21 Heroic Baby Names For Your Warrior Princess

Artemisia, Joan, Boudicca. Do these names ring a bell? These were some of the names that struck fear into the hearts of many in times past. If you’re on the prowl for some fierce baby names, how about drawing inspiration from these women?

Maybe you went through a difficult pregnancy or have a fearless little one who has survived an illness. Perhaps you just love the heroic spirit of a name that carries a message of unstoppable triumph.

Okay, you might decide Boudicca’s not the perfect name (too exotic, maybe?). Here’s where BabyNamesPedia jumps in to the rescue, with our list baby names for your wonder girl.

Let’s go!


Pronounced ‘ee-fa’, this Irish gem means ‘beauty.’ Aoife was a warrior princess in Irish mythology, and this name pretty much sums up a sense of beauty and bravery.


Artemisia was an ancient Greek queen who allied herself with the Persians. And in case her fortitude is of any doubt, Artemis in Old Greek means ‘butcher.’ Dangerous.


There aren’t many famous fighters in history named Brenda, but this Old Norse name, meaning ‘sword, torch,’ definitely suits the persona of a swashbuckling female.


Of all the elegant yet gutsy baby names on our list, this one’s pretty unique. Clotilde is a Germanic name meaning ‘famous warrior.’


This Germanic name means ‘edge of a sword.’ You’d love this one if you’re looking for a short and unique name for your little fighter.


With an Irish name that means ‘warrior huntress,’ you’d love for your daughter to imbibe persistence and strength.


Geraldine, which means ‘spear,’ was popular in the pre-war years before fading into oblivion in the US – yes, it’s been that long. Time to bring strong-sounding Germanic baby names back!


Can you have a warrior-inspired baby name list without including Joan of Arc? Arguably the most famous female warrior in European history, Joan’s name is actually from Hebrew roots, meaning ‘Yahweh is gracious.’


This gender-neutral French name means ‘woman warrior.’ It’s also the name of a river in western Brazil.


This is a two-element name of Germanic origins, where hadu means ‘struggle’ and wig means ‘fighter or warrior.’ Long before Harry Potter’s called his owl Hedwig, this name was popular as a medieval name.


Sounding classic yet stylish, Louise is a Germanic name meaning ‘famous warrior.’ You might also like its French variant, Lisette.


You might think of shopping when you hear this name. But this sweet-sounding name actually means ‘weapon.’ It’s a popular name that comes from Old French.


While considered gender-neutral, Madison is more commonly used for girls. It has Old English roots and means ‘son of one who is mighty in battle’.


Another name that means ‘mighty in battle’ is Matilda. You’d probably recognize this name from the 90s family movie about a young girl who could move objects with her mind.


Micaela, or its variant Michaela, is a beautiful Hebrew name, meaning ‘who is like God?’. It is also the name of Peruvian heroine Micaela Bastidas, who led a rebellion against the Spanish in the 18th century.


A well-known variant of this name is… surprise, surprise, Nigella! Both baby girl names have the same Celtic root word ‘niadh,’ which means champion. English TV personality Nigella Lawson is a famous namesake.


Something different from the usual Germanic baby names, Njeri is a Swahili name that means ‘warrior.’


Don’t be fooled by this name’s similarity to the pretty oriole, Oriel is a name of Germanic roots, meaning ‘battle fire.’


Rani means ‘queen’ and takes its roots from Sanskrit. It is both a given first name as well as a term of respect for wives of Indian rulers. Famous Tamil women who fought against British colonialism in the 19th century included Rani Lakshmi, who was the queen of the Indian state of Jhansi.


You’ll seldom find Kurdish names that also lend itself to pleasing western pronunciation. So, this one here meaning ‘the ability to survive’ is really special. Shiya is also a Hebrew name, meaning ‘God is salvation.’


One last Germanic name to round up the list, meaning ‘fighter, warrior.’ If this name sounds too unusual, you might like its Scandinavian form Vivica.

Heart of a Warrior

When things get tough, your daughter just needs to remember what her name means – courage, bravery, and strength. A warrior at heart, she’ll fight through these difficulties and ultimately, prevail.