name of the fragrant purple shrub that blossoms in spring.


For the chic parent-to-be, Chanel could be a top contender. Chanel™ is a French company that’s known for haute couture, luxury goods, perfume, and fashion accessories. It was founded by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel in 1909. The House of Chanel brings to mind ‘the little black dress,’ Chanel Suit, and the perfume number 5 de Chanel.

While the name itself means ‘channel’ in Old French, this name just has that touch of indulgence you might find attractive.


Another French brand making our list is Chantelle™, a prominent lingerie company established in 1876 by François Auguste Gamichon. Its best-known innovations include lightweight Spacer bras and Memory Foam bras.

While Chantelle may be a bit uncommon, we think it’s as fashionable and delicate as the brand it’s associated with. By the way it means, ‘like a candle’ in Old French.


In Chinese, this gender-neutral name means ‘tender-hearted.’ But we included it here for CHI® Hair Care and Styling Tools. This is a company started by Farouk Shami, a Palestinian-American hairdresser who invented the first ammonia-free hair color.

Interestingly, Chi can also be a nature-inspired name since it means ‘tree branch’ in Vietnamese. Moreover, in Chinese tradition, chi is also the life force that flows through every living entity.


This biblical name translates to ‘pious, godly, honorable’ in Latin. However, in this list, it’s for Piaget™, a Swiss luxury watch and jewelry company founded by Georges Piaget in 1874.


This name means ‘blossoming flower’ in Arabic. Zara™ is also a Spanish line of apparel established in 1975 that’s known for fast fashion. Fast fashion is affordable clothing inspired by catwalk or celebrity culture that’s mass-produced and sold in stores.

Brand Baby Names for Boys


For techy parents-to-be, Coby might be a good option. While this electronic product company may have shut down in 2013, many people still use their gadgets.

You might like Coby for its meaning which is ‘Yahweh may protect’ in Hebrew. It’s a variant of Kobe, which is a part-edible and part sports-inspired baby name.


We think dads might like this name since it sounds tough and fearless. And Diesel™, the Italian clothing company, is known for its edgy denim wear too.


Dyson™ is a British tech company established by Sir James Dyson in 1991. It manufactures household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, blade-less fans, hairdryers, air purifiers, and lights.

As for the baby name, it means ‘son of Ty’ in English. While it’s not frequently used as a baby boy name, it’s a good alternative to the more popular Tyson.


Think diamonds are a girl’s best friend? You might consider Jared for your little boy. This biblical name means ‘descent’ in Hebrew.

Jared The Galleria of Jewelry is a premier off-mall diamond retailer in the US. It’s one of the brands under Signet Jewelers Limited, the world’s biggest retailer of diamond jewelry.


Another familiar vacuum cleaner manufacturer is Kirby™. In 1920, James B. Kirby invented a vacuum cleaner design called ‘vacuette.’ This innovation featured a removable floor nozzle and handle and became the precursor of current Kirby multi-attachment models.

Meanwhile, the name means ‘village with a church’ in Old Norse language.


This popular name means ‘one from the hills’ in Old English. It’s on our list for Knox Gear™, a brand of appliances and gadgets such as coffee brewers, air purifiers, and microphones.


Let’s not forget another top denim brand, Levi’s®. This American clothing company was started by a German immigrant named Levi Strauss in 1853. While known for its blue jeans, one of its recent innovations with Google™ is a ‘smart jacket’ with touch-sensitive remote control for phones.

In Hebrew, Levi means ‘attached to’ while in Hungarian, it translates to ‘being.’


If you’re computer savvy, you’d recognize Linux™ as a free, open-source operating system. It began as a personal project for Finnish-American software engineer Linus Benedict Torvalds in 1991.

This biblical name means ‘blond, flaxen-haired’ in Old Greek. Who knows, your little tot might develop a love for technology when he grows up.


To round up this list of brand baby names, we have Wilson. This old-time favorite is part of this list for Wilson® Sporting Goods, an American company that manufactures sports equipment. Did you know that the Wilson Duke football is the official ball of the National Football League?

On Point and On Brand Baby Names

Inspirations for baby names are everywhere! Naming kids after well-loved brands is fun. Just be mindful of getting the ones that you believe in to make the baby naming process more meaningful for you.