Absolutely Magical Disney Baby Names

If you love everything Disney, you’re in for a treat! These baby names will bring back memories of your childhood and well-loved heartwarming animated movies. We have a wonderful collection of popular and lesser-known characters to draw inspiration from.

Hurry pick your favorites from our list below!

Disney Baby Names for Girls


To kick of this list of Disney baby names, we have this name for Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, the wealthy elderly woman who cares for Duchess and her kittens in Aristocats. In the animated film, she decides to leave her fortune to her cats since she had no living relatives. Her name means ‘noble’ in German.


Alana is the second-born of Ariel’s six sisters in The Little Mermaid. She loves being glammed up and creating her own beauty products. Her bubbly personality goes with her name, which means ‘light and buoyant’ in Hawaiian.


While other characters on the list come from animated Disney films, this popular gender-neutral name comes from a Disney Channel comedy television series entitled Dog with a Blog. She is one of the main characters who tries to hide the fact that their dog, a border collie mix named Stan, can talk.

We think you could also classify this a strong and powerful baby name since it means ‘supernaturally powerful’ in German. It’s a more modern version of the classic name Aubrey.


In the animated film Hercules, as in Greek mythology, Calliope is the Muse of epic poetry. She’s the tallest among the five and has voluminous black hair. In case you were wondering, the other Muses were Clio, Thalia, Terpsichore, and Melpemone.

Calliope suits her name well since it translates to ‘beautiful voice’ in Old Greek.


Speaking of Muses, Clio is another goddess making the list. She’s the Muse of history, as portrayed in the animated movie Hercules and in Greek mythology. She has a ponytail and holds a scroll.

In Old Greek, this name means ‘glory.’


In Ratatouille, Collette Tatou is the sole female cook at Gusteau’s. She’s Linguini’s co-worker who eventually became his girlfriend.

While rarely used as a baby girl name, we think Colette sounds fun and carefree. This name means ‘victory of the people’ in Old Greek.


This adorable name is for Carl Fredricksen’s wife in the Disney Pixar movie Up. Ellie was his childhood sweetheart, who’s always wanted to go to Paradise Falls. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to do that together.

In German, this name means ‘healthy and safe’ while in Old Greek, it translates to ‘bright shining one.’


Kala is the female gorilla who took Tarzan as her child when the leopard Sabor attacked her baby. Her mate was Kerchak, a silverback gorilla who’s the troop’s leader. Did you know a group of gorillas is called a troop or a band?

In Old Greek, this name means ‘most beautiful.’


Kiara is the main character in Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. She’s the daughter of Simba and Nala and Kion’s older sister. Her curious and free-spirited nature leads her to an adventure with Kovu, Scar’s heir who lived in the Outlands, an area in the outskirts of the Pride Lands.

Aside from being a Disney-inspired name, it can also be considered under Christmas baby names since it means ‘clear, bright.’


This medieval name is on our list for Janice Prudence Nicastro, Cinderella’s primary lady-in-waiting in the movie Cinderella II: Dreams Come True. Her name, which means ‘wise in practical affairs’ suits her well since she tried to make Cinderella keep up with royal traditions. 


If you want a popular and trendy Disney-inspired name, consider Riley. Riley Andersen is the eleven-year-old girl who loves hockey in the animated movie Inside Out. Her emotions (Joy, Fear, Disgust, Anger, and Sadness) help her cope through the changes of moving from her sunny life in Minnesota to “strange” San Francisco.

Her name represents ‘a rye field’ in Old English.


For a unique name that represents ‘peace, tranquility,’ go for Shanti. In the movie Jungle Book 2, Shanti is a sweet, diligent girl who persuades the man-cub Mowgli to live with the people in the village.


Tiana, who’s also called Tia, is the lead character in The Princess and the Frog. She is a young and talented cook living in New Orleans during the Jazz Age (1920s), who kisses a frog and becomes a frog herself.

Did you know that this character was inspired by a real-life African-American chef named Leyah Chase? Leyah is known as the Queen of Creole cuisine.

By the way, this name mean ‘joy, happiness’ in Latin.

Disney Baby Names for Boys


While you’re probably familiar with the rugged Beast in Beauty and the Beast, he’s actually a cursed prince named Adam. His biblical name represents ‘man’ in Hebrew while it means ‘to make’ in the Assyrian language.


Another character from Jungle Book is Akela. He is the leader of the wolf pack who brings in Mowgli. While he looks serious in the movie, his name means ‘happy’ in Hebrew.

By the way, this gender-neutral name is a variant of Asher.


Who could forget Andy Davis, the owner of Woody, Buzz, and the other animated toys in Toy Story? While it sounds playful, it actually means ‘male, manly’ in Old Greek.


If you’re dreaming up your little boy to be an athlete, perhaps naming him Dash might help. In The Incredibles, Dash is the son of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, who could run amazingly fast. His name in English also means ‘a charming man.’


In Pete’s Dragon, Elliott is a tall green dragon who can become invisible. He protects Elliott from his abusive foster family. His name fits him nicely since it means ‘God has helped’ in Hebrew.


Eugene Fitzherbert, a.k.a. Flynn Rider, is a charming swashbuckler who fell in love with Rapunzel, Corona’s long-lost princess in Tangled. In English, his name means ‘red one.’


You’d probably remember Jaq as one of Cinderella’s quick-witted mouse friends. He’s also known as Jackson Checkers. While this name is a bit uncommon, we think it’s a stylish variant for Jack. This name translates to ‘Yahweh is merciful’ in Hebrew.


Oliver, a slim orange Tabby kitten, is the lead character in the movie Oliver & Company. At first, he was part of a gang of cats owned by a petty criminal named Fagin. Later, a young girl named Jenny Foxworth adopts him and gives him a home.


Two well-known Disney characters are named Max. First, Max Goof is Goofy’s only son. Another one is Maximus, the Royal Guard of Corona’s palace horse in Tangled, who later became Flynn rider’s sidekick.

Max can also be short for MaximillianMaxwell, or Maxine. This name means ‘ Maccus’ pool’ in Old English. Interestingly, it may have originated from a well near the River Tweed in Scotland.


Milo James Thatch, a talented linguist and cartography expert, is the main character in the feature film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire and its sequel Atlantis: Milo’s Return. He leads the expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis. Eventually, he decided to live there and became its eleventh king.

We think it fits the character’s name perfectly since Milo symbolizes ‘fame, glory’ in the Slavonic language.


If you’re looking for a unique Disney baby name for your little tot, add Naveen to your shortlist. In The Princess and the Frog, Naveen is the Maldonian prince who was turned into a frog by a witch doctor. In the end, the curse was lifted when he shared a kiss with Tiana, who he married.

This name means ‘new’ in Sanskrit. Its female form is Navina.


This is the last name of Pongo’s owners in 101 Dalmatians, Roger, and Anita. While it’s not common, this name comes to mind a smart and witty boy. Plus, he could have ‘Rad‘ as a nickname, which sounds pretty cool. 

A Touch of Disney Magic

Disney movies and characters have won the hearts of many generations. Many characters personify traits like kindness, bravery, and moral goodness — admirable qualities you would want your child to have.

Whether you choose a name inspired by characters in the limelight or those in the background, we believe a touch of that Disney magic lives in your child. Disney baby names are truly magical!

They’d remind you of those fantastic moments when the hero or heroine finds the courage to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and win the day. And you’d tell them that they too could be that hero or heroine.