Characters From One Piece – C Names

The Characters from One Piece whose names start with a C are not as large as some character lists, but is still sizable. There are many challenges with a long running and popular anime or manga series like One Piece. Among these is finding enough space to create a complete list of characters from One Piece, and to give them all enough coverage based on their merits if not just because they are there.

Which Is Your Favorite One Piece Format?

Another funny thing about many of the more popular series in these genres seems to be everyone has their own particular favorite in regards to formats. Some people are fans of individual manga artists, some are fans of the writers and story lines, and some are more devoted to a particular anime production company.

While this is merely a subjective observation, it would seem that one of the biggest issues with the live-action anime movies is that they try to drag anime into the real world, instead of converting the world into a more anime-style cinematic experience. As an author I enjoyed the take on the Alita Battle Angel movie, but it was necessary to disconnect that experience from the Manga version in order to be able to enjoy the movie.

One Piece Manga

In July, the One Piece Manga series will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. That is impressive, but much more so when you discover that the original Manga is still actively being published and is nearing entry into the top 20 longest running Manga Comics in existence. Mind you, this is also one reason that the characters from One Piece take up so many articles.

There is a lot to be said for the many different genres in their original format. Many of the manga series are collector items and very valuable, with ready markets. Many are even more valuable for collectors who are also lovers of the Manga arts, including the original manga comics and magazines.

A full collection of One Piece Manga would expand beyond one thousand articles and contain 102 tankōbon volumes at the time of this writing. The complete sets average around four hundred dollars, and that is while the series is still in production.

One Piece Anime

Netflix “only” has about 981 One Piece Anime Episodes posted at the time of this writing, though more than 1000 episodes of One Piece have run in Japan so far. Even with a good internet connection it would take a good while to download all of it. It would take even longer to provide good subtitles or closed captioning for these episodes.

What do you think about the One Piece Anime Episodes? Have they remained true to the original Manga One Piece? Was the art up to par? Was it better? Was it lacking something? Do you prefer the anime or manga One Piece versions and why?

One Piece Live Action Movie

The author, if asked, would freely admit to a certain prejudice and personal opinions regarding the Live Action Anime Movies, and there is more than just a little reservation in terms of the upcoming Live Action One Piece movie. The author enjoyed the Ghost in the Shell and Alita Battle Angel movies.

That being said, they had to be viewed as separate works of art in order to be enjoyed more completely, though still leaving something of an empty feeling, like something was missing. The disappointment, as noted before, was in seeing characters that were known and familiar, tossed into a seemingly unfamiliar world.

Is it possible that as the Internet of Things advances, we may one day have at least some marriage between the two worlds? It could be that the Final Fantasy Movies have made the most progress, but those remain animated series, and not live action. This is true no matter how good their animation may be in those movies.

When it comes to the live action Cowboy Bepop movie, well, some things are just best left in the dustbins of history. Again, it would seem that the Western film makers really do not understand the core audience or what it is that the audience is looking for in terms of live action anime.

Yes, there will be some people who loved all these live-action movies, but at the end of the day, not everyone is going to agree. In the meantime, we are getting off point. In this article we are focusing on the characters from the One Piece Manga and Anime whose names begin with the letter C.

Female Characters From One Piece

Caiman Lady – She was first named in Chapter 1005.

Camie – Her name was first noted in Chapter 490.

Carmel – She was first referred to by name in Chapter 859 and first shown in Chapter 861.

Catarina Devon – She was first mentioned in Chapter 538 of the One Piece Anime and Manga series.

Charlotte Cinnamon – Charlotte was first called by name in Chapter 892. [Due to the large number of both male and females characters from the One Piece series that share this name, there has only been one male and one female selected from this group]

Chihaya – Her true name was first revealed in Vivre Card. (See also Chhaya)

Cho – The first look at Cho left much to the imagination as she was relegated to the shadows in Chapter 940 of the One Piece Anime and Manga Series.

Cocoa – She was given a name first to viewers by Demaro Black in Chapter 599. (See also Coco)

Columbus – She is a Cover Story Character first named in Chapter 800. (See also Columba)

Cornelia – Cornelia was introduced by name in One Piece Magazine Volume 2.

Cosette – She is the head check in the Royal House of the Germa Kingdom.

Cotton – A character in SBS Volume 73.

Curly Dadan – She was introduced by Portgas D. Ace in Chapter 440 of One Piece.

Male Characters From One Piece

Caesar Clown – He was originally names in Chapter 663.

Camel – Camel is a Super Penguin that was first introduced in SBS Volume 70.

Capone Bege – He is a former Mafia boss and currently a Pirate and Captain of the Fire Tank Pirates, first introduced in Chapter 498, Episode 392. (See also Baege)

Carne – He was first introduced by name in Chapter 53.

Cezar – Cezar from the One Piece Manga and Anime series was first introduced by name in Vivre Card.

Chabo – Chabo was first addressed by name in Chapter 70 of the One Piece series. (See also Chavo)

Chadros Higelyges – His name was given to the One Piece series viewers in Vivre Card. (See also Chadron)

Chaka – Chaka was introduced to OP viewers in Chapter 167 of the series.

Chao – Chao was named first in Chapter 755 by another Dwarf.

Chap – Chap was first introduced by name in Vivre Card.

Charlos – Charlos is a World Noble and the son and brother of Saints, though also one of the main antagonists of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece.

Charlotte Basskarte – He was first mentioned directly by name in Chapter 898. [Due to the large number of both male and females characters that share this name, there has only been one male and one female selected from this group] (See also Charlot)

Chess – Chess was first revealed to the audience with a more traditional naming of the character in Chapter 135 in the OP Anime and Manga series.

Chinjao – Chinjao is the former leader of the Happy Navy, former Pirate, and the head of the Chinjao family. (See also Chinja)

Chuji – Chuji is the pet rat belonging to Some. While it is uncertain whether the rat is male or female, its loyalty led us to believe that the creators of One Piece intended it to be a male. (See also Shuji)

Clione – Clione was first presented to viewers in SBS Volume 83.

Clover – He was first introduced in Chapter 392. (See also Glover)

Coburn – This character name was first revealed in Vivre Card.

Colscon – Character first introduced by name in the Green data book. (See also Colston)

Comil – This character was introduced on the Cover Page of Chapter 290. (See also Comis)

Cosmo – He is a Cover Story Character and was first revealed by name in the Blue Deep data book.

Couran – He was first introduced by name in Vivre Card. (See also Curan)

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