Famous People Named Pedro

Famous People Named Pedro –

To fully appreciate this list of famous people named Pedro, an understanding of the history of the name is in order. The boy name Pedro goes back to both the Roman Latin, Ancient Greek, and Aramaic languages. Given the proximity of Italy and Greece, Rome being the primary nation of the day and still a prevalent part of modern Italy, this should not be a surprise.

The Latin variation of the name Pedro is Petrus with Petros being the Ancient Greek form of the name. In this form you may recognize other words commonly found with the same etymology. The meaning of Pedro is rock, literally taken from the Old Greek work Petros which means rock.

The old Bible passage where the Christ was speaking to the Apostle named Peter may come to mind, You are Petros, and on this Petros I will build my church – to paraphrase at least. The name Pedro has come to signify someone who is steadfast, perhaps not set in their ways, but certainly given to sticking with “this is the way” once they have found their desired path in life.

The name may also be inferred to mean someone who is stoic and capable, remaining unshaken even when they are surrounded and in the midst of turmoil. This type of individual may become an excellent leader, leading by example and from the front rather than sitting safely on their laurels behind those others facing adversity directly.

BabyNamesPedia also starts off this list of famous people named Pedro with a tribute to a Mexican artist who remains iconic who tragically passed away on the twenty-fifth of January in 1992. He was truly an inspiration, and if he were alive today, he may very well also proclaim “This is the way!”.

Who Is Pedro Linares

Pedro Linares is more properly known as Pedro Linares López, Pedro Linares was born on the twenty-ninth of June way back in 1906. He is often credited in the modern art world as the one who bridged the gap between folk art and fine art, with his creations gracing museums and galleries across the world to this very day.

Pedro Linares began honing his art skills at a young age, creating the paper mache Judas figures that are an integral part of the Catholic Easter traditions throughout Mexico. An affliction known as Peritonitis would leave him reeling on a regular basis from high fevers which would cause hallucinations and fainting, or passing out.

It during the fever-induced hallucinations that he would first envision the Alebrijes or mythical figures for which he is remembered to this very day. Having once credited these creatures for saving his life after a particularly challenging episide with the Peritonitis he would begin recreating their figures from memory, and painting them as he remembered them from both his dreams and hallucinations.

Some of the work of Pedro Linares may still be seen in the National Museum of Mexican Art. Also, his family continues in both the creation of Judas figures for the Mexican and Catholic Easter celebrations, as well as a continuing line of Alebrije figures made in accordance with the dreams of Pedro Linares.

Who Is Pedro Pascal

Yes, this is the way. Next on the list of famous people named Pedro is a fan favorite from some of the most popular television programs aired in the modern era. José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal was born on the second of April in 1975 in Santiago, Chile, and has become better known as Pedro Pascal to fans.

He may not be so easily recognized in his current role as The Mandalorian, covered as he is in Beskar armor. Many fans do remember his face very well as the flamboyant and colorful character Oberyn Martell who so easily defeated the Mountain until he got a little bit too cocky.

Other notable roles include his portrayal of Jack Daniels or Agent Whiskey in The Kingsman and as Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984 and perhaps as Javier Peña in the Netflix original Narcos. Pedro Pascal continues to woo fans and co-workers alike as he edges towards super-stardom. When it comes to famous people named Pedro, yes, this is the way.

Who Is Pedro Infante

The most famous people named Pedro seem to be a colorful and diverse bunch, but BabyNamesPedia moves back to Mexican idols for this next entry. Pedro Infante is considered by some to be THE Mexican Idol, not just one of many.

His appearance in the lead role of 55 films, cameo appearances in four more, and some 366 songs being recorded before his career was tragically cut short at the young age of 40 in a plane crash, definitely earn him a spot on this list of famous people named Pedro.

Pedro Infante was born on the eighteenth of November, 1917, in Sinaloa, Mexico. His life would be ended far too early in his career, the result of a plane crash on the fifteenth of April in 1957. In terms of both singing and acting, he was the proverbial professional in addition to being naturally gifted according to those who knew him.

His acting ranged across many roles from the macho man in love, to the hopeless romantic, the doting father, and even the sexy and unrestrained singer. It would be challenging if not wholly impossible to find anyone who worked with Pedro Infante that had one bad word to say about him. His presence in real life, just as that on the screen, touched everyone differently, but left a deep and favorable impression on all.

Who Is Pedro Tovar

Despite his great popularity and his musical acumen and success, Pedro Tovar has done very well at keeping his private life largely private. Pedro Tovar was born in California on the twenty-second of July in 2002. He was raised along side of his brother with whom he would grow into a love of Hispanic music culture and start playing some of the more popular types of music within their cultural sphere.

During the early years, Pedro and his brother Brian Tovar would learn and perfect their interpretation of Sierreña, Norteño, and Ranchera, popular genres within the Hispanic communities and generally in the more rural regions of Mexico. Eventually the two would hook up with their friend Gabriel Hidalgo and form the band Eslabon Armado.

The band was ultimately signed by DEL Records and many singles and albums (or CDs) were fast tracked to their increasingly fanatic audiences. To date, they have released five albums, two of which have reached Platinum status. The band has gone on to win many awards and Pedro Tovar looks to have a very bright future in whatever he decides to pursue.

Who Is Pedro Vargas

This list of the most famous people named Pedro will finish on much the same manner in which it began, with another classic Mexican idol. Pedro Vargas was born on the twenty-ninth of April way back in 1906 in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, in the United Mexican States. He was an amazingly famous Mexican singer and actor in the golden age of Mexican cinema.

Born Pedro Vargas Mata, he would go on to appear in more than seventy films on the silver screen. In regards to his singing voice, he was commonly known as “The Nightingale of the Americas”. He was a tenor capable of competing with the best of the best in the modern world. He was a classically trained opera singer and would actually be the role model and hero of some of the modern opera stars.

Despite his capacity for opera, Pedro Vargas would pursue his passion for the more popular style of Mexican music of the day. He got started early in Church choirs beginning his singing career when he was only seven years old. From there he would eventually move on into Mexico City and begin singing in multiple churches, and being invited to give serenades. He would continue with his passion for singing until his death on the thirtieth of October in 1989.