How does BabyNamesPedia.com go about picking the best baby girl names of February 2022? The process begins with a look at what is perhaps one of the most interesting, and certainly unique months of the year. February is the one month out of the year that does not always have the same number of days, but even that is subject to change.

Did you know that a baby born today that is still alive in the year 2100 will not experience February 29th in that year? The rule is that if the year is divisible by 100 and not divisible by 400, leap year is skipped so the year 2100 will not actually be considered a leap year.

And what of the baby girl who is born on the 29th of February in a leap year? Will they age one-fourth as fast as the rest of the population if they only have a birthday once every four years? While such a conclusion is not very likely, who knows what technology and the future will bring as they become increasingly integrated?

February also reintroduces the world to the first hints of spring. Bees may begin coming back out for the first time since winter began, though only on the days warm enough for them to do so without freezing. Some people may even begin planting the first plants in their hothouses, greenhouses, and otherwise getting ready for the onslaught of the spring weather.

What Are the Symbols of February

What Are The Symbols For The Month of February?

  • The Birthstone in February is the Amethyst
  • The official Flowers of February are the Violet, the common Primrose, and the Iris.
  • The Western Zodiac signs for the month of February are Aquarius for the beginning of February, and Pisces through to the end of the month

February is of course Black History Month in the United States of America. Thus, the baby girl names of February 2022 will include a selection of some African baby girl names for your consideration. Many of these names, as is the case with both tribal and indigenous people around the world, are especially colorful and deep in hidden meaning.

February is also the month we all turn to love in some form or another. On February 14 we celebrate Saint Valentine Day, or the day of love. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to focus on our one true love, especially when that love is born on such a day. (That one is for you Debbie, in case you ever read this) Thus, rather than focusing on names related to the symbology of the month of February like Amethyst or Valentina and Violet, BabyNamesPedia.com wanted to include some names you may otherwise not have discovered for consideration.

Others among us may still be searching out our true love, and determining who it is we ultimately want to settle down with to have children and build a family. If you have already found that special someone, and you are expecting to have a baby girl, hopefully this list will give you some new and exciting options for the most meaningful baby girl names of February.

22 Meaningful Girl Names Of February

Adya – This name is an Indian name for baby girls, but comes their way via the Arabic nations within Africa. In the East Indian language the name means Sunday with Adia being a more common spelling. In the Swahili language the name means someone who is a gift from God or one who was unexpected, yet seen as a gift or blessing, perhaps even a miracle.

Amana – This is a Hawaiian name for baby girls, though it can also be found to have roots in the Ancient Hebrew language. The name means faithful, or one who remains faithful. Others claim the Arabic etymology though the name most common in Arabic is Aman, which means safety or trust.

Aronui – This entry into the best baby girl names for February comes from the Maori language and means who is greatly desired. There are similar names in the Welsh language, though with wholly distinct and separate etymological roots.

Asali – This baby girl’s name from the African continent means honey, which is representative in some cases of sweetening things, or as a representative symbol for love as a term of endearment. This name is most commonly found in East Africa and in more limited instances in some of the Arabic speaking nations within Africa.

Ayofemi – This is an African baby girl name and means joy loves me or joy and love are with me. This baby girl name is primarily found in the regions south of the Sahara Desert and throughout much of Nigeria, particularly in the Western regions of the country among the Yoruban people.

Corisande – Corisande is a Spanish language baby girl name that means a flower of the heart. It is not uncommon for this name to be spelled as Corisanda with an A at the end. This is to be expected given the nature of the Romance languages and the distinction between masculine and feminine linguistically.

Didina – This is a French language name for girls and means one who is desired. While there are many variations of the name, they seem to be local colloquial variants and not completely unique.

Eshana – This babygirl name from Sanskrit literally translates into the word desire. Effectively, the name is the proverbial epitome of desire in human form. This name is a very unique name that is not often used in any language. The unique nature of the name in addition to the meaning earn it a place on this list of the best baby girl names for February born girls.

Fadiya – This African baby girl name means one who redeems or a redeemer. For many, the experience of having a child can be a transforming event, giving them the opportunity they want to turn their life around. Even if you are already living the perfect life, there may still be some redeeming qualities when blessed with child.

Fahari – This Swahili baby girl’s name is taken from the word that means Magnificence. If you are having your first child, it can be just as frightening and intimidating as it is awe-inspiring. In terms of the baby however, there can be no doubting the magnificence of the miracle of birth.

Filandra – This baby girl’s name comes to us via the Greek language list of girl names and means one who loves humanity and people in general. It may be inferred from the word that the bearer of this girl’s name will be an excellent provider, nurturer, and caregiver to her family or those around her.

Halili – This entry into the best girl names for February born babies earns its entry by being especially wonderful for those Valentine’s day babies, as it means one who is beloved. While almost all babies are beloved, those that are born on Valentine’s day seem to merit a little special consideration when selecting the perfect baby name.

Hazina – Hazina is another exceptionally meaningful name for those baby girls born around the celebration of love. This name is from the African languages and means one who is treasured or who is themselves a treasure.

Heart – Heart may bring pictures of organs to mind if you are not at least somewhat romantically inclined. The truth is that the heart represents the capacity of humans to love one another, and to create an added incentive for procreation and the building of families and homes, warmed by laughter and love.

Hiari – The funny thing about love is that it can never be forced or taken, but most be freely given. Love may even be seen by some as the ultimate expression of freedom. The baby girl name Hiari is from the Swahili language and means free will or someone who is expressing free will.

Husna – This Arabic name for baby girls translates as kindness, but implies a much deeper understanding and compassion at the same time. The name is a derivative of the actual word Hasna. It should also be noted that the name has some variations in the Swahili speaking region of East Africa as well as in other areas of the Continent bordering on the Arabic States.

In’am – This entry into the best baby names for February comes from the Arabic language and means one who bestows kindness on others, or more accurately, one who spreads kindness. There are similar names in the German, French, and Japanese languages, but with a different etymology and meanings.

Latifa – This baby girl name from the African Swahili and the Urdu languages means gentle, or one who is peaceful and kind. Virtually all of the variants of this girl name are from the African languages, though there may also be some Arabic language influence through linguistic evolution along shared borders.

Love – This baby girl’s name actually comes from the old German language names and is a derivative of the word Lufo in the High German common to modern day Munich, or Bavaria as some still prefer. This word was introduced into the Olde English, long before the Norman invasion so there are some references indicating this to be an English word despite the German origins.

Maliza – This African name for girls means an accomplished woman. The implications of the name are that this is someone who can overcome any obstacles and continue to make progress. The name can be understood to mean someone who is capable of planning and working towards whatever it is that they would like to get done.

Mzuri – This baby girl name from the African Swahili language means the beautiful one. The pronunciation of the name is very similar to the State of Missouri, depending on where you are from, which seems rather appropriate with Missouri being the Show Me State.

Sweet – Okay, there had to be one name among the best picks for the baby girl names of February that was just sweet and innocent. The baby girl name sweet literally means sweet. If you have ever been sweet on someone, chances are pretty good that you understand why this name had to be given a spot on this list of names and their meanings.