15 Inviting Edible Baby Names

Kale is no longer just a salad ingredient — it’s a baby name! People seem to have taken their creativity to the next level, and baby naming is no exception. But if you’re a foodie parent-to-be who doesn’t like overly used and hyped up edible baby names, you may want to check these ones out!

Edible Baby Names for Girls


This short and sweet name means ‘mother of a multitude in Hebrew.’ But it’s on our list because it’s the name of a soft cow’s milk cheese from France.

Traditionally, there are two types of Brie cheese: Brie de Meaux and Brie de Melun. Both are unpasteurized but the first one was called ‘Queen’s Cheese’ because it was enjoyed by royalty and peasantry since the eighth century.


While this name might remind you of the song, ‘Oh my darling Clementine,’ it’s also the name of a hybrid citrus fruit from mandarin oranges and sweet oranges. It’s known as ‘easy peeler’ in Britain.

In Latin, this name translates to ‘gentle, merciful.’



This name is French for ‘spa,’ but we included here just in case you’d like a brand baby name. Evian is a brand of mineral water harnessed from springs near Évian-les-Bains, a community located south of Lake Geneva.


The name ‘Julienne’ when used in the kitchen, is a term for a specific cut of vegetables. Also known as alumette or french cut, julienning vegetables means cutting them into long thin matchstick-like strips.


If you love pastries, you might be drawn to this sweet-sounding name. Madeleines are small shell-shaped teacake cookies traditionally from northeastern France.

You might also think of that little French girl in that old school run by Miss Clavel. This fictional character’s name though is spelled Madeline.


Another endearing French name is Miel which means ‘honey.’ Speaking of honey, did you know that to have a pound of nectar honeybees need to get nectar from two million flowers?


In Japan, nori is an edible seaweed sheet that’s typically used to wrap sushi or onigiri (rice balls). Did you know seaweed is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin, folate, and riboflavin?

Aside from being a healthy snack, Nori could also be a unique name for a baby girl. It means ‘precept’ or ‘doctrine’ in its Japanese translation.

Its different forms: Noree, Norie, and Norey can come as cute baby girl names.


Leaning towards spices? Perhaps you’d like Pepper. You’d probably like it more if you’re a comic book fan. Virginia “Pepper” Potts is Iron Man’s feisty wife and Stark Industries’ CEO.


Part edible and part color name, Sage is one of the trendy names on our list. It’s an essential herb that has a savory, somewhat peppery flavor. It’s also called garden sage or culinary sage.


Zea in Latin means ‘grain.’ It’s a beautiful short name that could be a great middle name.


Edible Names for Boys


For a food-inspired name that sounds playful, pick Arlo. This name means ‘barberry’ in Spanish. Barberry is an edible berry with a sharp citrus flavor. It’s commonly used in Persian cuisine to add flavor to poultry dishes.


Cheese-loving parents are probably first in line to take this name off the shelf. In food terms, Colby is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that’s like cheddar but softer and milder. By the way, this kind of cheese was named after a city in Wisconsin where it was first made.

If you’re looking for variations of this moniker, we suggest going for baby names such as Colbie (just like the famous singer Colbie Caillat), Cole, or Colton.



In the meat section, we have Kobe, a brand of beef in Japan that’s prized for its flavor, fattiness, and marble-like texture. It comes from Japanese Black cattle who are so valued that they are carefully brushed to improve blood circulation.

On the other hand, sports fans would probably associate this name with basketball legend Kobe Bryant. In Hebrew, this name means ‘ Yahweh may protect.’


This name is an expensive spice that’s made from the thin red coating (called the aril) of the nutmeg seed. You’d find that mace tastes like a blend of pepper and cinnamon. Moreover, it’s more pungent than nutmeg.

You can use mace in meat, fish, baked goods, vegetables, pickling. As a baby name, it sounds edgy even though it’s quite uncommon.



Quince is a bright yellow fruit that looks like a pear but rounder. It tastes like a cantaloupe with a little tartness.

Unlike pears that are abundant in autumn, summer, and winter, quince is only available in winter. When cooked, it’s excellent in pies, tortes, tarts, and compotes.

Though Quince may mean ‘fifth’ in Latin, it could be your first option for a popular edible baby boy name. It’s also spelled as Quincy.


To cap off our list, we have Vin, which means ‘wine’ in French. Not only is this term a perfect ending to the savory and sweet treats, but it could also pass as a trendy name for your little guy.

Other baby name meanings of Vin include ‘winning’ and ‘conquering,’ which sounds about right if you dream of your little one becoming a champion in life someday. Just look at his the famous namesake, movie actor Vin Diesel.

Sweet or Savory?

Of the different baby-naming trends that are growing in popularity, edible baby names might be one that’s here to stay. People gather around food and using them as baby names might be a fantastic idea to connect with others. Sharing the origin of your little girl’s name Ambrosia is already an interesting icebreaker in itself.

Also, with the endless curation of different food styles, techniques, and creations, it seems impossible to run out of options. Enjoy cooking up the perfect baby name!