Behind the Kardashian Baby Names

If you’re one of their loyal fans, you’d know that there is so much to tell about this family. No wonder they’ve become one of the most famous clans in the American household.

The Kardashian-Jenner tribe is so influential that even expecting couples give their kids baby names that refer to the family. They have intriguing ways of naming their babies.

So, let’s dive into the family’s naming histories starting with their matriarch—Kris Jenner.


The unique and famous Kardashian family name is of Armenian origin—all thanks to celebrity attorney Robert George Kardashian, who was once married to Kris Jenner. The wealthy couple gave birth to Kourtney Mary KardashianKimberly Noel KardashianWestKhloe Alexandra Kardashian, and Robert Arthur Kardashian.

Today, each of them has a family of their own with kids who have baby names that pregnant mothers out there may want to get inspiration from.

Kourtney Mary Kardashian

Many people think Kourtney and Scott Disick are married, but the truth is they never really made it official in the courts. However, they have three kids who follow Scott’s family name.

Mason Dash Disick (2009)

Nine years ago, we laid eyes on the first Kardashian grandchild. Mason was Kourtney’s first name of choice for the boy. Coincidentally, this word is also a loose English translation of their family name in Armenian, which roughly translates into ‘stone worker.’

Meanwhile, Dash was the first option for the middle name because Kourtney also wanted to honor her dad, who had the same nickname. Well, technically, Dash is short for Kardashian, so the middle name/nickname makes sense.

Penelope Scotland Disick (2012)

Kourtney gave birth to a second child whom they named Penelope. This beautiful name means ‘weaver’ in Greek. In literature, Penelope is Odysseus’s wife in Homer’s epic The Odyssey.

Kourt and Scott chose Penelope because the name sounded pleasant to their ears. Kris suggested the name Scotland for the baby’s second name. The couple loved it, and so they added it to the combination. Doesn’t it sound cute and fancy at the same time?

Reign Aston Disick (2014)

Last but not least for Kourtney, she named her third child’ Reign Aston’. Some fans thought she picked Reign because it referred to Scott’s alias Lord Disick.

But truth be told, this was already an option for the baby’s name even during her pregnancy with Mason. The second name ‘Aston’ was put in place to have the baby’s initials spell out RAD. And rad is slang for cool!


Khloé Alexandra Kardashian

After a rocky relationship with Lamar Odom, Khloé moved on and decided to have a life with Tristan Thompson, who is now the father of her baby.

True Thompson (2018)

Khloé initially had a more traditional approach to baby names. Her options included ‘Tristan, Jr.’ or anything that started with a ‘T’ or ‘K.’ Rumor has it that the name is a slam to Tristan’s cheating affairs before the birth of the baby. However, Kris posted on Instagram that ‘True’ has been in the Kardashian family all along.

Khloé stated that she chose the name after her grandfather, Robert True Kardashian, and great grandfather, True Otis Houghton.


Kimberly Noel Kardashian

If you were one of the most prominent celebrities in Hollywood, you might feel a lot of pressure in naming your firstborn. It will start trends and receive critiques—both the good and the bad. But Kim is as calm and collected as her husband, Kanye West, who married her after the birth of their first daughter.

North West (2013)

We thought Kim would follow the Kardashian tradition of giving baby names that start with a ‘K.’ But she surprised us all with the name North West. This is one of the most unusual names we’ve heard in a while—thanks to Pharell and Anna Wintour who suggested that the couple should go with it. When hearing the words North West, people would have to second -guess whether it is a direction or a famous child’s name.

The couple explained though that the name North was symbolic for the summit of their relationship. They see their daughter as the North Star.

Saint West (2015)

We all wanted the couple to name their second child with South just because it would be a funny and cool thing at the same time. But the couple dismissed the idea. Instead, they went for a more religious name as a tribute to Kim’s difficult pregnancy. Kim and Kanye have been referring to the baby as a saint throughout the 9-month journey. Thus, they ended up with the name Saint West – another genius idea from the family.

Chicago West (2018)

Fans didn’t observe Kim’s tummy go big for the third time because they opted for surrogacy this time around. But the family continued their unique taste for baby names. Chicago got her name as a nod to Kanye’s hometown where his mother Donda raised him.

Before announcing the name, fans have hinted at Elle West, LV West, or Louis West for the baby’s name due to Kim’s latest Instagram posts. It turns out that this couple does indeed have a knack for surprises.

Psalm West (2019)

Kim and Kanye’s fourth child arrived via a surrogate too. This baby boy was named Psalm West. According to grandma Kris, his name was inspired by the Book of Psalms in the Bible.

Robert Arthur Kardashian

Despite the messy background with his love affair, Rob managed to give his baby one of the cutest baby names in the family—and we can all agree on that.

Dream Renée Kardashian (2016)

Rob and Blac Chyna had agreed beforehand to give their firstborn the name ‘Dream’ which meant that the baby was a dream come true for the couple. Dream’s middle name is shared by her and her mom, whose real name is Angela Renée White. In case you’re wondering, the name Renée means ‘reborn’ in French.



After the marriage between Kris and Robert came to an end, the former married Bruce Jenner—a retired Olympic gold medalist and TV personality— married Kris Jenner. Kendall Nicole Jenner and Kylie Kristen Jenner were born not long after.


Kendall Nicole Jenner

Kendall’s name is from Old English and means’ valley of the River Kent.’ Although her name is gender-neutral, it’s more commonly used as a girl’s name.


Kylie Kristen Jenner

Kylie’s pregnancy shocked Hollywood. She hid it for nine months but had a beautiful reveal afterward.

Stormi Webster (2018)

There is still no official announcement from Kylie and Travis Scott regarding the main reason they named their baby Stormi Webster. Kylie said that Scott liked how it sounded. However, fans have speculated that Stormi was a metaphor for Kylie’s life during her pregnancy—referring to the ‘calm before the storm.’

Before that, many people have been hinting at baby names like Posie K, ButterflyMariposa, Chrysalis, and Cocoon. These names were convincing to us because of the butterfly-related images Kylie posted on her Instagram account before giving birth. 


The Kardashian Impact

It’s not far from reality for parents today to draw upon the influence of pop culture for inspiration. Take the Kardashian-Jenner clan for example. We don’t think their impact on baby names would die anytime soon.

While their family keeps growing, there is always a potential for another trendsetting name. And their kids’ names become like sought-after brands—something people are fascinated about and would want to keep up with.


So, who’s the next Kardashian-Jenner inspiration going to be?