21 Marvelous May Baby Names

We love May for its beautiful flowers and cheerful vibe. May baby names are associated with zodiac signs, saints, flowers, Labor Day and the month’s birthstone, emerald.

If you’re delivering this month, take your pick from these gorgeous May baby names.

May Baby Names for Girls


To kick off this list, we have the flower-inspired name Alyssa. This name, which comes from Hebrew and German, means ‘of a noble kind.’

But it’s here because the spelling may have been from the Alyssum flower. They are shrubs native to the Mediterranean region that have usually small white or yellow flowers grouped into clusters.

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This uncommon baby name is May’s birthstone. Did you know that they are rarer than diamonds and oftentimes more expensive?

It’s known to bring good luck and healing. It’s among our favorite stone-inspired names.


This beautiful classic name is on the list for Saint Cassandra whose feast day falls on May 9.

In Old Greek, this name means ‘shining upon man.’ In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a priestess had the power to foresee the future but was cursed so people wouldn’t believe her.

Cassie would be a great nickname, right?


We opted to include this popular baby name on this list since it translates to ‘cheerful’ in Latin. Just perfect for a baby born when spring is in full swing!

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Your daughter would have something in common with American politician and former U.S. First Lady Hilary Clinton.



In Hawaiian, this lovely  and unique name represents ‘gardenia, fragrant blossom.’ Gardenias are evergreen shrubs native to tropical and sub-tropical areas that bloom in mid-spring.


This baby name comes from Arabic and translates to ‘ a flowering shrub.’ Like gardenias, they typically blossom in mid-spring. Its smell is strong but sweet and it symbolizes love.


This occupational name is related to Labor Day which is observed on the first day of May in many countries.

In Middle English, this name means ‘servant, helper.’


This lovely baby name’s on this list for May Queen, the teenage girl chosen to ride or walk in front the May Day parade in many European countries. May Day is a traditional spring festival that that happens annually on May 1.

In Arabic, this name means ‘queen.’ By the way, we have a huge collection of queen-themed names you might like to skim through.



If you like an occupational baby name that sounds modern and playful, consider Piper. In English, it translates to “pipe player.”


While this name means ‘Sabine woman; cat-like’ in Latin, we’ve included it here for Saint Savina. Her feast day falls on May 5.

Savi would be a brilliant nickname right?


This biblical name’s included on this list for Saint Estelle, a third century saint who’s thought of as a patron saint of young Christian girls. Here feast day is on May 21.

In Old Persian, it stands for ‘star.’


Another flower-inspired name that makes the list is Zinnia. It translates to ‘flower ‘in English.

Did you know that this flower symbolizes friendship? It got its name from the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn.

May Baby Names for Boys


This popular name’s here in honor of Saint Brendan, a sixth century saint whose feast day happens every May 6.

He is famous for his legendary quest to the Isle of Blessed where he encountered a giant sea monster in the imram entitled Voyage of Saint Brendan the Abbot. In early Irish literature, an imram is a genre where a hero sets off on an adventure.


In Old English, this occupational baby name means ‘clerk.’ It’s also appropriate for Geminis who are often praised for their quick wit and intelllect.


Since Taurus is an earth sign, consider this classic favorite because it stands for ‘clay settlement’ in Old English.


This unique occupational baby name means ‘armored warrior’ in English. If you like this name, you might want to check out other warrior-themed names for your boy.


We also love this work-related baby name that means ‘archer, bowman’ in its Old Celtic and Scandinavian roots.



Taurus people are famous for being determined. You might like this widely used name as it means ‘champion, cloud, passionate’ in Celtic.


In Old English, this occupational baby name translates to ‘crusader, a pilgrim bearing palms.’


Geminis are enthusiastic and sociable individuals so this popular name is apt. This name means ‘cheerful, bright, glad.’

Did you know that Tate is the nickname of the National Gallery of British Art, which houses four art museums in London, England?


Besides being fun to be around, Geminis are also creative and artistic. That’s why we have this English name here that means ‘craftsman.’

Spring in Full Swing

With spring in full swing, it’s also great idea to consider names that remind us of nature and scenic places. Have fun exploring!