15 Thrilling Halloween Baby Names

Spooky costumes, creepy parties, and trick-or-treating – that’s Halloween! While you could always go for nice and common baby names, those inspired by this holiday just seem a bit more interesting.

Think we’re pulling your leg? Behold 15 mysterious and mythical names for your little munchkin.

Halloween Baby Names for Girls


In Greek mythology, Alcyone was the wife of a king who was transformed by the Gods into halcyon (kingfishers) after she threw herself into the sea. Her husband, who was killed by Zeus, was said to have visited her as a ghost.

While this story might be tragic, the name in Old Greek translates to ‘happy or carefree.’ It’s also the name of the brightest star of the constellation Taurus.


This hauntingly beautiful baby name means ‘white’ in Old French. Traditionally, it’s been given to blonde-haired and fair-skinned women since they represented the aristocratic notion of beauty.

Interestingly, this name has been born by royalty such as Blanche of Castile (1188-1252), queen of Louis VIII of France and Blanche of Artois (1248-1302), queen of Henry I.

By the way, we think Blanche would also be a delightful middle name, but we’re giving you carte blanche!


Next we have the opposite of white, Ciara, which translates to ‘little dark-haired one.’ The name is derived from the Celtic word ciar which means ‘black.’

Blanche and Ciara could also be awesome twin baby names, wouldn’t you say so?


This classic name is on our list for Elena, the female lead in the hit American TV series, The Vampire Diaries, which went on for eight seasons.

Elena means ‘bright one, shining one’ in Old Greek. No wonder so many people love this name.


If Halloween had the nickname, this would be it. But this playful gender-neutral name could easily go with warrior themed names since it means ‘to rule’ in German.


This list just wouldn’t be complete without a reference to Harry Potter, so we have Hermione – his smart and sassy friend.

But beyond muggles and potions, the name is rooted in Greek mythology. Hermione was only daughter of King Menelaus and Helen of Troy. Her story was shared in Euripides’ play Andromache (425 BC) and later was used by English speakers in the middle ages.


If you’re looking for a short modern Halloween-inspired name, try Nyx. This name means ‘night’ in Old Greek. While it’s a bit unusual as a name, we think it’s quite sleek.

It’s also the name of a successful US based professional make up and beauty product brand.


Another rare baby girl name to consider is Tala. This name has Native American origins and means ‘wolf.’ It’s such as sweet baby name for a ruff and gruff animal, right?


Halloween Baby Names for Boys


This gender-neutral name is derived from the Old Norse language and means ‘secret lore.’ During the Viking age, rune stones were erected as memorials to honor the dead – mostly powerful people – and their heroic acts.

Today, people practicing Wicca or modern paganism use rune stones to foresee someone’s future.


Enjoy looking at stars? Perhaps you’d like Orion as your baby boy’s name. It’s the name of a constellation that’s most visible in the Northern Hemisphere from January to March.

Since this name also means ‘hunter,’ we think it would suit a clever and strong-willed boy.


If you love pop rock, this name probably made you think of popular American singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw. He became famous for his single ‘I don’t want to be’ which was the theme song of the hit TV drama series, One Tree Hill.

Well, it’s on our list for its meaning ‘white hawk.’ Thinking of a hawk with sharp talons hunting for prey in the early evening just sends shivers up our spines. Did you know some hawks could actually attack small pets?


This name could be the ultimate Halloween baby name for two reasons. First, it means ‘black.’ Second, it’s the name of the lead character in the 1999 top-grossing supernatural horror film The Sixth Sense. Cole Sear, played by Haley Joel Osment, was a boy who could see dead people.


Here’s a popular name for boys that made it to our list.  This gender-neutral name means ‘dark’ in Old English. Famous namesakes include American country singer Blake Shelton and American quarterback Blake Portles.


Another popular gender-neutral name, Gabriel is a biblical name that means ‘my strength is God.’ Your boy could be an adorable little angel for his first Halloween!


Video games fan would recognize Raiden as the eternal God of Thunder in Mortal Kombat. It’s appropriate since it has that meaning in Japanese. While it could be a nature-inspired name, we put it here because a dark, thunderous, and rainy night is just plain eerie.

Don’t be Scared

While parenthood is exciting, it can also be terrifying. Caring for a small helpless human being is a huge responsibility. But like the Halloween-inspired baby names on this list, being a parent carries a far deeper meaning than just the event – giving birth or having a baby. Breathe, take courage, you got this.