21 Fierce June Baby Names

Sun’s out and summer’s in! June baby names are inspired by this season, saints, birthstones, and Father’s day.

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June baby names for girls


This name has two origins: (1) from the Greek  helios  which means ‘sun’  and (2) from Hebrew which translates to ‘my God is Yahweh.’


How about using the name of this month?

In Roman mythology,  the month of June is named after Juno, the goddess of marriage and queen of the gods. They say it’s good luck when a couple ties the knot this month.

Your daughter will have something in common with June Carter Cash, wife of renowned American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash.


In Sanskrit, this name means ‘the sun.’ Did you know kalinda ,in the Caribbean, is a form of martial arts and folk dance using sticks?


This name translates to ‘light’ in Latin. Interestingly, the kira is also the national dress women wear in Bhutan.


This name is a combination of  the names Maria and Sol. Maria represents ‘sea of bitterness; rebelliousness; wished-for child’ while Sol translates to ‘sun.’


You might like this name for your baby since the pearl is this month’s gem. Ancient Greeks believed that pearls were tears of the gods. They’re associated with wisdom and purity.


Since one of the birthstones in June is the moonstone, we’ve included names that are associated with the moon,

In Old Greek. this name means ‘moon, light, shine, and heaven.’ This name’s inspired by Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon.


This name translates to ‘sun’ in French.


Summer starts in late June so this name’s included in this list. If you love this name, go ahead and explore other summer-themed names for your daughter.


For parents looking for a unique baby name means ‘summer’ in Finnish.

June baby names for boys


This name’s here for Saint Anthony of Padua whose feast day is celebrated every June 13. He is the patron of lost things. As the story goes, a thief once stole his precious book of psalms, which at that time was quite valuable. He prayed and the thief returned the book eventually.

In Latin, it translates to ‘priceless, inestimable.’


Since Father’s day is in June we included a name that brings to mind the role of a father. In German, this name means ‘bold counsel.’


This popular name represents ‘throne, sun’ in Old Persian.


In Old Greek, this name translates to ‘calm or tranquil, happy or carefree.’


This name has Native American origins and means ‘the moon.’


In Hawaiian, it translates to ‘cool breeze.’


This names stands for ‘wild nonconformist, an independent free spirit’ which is how we picture someone born in summer.


We love going to the beach in summer so we added this name which means ‘to tan’ in Old English.


Another name that reminds us of the beach is Zale. From Old Greek, this name represents ‘sea strength.’


Short for Ziven, this name translates to ‘vigorous and alive’ in Slavonic.


Fun in June

If you love the summer season, go ahead and explore sun-themed names for your little girl or little trooper.