25 Rockin’ Christmas Baby Names

Wrapped in all things glittery and sparkly, Christmas is a festive season of faith and hope at heart. If you’re expecting a baby ’round Christmas time, well, congratulations! Christmas will surely be merrier with your new bundle of joy. While you’re trawling Amazon online for presents, take a peek at this wonderful Christmas baby names.

Christmas Baby Names for Girls


To kick off our list is Avery, a popular name that means ‘peace’ in Old French. We love this name not only for its meaning but also because it just rolls off the tongue.


If what you love about Christmas are the holiday lights , then this Old French name meaning ‘white, bright, and beautiful’ might be the perfect moniker for your little one.


This unique name comes from Old Greek and means ‘beautiful flower.’ It’s also a terrestrial plant known as Christmas orchid which is found in Oceania, Asia, and East Africa.


A good many other girls’ names mean light, but Chiara makes it to the Christmas list because its Latin origins mean ‘clear, bright, and famous,’ descriptive of the star that led the wise men to baby Jesus. If double vowel sound “-ia” doesn’t quite light your fancy, try the English version, Claire or Clara.


You could also name your little angel Eira which means ‘snow’ in Welsh. Who doesn’t love snow angels?


Playing a supporting role in the Christmas story, Elizabeth was the cousin of Mary and mother of John the Baptist. In Hebrew, it means ‘God is my favor.’


Though Faith is not traditionally a Christmas name, it makes the list by being a virtue name, along with the likes of other Puritan names such as Joy and Hope. Nicole Kidman picked the name Faith for her second daughter, who was born three days after Christmas. Looks like a sign for the rest of us!


From the English word ‘hope’ and its Old English meaning ‘enclosed valley,’ which gives a fascinating perspective to the multi-layered meaning of the word.


From the English word ‘joy.’ This name is beloved for its simplicity and depth of meaning. Try the variant spelling options Joie or Joi if you prefer a more modern take on a sweet classic.


You might think of luxury with this name, but it actually means ‘light’ in Latin. We’re sure your eyes would light up once you meet your little one!


 Interestingly, Mary, the mother of Jesus, had a name that meant ‘sea of bitterness’ from its Hebrew origins. It isn’t a particularly jolly description, but the deep meaning of sweetness out of sacrifice (alluding to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection) does give the name gravitas. Variant spellings and forms include MariamMarieMaarja and Maria.


A Latin name meaning ‘born on Christmas,’ Natalie is probably one of the most popular Christmas-inspired names for girls. It’s definitely one to add to your shortlist!


Another name that never goes out of style, Noelle is a Latin name that means ‘born on Christmas.’ The boys’ version of ‘Noel‘ is the French word for Christmas.


Why not name your child Stella to foster her bright and shining future? This name has Latin origins and means ‘star.’ Estelle and Estrella are popular variations of Stella.

Christmas Baby Names for Boys


We think Dads would love this name, especially if they’re into rock music. It reminds us of Guns N’ Roses’ lead vocalist, Axl Rose.

Some famous people such as comedian Will Ferrell and golfer Tiger Woods have chosen this name for their sons.

Interestingly, this name translates to something opposite. It means ‘God the Father is peace’ in Hebrew.


The third of the Magi or kings who visited baby Jesus in Bethlehem. This Assyrian name meaning ‘Baal protect the king’ is an unusual but grand choice. We love the cool nickname option Baz.


Name of Latin origin meaning ‘follower of Christ,’ this name gets to the heart of the Christmas story.

Gasper, Casper or Jasper

Take your pick with this three-in-one! According to tradition, this is the name of one of the wise men who visited baby Jesus. Jasper is an Old Persian name meaning ‘keeper of the treasure.’ While Jasper is probably the most common version in English-speaking communities, you’re more likely to come across Gasper in Slovenian-speaking countries.


For a unique but short name that goes well with the season, consider Izar. It originates from Basque and means ‘star.’


Hebrew name meaning ‘Yahweh will add.’ This name is linked not just to the Christmas story but to values of moral soundness and perseverance found in ‘Joseph the dreamer,’ whose story is told in the first book of the Bible, Genesis.


Tradition tells the story of Saint Nicholas, a bishop of Myra, leaving secret gifts for the poor. Nicholas is a common Christmas name of Old Greek origins that means ‘victor of the people.’ You could nickname him Nico.


This biblical name means ‘honoring God’ in Greek, which is precisely what we do during the Christmas season.


A variant of the name Paxton, this gender-neutral name means ‘peace’ in Old English. We think it would be an excellent middle name too.



Perfect for the yuletide season and works just as well for boys as for girls, Yule is an Old English name meaning ‘born during the Christmas season.’ Yul Brynner, the Russian-born Hollywood actor in The King and I, is a famous namesake.


Another gender-neutral name on our list is Zane. In Hebrew, this popular name means ‘Yahweh is merciful.’

Cheering You On this Christmas Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Time for some holiday cheer!

And while we celebrate goodwill and the magic of Christmas, you might find yourself frazzled about things to prepare for your baby’s arrival. Tick off the perfect baby name on your list ‘coz that’s our gift to you!