Here are 23 August baby boy names that mean lordly, and that you may never have heard before. August shares the honor with July, of being one of the best months of the year for firing up the barbecue and enjoying some time outdoors. At least, this is true in the farther reaches of the Northern Hemisphere where the nights will grow not only longer, but colder over the next couple of months.

August is also a very popular month for beach parties and camping trips out to the local watering spots. Despite being a well-known month for social gatherings and fun, babies born in August tend to be exceptional leaders in whatever fields they pursue. Baby boys born in August tend to be fittingly, quite august in fashion and form.

Despite their propensity for enjoying life, baby boys born in August tend to be highly organized and efficient. Add in their ability to communicate well and their desires to learn everything they can, and babies born in August tend to be an exceptional bunch. It should not be surprising that a good number of August born babies will grow up to be teachers, bosses, business owners, and leaders in their relative fields of interest. These statistics are thus incorporated into this list of the best August baby boy names. 

What Are the Symbols of August

What Are The Symbols For The Month of August?

  • The Birthstone in August is the Peridot or Olivine
  • The official Flower of August is the Gladiolus or the Poppy
  • The Western Zodiac signs for the month of August are Leo through the first part of August, and Virgo until the end of the month

August is a refreshingly calm month in terms of more traditional, large holiday gatherings. Given the inevitable onslaught of Halloween and Christmas decorations, and the music that will follow, August is a great time for just kicking back and enjoying life to the degree possible. There will be plenty of time, and even a need to get swept up in the holiday spirit as people in the far North are forced to spend an increasing amount of time indoors during the Autumn and Winter months.

There are a great many celebrations that occur during the month. Even if there are no local watering holes beckoning, there is still plenty to celebrate. The first week of August is especially busy, hosting a great many international celebrations.

Is there a level of irony given the fact that international clown week and the international celebration for service animals are both held the first week of the month? Even more ironically perhaps are the National Week-long celebrations with National Simplify Your Life Week and National Scrabble Week both being held from the first of August until the seventh? Should these be considerations when determining the best August baby boy names?

How do you simplify your life with scrabble? Especially if you are among the many scrabble players who play in two or more languages? All that being said though, fair is fair, and BabyNamesPedia is introducing names from virtually every language in existence, including some of the extinct languages where only the names remain.

Hopefully this list of the best August baby boy names will not leave you reeling, but give you some serious short lists for picking the best baby names for babies born in August.

23 August Baby Boy Names Meaning Lordly

Abhishek – This baby name comes from the list of Sanskrit language names for boys and means one who is installed as the king. Given the likelihood that babies born in August have for growing up to become great leaders, this is not outside of the realm of possibility for your newborn son.

Adelino – This entry from the boys’ names in Greek means someone who is a daring prince. Add in the intellect and the ability to communicate associated with August born babies, and even a dash of daring and you have a recipe for success. If you have great hopes for your baby boy, this may be the perfect baby name.

Balkar – This ancient boys name in Punjabi means one who is a brave ruler. Bravery can hardly be considered too different from a child that is daring. Once again, this seems to be a very powerful name for your first son, though any child who is both a leader and brave, may well enjoy more than just a modicum of success in the world.

Cadwallon – This name takes us back to the original Welsh language boy names and means one who is a ruler of battles. The implications of the name are that this person will exceptionally competitive. Not only that, but add in their propensity for learning, and they should be skillful not only in sports and other activities, but likely an exceptional strategist, and very cunning at the same time.

Darius – This baby boy name is perhaps most common in this variant in the German and English languages of today. It originates with the list of boy names in Latin and means one who is the protector of good, though also means a protector of wealth and one who is wealthy. Given its use throughout the world controlled by Rome and its common use in Greek, the name has many variations in different languages around the world.

Faraón – This is an entry for the best August boy names from the Egyptian language and means quite literally one who is a pharaoh. It is interesting to note that the Pharaoh was considered a man-god, and while they could not rule over death, they were generally impressive leaders throughout their lives.

Getachew – This is a rather unique name and an entry from the list of African names for boys, and means literally master or leader. The master in this case was not such in the more western sense of the word, but rather a ruler or leader and one who was capable and a leader in their respective field.

Hadi – The baby boy name Hadi is most commonly used in Iran in the modern era. The origins are as a boy’s name in Arabic where it means someone who is a calm ruler or leader. It may be inferred that this is someone who would be a capable spiritual leader, but may also indicate one who is a ruler or lords over others, but in a calm, rational, and reasonable way, rather like a good boss.

Inca – Many people are familiar with the Incan tribes of Central and South America, though they may have also made their way into areas of North America as well. This baby boy name in the Native American Quechua language means one who is a prince. What is a prince if not someone who will grow into a King some day?

Jagraj – This is one of the many boys’ names that mean a king, and while it has its origins in Punjabi, it is more commonly used as a name in present-day India. Different variations of the name may also be common to introduce a more specific meaning behind the name. Some of these include kings of the universe, or even a ruler of the gods.

Kahakuloa – Some names are as beautiful sounding as they are meaningful in nature. This Hawaiian name for baby boys means one who is a tall leader. Some children are born large, and some born long. Whether this will have any real impact on how tall the child may grow, it would do nothing to take away from the beauty or meaning of this name for boys.

Khalfani – This entry for the best August boy names comes from the Eastern regions of Africa between the Swahili and Arabic speaking peoples. The name has its roots in Arabic but is one of the boy names in Swahili in the present day world. The name literally translates as a child who is destined to become a ruler.

Learco – This entry from the list of Greek names for boys means one who is the judge of their village. Granted, many people will be uncomfortable about being judged by their children, and there are indications that perhaps none of us should really be judgmental to begin with. That being said, someone who is capable of judging, may possess a keen sense of discernment and be able to succeed where others have failed before them.

Mael – This entry is a boys name in the Breton language and means someone who is a ruler and disciple at the same time. It may be difficult to completely understand how someone may be a ruler and a follower at the same time. Still, history does indicate that in order to be good at one thing, it is imperative to have a good understanding of what is on the other side of the coin. What better qualities are there for a ruler than a decisive leader who follows the will of the people?

Mukasa – Some people are just naturally devout and strong in their faith. This baby boy name in Luganda, the Bantu language common in modern Uganda, means one who is the direct administrator of god. If a god has personally selected someone, their position becomes a bit difficult to challenge for people of faith at least.

Nantai – This is a Navajo name for boys from the Native American tribe of the same name, and means Chief or the leader of the tribal group. Not many of the American names for boys have such a rich and colorful history. In that vein though, not many people have a history as rich as the Navajo natives of North America.

Negasi – This baby boy name in Amharic takes us back to Africa. Amharic is a Semitic language but the native language of Ethiopia, a land with a good deal of history in the realm of Christians and other religions of the world. It is believed by some that the Ark of the Covenant still resides in Ethiopia. This particular Ethiopian name means one who will grow to become a king.

Odin – This name may be familiar to many people in no small part thanks to the Viking names made known to people through the HBO series of the same name. The boy name in Scandinavian would be instantly recognizable, but despite that, the name actually represents a god who was a healer and wisdom. The etymology may confuse some as it is derived from words meaning fury and inspiration.

Pantaleon – This is from the list of German names for boys with a very colorful and multi-cultural history. The name has at least some history in the ancient Greek and Aramaic languages, including a Greek king during the second century. This was apparently the first Greek king to order the minting of Indian coins. This entry for the best August names for boys definitely has a rich history across many nations of the world.

Rórdán – Despite actually being fairly tall given the average size of men at the time, Napoleon has proven that one need not be great of stature to be a great leader. This entry is a Celtic name for boys that means a small, poet king or leader. Intellect and the ability to lead all wrapped up in a single package certainly does not seem like a bad way to go through life.

Sarkis – This entry is from the list of Armenian names for boys means one who is born into royalty. Regardless of whether or not you are part of a royal bloodline, properly raising such a child as if they were, may result in raising the next world leader, and maybe even one who will finally bring about peace and order into the world we share.

Talli – This is yet another entry from the Native American tribal names, in particular, the Deleware People. These people were originally known as The Real People, and have since been displaced into other locations around the USA. This baby boy name in the Native American Lenape language means the Leader Talli.

Ulric – This entry into the list of the best August boy names has its origins in both the Olde English and High Germanic languages from days of yore and lore. It is one of many medieval boy names available on BabyNamesPedia and has mixed meanings, though all closely related. The name means one who is rich and powerful, but also may be translated as wolf power using a more strict etymological view and the more complete history of the name with the presumption it originates with the name Wulfric in its first form.