21 Magnificent March Baby Names

March baby names draw inspiration from the month’s birthstone, spring, saints, zodiac signs, World Poetry Day, and Saint Patrick’s day.

If you’re expecting a new arrival this month, take a peek at our best name suggestions!

March Baby Names For Girls


To get the ball rolling, we have a unique name that reminds us of spring— ice melting and revealing the bare earth underneath. Did you know that in Finland, March is called Maaliskuu or earthen month?

In Sanskrit, this name means ‘the good earth.’


We’ve included this name on the list for Saint Frances of Rome, whose feast day falls on March 9. She’s the patroness of widows and automobile drivers.

This name translates to ‘Frenchwoman, free one’ in Italian.


Another unique name that’s makes the list is Kelda, which in Old Norse represents ‘fountain, spring.’

If you’re into comic books, since it’s the name of a character in Marvel Comics’ Thor. Kelda is an Asgardian who has the power to control the weather.


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This beautiful and unique name means ‘leaping water’ in Native American-Choctaw. Your daughter would have something in common with Tallulah Belle Willis, the daughter of Hollywood celebrities Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.


This name was inspired by the birthstone for March, aquamarine.

In Latin, it translates to ‘sea.’ It’s the feminine form of the name Marinus. By the way, if you’re drawn to this name, you might like to browse our extensive collection of marine-themed names.


This gender-neutral name comes from Latin and means ‘intense and fiery’ which is characteristic of people born under the zodiac sign Aries.


This name is a variant of Yara which means ‘strong, spring’ in Arabic.


In Arabic, this name means ‘lucky one.’

Wondering why it’s on this list? It’s for St. Patrick’s Day which is celebrated on March 17.

Many believe that the good fortune of the shamrock started when Saint Patrick used it to explain the Holy Trinity to pagans.

March Baby Names for Boys


Aries is one of the zodiac signs in March. This name means ‘ram’ in Latin.

In Greek mythology, the symbol of the ram is from Chrysomallus. It’s the winged ram who supplied The Golden Fleece,  a prized symbol of leadership.


This name translates to ‘descendant of Bradan, salmon.’


In Celtic, this name means ‘poet; fawn; little dark one.’ It’s part of our list for World Poetry Day which is celebrated on March 21.

This celebration, proclaimed by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) started in 1999 to encourage poetic expression in different cultures.

You might like this if you’re going for a literary baby name for your boy.


This name translates to ‘sea’ in Welsh. This relates to Pisces, one of the water signs for people born in March.


Another name that draws inspiration from the Pisces personality is Gareth. This name means ‘gentle’ in Welsh. Pisces people are known to be intuitive and compassionate.


In Japanese, this gender-neutral name translates to ‘spring wood.’ Your son would have best-selling author Haruki Murakami as his namesake.


We have this name for Saint Kellen, who has his feast day on the 26th of March. This name means ‘narrow, slender’ in Celtic.


This name in Latin translates to ‘Mars; male, manly, virile; sea.’

It belongs to this list for two reasons. First, March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. Second, it’s associated with the zodiac sign Pisces, a water sign.


Since spring starts in March, we’ve put Oran here. This name translates to ‘green’ in Celtic.


We added this name for Saint Seth whose feast day falls on the first day of March. Your son would have movie actors Seth Green and Seth Rogen as celebrity namesakes.

In Hebrew, this name means ‘anointed.’


In English, this name means ‘three in dice, cards, or dominoes.’ March is the third month of the year, after all.


For a unique baby name for your Pisces boy, consider Varan. This name comes from the Varun, which translates to ‘god of sea.’

Looking Forward To Something New

With spring and a new baby, life will undoubtedly be exciting. Which of these names have brought a spring in your step?