21 Sultry July Baby Names

July is the month of independence in many countries and one of the hottest months. The zodiac signs Cancer and Leo, its birthstone, flower, holidays, calendar history, and emperors inspired us to come up with this July baby names list just for you.

If you’re welcoming a baby this month, here are baby names that are perfect for your little darling.

July Baby Names for Girls


First on our list means ‘bright red’ and is inspired by July’s birthstone, ruby. The brightest and most valuable shade of red commands a premium price for this gemstone.


This name means ‘light, deity’, a perfect name for a princess born under Cancer.

Your daughter would have some famous namesakes. Diana Prince is the alter ego of Wonder Woman.

Diana, Princess of Wales from the British royal family who was born in July. Both are icons of strength and independence to women around the world.


A sight of a spotted white-tailed deer fawn is one of the most appealing views in nature and they are usually born in July. This name connotes the innocence of a young deer, a perfect attribute suited for your July baby girl.


If you’re into rock music, this name definitely reminds you of the lead singer of Paramore. In ancient calendars July is called Hewi-mānod in German and Heinäkuu in Finnish, both translate to hay-making month.


This name originates from the Mayan which means moon goddess, and it’s a perfect name for your darling born under the cardinal sign Cancer.


This name would probably remind you of the female protagonist in William Shakespeare’s tragic love story.

Did you know that Juliet Capulet was born in July?

As for this name, it’s a variant of Julia and means ‘Jupiter’s child, downy.’


This remarkable flower is bursting with meaning and it’s one of this month’s flowers. Lily commonly symbolizes devotion or purity.

Lilies are associated with the goddess of fertility, Ishtar in Babylon. In China, lilies are used at weddings because they are tied to 100 years of love and good luck.

Lilies also bloom in summer. So, if you want a flower-inspired or a sunny list for your little darling’s baby name we got you covered.


This rare baby name was inspired by the zodiac Leo, which means ‘strong brave man’ or ‘man of people’.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, people born under this sign have fiery attributes that make them warm-hearted, cheerful, and humorous.


The fourth of July is a celebration of freedom, a rebirth of a great nation, and what’s more fitting to symbolizes it than mythical creature Phoenix.

This is a gender-neutral name, it’s a variant of Phoenix however in the German language this name means water fairy. Duality at its finest!


Seven is an interesting number.

In the old testament, God rested on the seventh-day creating the seven-day-a-week we have today. The Quran speaks of seven heavens and in Buddhism, the newborn Buddha rises and takes seven steps.

The spiritual perfection that this number symbolizes was the main reason why David Beckham named his only baby girl Harper Seven.

Plus, Sev would be a cool nickname, right?

July Baby Names for Boys


Tanabata is a Japanese July festival that celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime (Vega star) and Hikoboshi (Altair star). Legend says that Milky Way separates the lovers and only allows them to meet on the seventh day of the seventh month.

This gender-neutral name means the flying eagle in Arabic.


If you’re a fan of C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia, this is a great name for your Leo baby. This name has a Turkish origin which means ‘lion’.


July is the start of the dog days of summer when the hot sultry weather hits. This period follows the rising of the star system Sirius, the brightest proper star in the night sky.

This moniker means ‘dog’ in Hebrew and it connotes faithfulness and a dog-like devotion to God.


This name has a Latin origin which means to rejoice,  and this was the first name of the three influential Roman emperors.

Gaius Julius Caesar played a key role in the rise of the Roman empire and proposed the Julian calendar. After his death, Mark Anthony renamed the month to July in his honor.


This name is a unique yet trendy brand baby name that should be on your shortlist. Deer ‘fenced month’ falls in July and this name means ‘deer’ in Hebrew.

Herschel is the brand name of the trendy hipster bag that you can see almost everywhere used by students and travelers alike.


This unique baby name which means ‘an energetic man’ or ‘one who is independent’ is a great name to consider if you want an independent-inspired name.


This unique and gender-neutral name was inspired by July’s birth flower, Larkspur. The flower represents a strong bond of love and a celebration of positivity.

Lark is a group of melodious birds that can sing while flying. This bird symbolizes cheerfulness and reminds us to find joy in our own lives.


This Disney name from Moana has a Hawaiian origin which means ‘god of fire.’ Maui is a culture hero and chief in Hawaiian religion, you can learn about his feat in the song You’re Welcome. You might like other Disney-inspired baby names as well.

It’s a great moniker to give for your summer baby, it’s Maui breathe it in!


This moniker is inspired by Nelson Mandela International Day celebrated on July 18. The United Nations declared this day as a holiday in 2009 to recognize his contribution to peace and freedom around the world.


If you love to hang out on the beach and want to pass it to your baby boy, this moniker is perfect! This name is of Japanese origin which means ‘sea.’


Many countries around the world celebrate Arbor Day in July, to encourages tree planting. This name means wide wood/forest and it is a great moniker if you love forest or wood-inspired names.


Feel summer with July Baby Names

The arrival of your lovely baby this month keeps us energized and motivated! As we celebrate freedom and a sunny future, we hope you picked a striking baby name from our list.