21 Vibrant January Baby Names

The start of the year holds a fresh start for everybody. January baby names are connected to saints, plants that thrive in winter, the zodiac signs Aquarius and Capricorn, happiness, and hope.

So, if you’re welcoming your little one this month, we’ve put together something to help you pick an awesome name for him or her.

Have a go at our fantastic list of January baby names!

January Baby Names For Girls


Looking for a unique name for your January darling, consider Alona.

In Hebrew, this name means ‘oak.’ Oak trees are distinct because they can keep their leaves green even in winter. Did you know that in Finland, January is the month of the oak? Plus we have a whole collection of oak-themed names.


This name has Latin and English origins. It comes from the name of a flower that blooms in winter.

Interestingly, in China, camellias symbolize good luck for the new year though Chinese New Year is actually celebrated in February.


This name translates to ‘the Lord is my light’ in Hebrew. We think it reminds us of the hopeful feeling we have as another year starts.


January born babies fall under the zodiac sign Aquarius. So, we included some awesome baby names that relate to water.

One of these names is Kendall which is ‘valley of the River Kent’ in Old English. Your daughter’s celebrity namesake would be American model Kendall Jenner.


If you’re into Greek mythology, you might like this name because it means ‘dedicated to Janus’ in Latin. Though this name’s not commonly used, we think you might like Jen as your daughter’s nickname.


Reva’s another water-themed name on our list. It sound’s like river, doesn’t it? Well, it translates to ‘the sacred Narmada River.’

The Narmada River is one of the holy rivers in India; the other six are Yamuna, Saraswati, Godavari, Kaveri, and the Ganges. Hindus believe that immersing themselves in these rivers would wash their sins away.


This beautiful name may have two origins. It could be from River Shannon, Ireland’s longest river or a contracted form of Seanán, an Irish surname.

Shannon is also a place name for Shannon, New Zealand. This small town is known for Owlcatraz, a wildlife park that’s a haven for the New Zealand owl called Morepork/Ruru.


We’re on a roll with water-themed names. Talise has Native American-Iroquoian roots and means ‘beautiful waters.’ In case you’re curious, Iroquoian is a group of languages spoken by indigenous people in North America, including Cherokee, Huron, and a few others.

Also, Talise is a native language spoken in the Solomon Islands. However, English remains to be their official language.

January Baby Name for boys


This name comes from the Celtic language and translates to ‘little fire.’ We have it on the list for parents who want their sons to have a name that’s warm though they’re born during one of the coldest winter months.


While January’s the first month of the year, we have Aleph for the ‘first letter of the alphabet’ in Hebrew. In Jewish mysticism, it symbolizes oneness with God.

If you’re a bookworm, you might recognize it as the title of best-selling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho’s autobiographical account published in 2011. This book focuses on his spiritual discoveries while traveling through Asia in 2006.


We’ve included this name on our list for Saint Sebastian, whose feast day is on January 20. He was a Roman Praetorian Guard captain who helped converts several Romans into Christian.

We love that it sounds like a modern form of the traditional and more popular name, Sebastian.

By the way, this name comes from Old Greek and represents ‘man from Sebasta.’ Modern-day Sivas, a city in central Turkey, was once known as ‘Sebaste.’ This city is famous for its Islamic seminaries (Medreses) and the Ottoman architectural style.


While this name might remind you of Hollywood legend Cary Grant, it’s actually on our list of January baby names for Saint Carus of Malcesine. His feast day falls on January 3.

Besides this, it’s a name that’s associated with water. It means ‘from the River Cary; from the pleasant stream’ in English. The River Cary flows through Somerset, England.


Another saint-related name for your January darling would be Cyrus. St. Cyrus helped cure the sick, and his feast day is on January 31, along with St. John.

As for its meaning, it translates to ‘throne; sun’ and comes from Old Persian.


While we have some names related to the zodiac sign Aquarius, this name’s associated with Capricorn. Giles means ‘young goat’ in Old Greek.

This is the name of the eighth-century patron saint of Edinburgh, Scotland. Saint Giles, dubbed Giles the Hermit, is the patron saint of people with disabilities. Twenty European cities have his relics and bear his name.


We can’t have this list without mentioning Janus, the Roman God of beginnings, time, and transitions. January is thought to have been named after him. He’s often illustrated with two faces, one looking towards the past and the other towards the future.

This name represents an ‘archway’ in Latin. Jan would be a cute nickname, wouldn’t you think so?


In Latin, this popular and trendy gender-neutral name means ‘to rejoice.’ Kai translates to ‘sea’ in Hawaiian while it’s ‘victory’ in Chinese.

Two celebrities have Kai as their stage name. The first one is South Korean singer, actor, model, and dancer Kim Jong-in. He’s a member of Exo, a Chinese-Korean boy group.

The other well-known Kai is a Canadian singer and songwriter, Alessia De Gasperis-Brigante. In 2016, she co-wrote and was featured in the song Never Be Like You by Australian electronic musician and producer Flume. It topped the Australian music charts.

Perhaps your son might grow up musically-inclined as well.


We have this name on the list for Saint Kentigern, whose feast day is remembered every January 14. He’s a Christian missionary who’s also known as Mungo. It’s said that he performed several miracles, such as bringing a dead robin back to life and finding a queen’s lost ring inside a fish.

Kent is the short form of Kenton, which is a ‘royal manor’ in Old English.


You might like this as an option to the more common Luke. Both names mean ‘bright, white.’ which is how we want the new year to be.

Your son would have something in common with Brazilian football player Lucas Leiva. His namesake might even inspire him to get into sports.


We counted this name in for Saint Raymond of Penyafort, whose feast day is observed on January 23. He’s the patron saint of canon lawyers. During the later part of his life, he helped convert many Jews and Muslims into Christians.

If you love Raymond but find it too familiar, consider its variant Radmond. They both mean ‘well-advised protector.’ Plus, Rad would be a cool nickname!


If you’re going for a classic name that’s apt for an Aquarian baby boy, pick Wade. In Old English, this name translates to ‘dweller by the ford.’

It may have come from Wade (German), a mythological sea giant who the North Sea coastal tribes were terrified of. This creature is said to have been the son of a king and a mermaid.


Now, if you’re going for something unique for your little lad, Zelig’s a great choice. This name has Yiddish origins and means ‘happy.’

Bring In A Wonderful Year

Besides entering a new year, welcoming a new addition to your family is a joyful and heartwarming time in your life. We hope you found some excellent names to add to your shortlist!