Meaningful Christian Names For Boys

Meaningful Christian Names For Boys –

There are good reasons for a list of Christian names for boys, not the least of which is the popularity of other similar content and lists. The list may seem restricted to just the Christian names for boys at first glance, but in reality, these names will cover many different systems of belief.

It is interesting that all the three major religions utilize the same opening, often referred to as the Pentateuch. The Pentateuch is comprised of the first five books of the Christian bible. These books are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The Islamic faith has The Tawrat (Arabic: توراة‎) and the Jewish faith has The Torah (Hebrew: תּוֹרָה‎ Tōrā,).

It is interesting to note that the foundation for all three religious studies are in fact quite literally the same. Perhaps there will come a day when all will reach out to their common roots and come together in a more unified front?

Some of the names more commonly associated with Paganism may also be seen. Why? Historically, Paganism is merely the practice of any religious system of beliefs outside of Islam, Judaism, or Christianity. There never was any definitive “Pagan” religion or common pagan system of beliefs.

As is always the case, BabyNamesPedia also hopes to introduce you to names that you may never have heard of before. Given the similarities in origins at least of all the major religious institutions, and the inclusion of so many pagan customs, you may find a surprising variety of names here that you may have never seen before.

The Birth And Rise Of Christianity

Pagan beliefs in the sense that they were originally understood, have been around since the days of Ancient Babylon. While Islam was not founded as an official religious institution until the seventh century, it was believe to be a return to the original teachings of the God of Abraham. Likewise, the Judaic traditions are based on the Mosaic law, and the God of Abraham.

All of these facts may be independent and unique, yet all of them play a role in the birth and expansion of the Christian beliefs as a religious institution. Christianity as a movement began during the beginning of the Roman expansion. It was started, effectively, by the teachings of the Christ.

The term “The Christ” is used, because the name comes from the Ancient Greek word Christos which literally means Messiah. The Christ also plays an important role in the teachings of Islam, though not exactly the same role as in the Christian system of beliefs. While this may be questioned by some, Christianity has also experienced other changes in order to assist in the growth of the Christian following.

During the Councils of Nicea and Constantine, numerous Pagan traditions were integrated into the Christian system of beliefs. Among these were the addition of the Easter celebration into the traditional festival for the Passover. The celebration of the Winter Solstice was changed to Christmas again in an effort to increase the popularity of the Christian teachings among the many different Pagan systems of belief.

Additional growth and changes continued to take place throughout Europe during the Dark Ages and Middle Ages, culminating in the Protestant Reformation of the Christian religion. The benefit of this growth and expansion of the Christian faith does open the door for some very beautiful and meaningful Christian names for boys.

Best Christian Names For Boys

Abdeel – This name is actually from the Arabic list of names for boys and means one who is a servant. The modern Arabic variation Abdullah is a compound word and means somebody who is a servant of God or whose life has been dedicated to God.

Abdi – This is an entry from the list of Hebrew names for boys and may be interpreted in one of two ways. As a full name, the name indicates someone who is a servant. It is also commonly an abbreviated form of the name Obadiah, which in the original Hebrew means a servant of God.

Adina – This entry into the best Christian names for boys has two meanings or definitions. One is express and the other implied. The literal translation of the name means someone who is slender and delicate. In the biblical form, Adina was the son of a Reubanite chief by the name of Shiza, and also one of the “Mighty Men” of the army of King David.

Amaziah – This is a pick from the list of Swahili names for boys though it has its origins in ancient Hebrew. The name means one who God strengthens. In the Bible, the person bearing this name was a priest from Bethel who confronted Amos about his prophesies against King Jeroboam II.

Ananias – This name means God was gracious and is rarely used in the modern English vernacular. In the ancient Hebrew language, the name Chananya may be more commonly used, though the meaning of the name variations remains the same.

Carmi – This name has the same etymology as Carmel and means a fruitful land where one may prosper. There are two mentions of Carmi in the Christian bible. The first one was the fourth son of Reuben in Genesis, Numbers, and Chronicles. The second was someone present at the Battle of Jericho, being the son of Zabdi and the grandson of Zerah from the tribe of Judah.

Chenaniah – This entry into the best Christian names for boys means God causes it to happen, or makes something to exist. In some translations the spelling Kenaniah may be used. In the Christian bible this was a leader of the Levites during the times of King David.

Deuel – This name means one who possesses the knowledge of God. Within the writings of the Christian bible he was a member of the tribe of Gad and was the father of Eliasaph. In some translations, the name is seen as Reuel, though either spelling may refer to the same person.

Eliada – This name is understood to mean God knew. The first mention is of a son of King David, though this person was also known as Beeliada before he took the abbreviated name of Eliada. There was also a Captain of the Benjamites under the reign of King Jehoshaphat. It may also refer to the father of Rezon, a Syrian in the King James Version of the bible.

Ephron – This is a very beautiful and musical name that means a singing bird. Ephron was a Hittite and a son of Zohar. He lived with the children of Heth in Mamre. Ultimately, he would be called forth to sell his cave, which was commonly used for burials in the day, so that Abraham could bury his wife Sarah or Sara.

Gemali – This selection from the best Christian names for boys may be controversial in some circles. The name means “My camel” though there is a bit more to it than that. As a member of the house of Dan and the father of Ammiel, this was a person also best remembered as a scout. He was responsible for scouting and the reconnaissance of Canaan before the Jordan river was crossed.

Hanoch – This entry means literally initiated or one who has been initiated. There were two mentions of individuals with this name in the Bible. One was a son of Reuben from the Tribe of Reuben. The other was a son of Midian of the Midianites.

Harim – This is definitely a name that stands up to its meaning. The name Harim means someone who is a superior man. In some translations it may be understood as destroyer or dedicated to God. Within the scriptures, the name was borne by three different family patriarchs. One was the head of the third Priestly Division established by King David. One was the head of a large family that assisted in the reconstruction of the temple. The third was the head of an even larger priestly who returned with Zerubabel.

Igal – This pick for the best Christian names for boys comes from the word meaning “he will set free”. One was Igal, a son of Joseph of Issachar and a scout. Another was a son of Nathan of Zobah. The third mention is a son of Shemaiah and a descendant of Zerubbabel. In the King James Bible the last character is spelled as Igeal.

Jareb – This name means one who is contending or is able. There are four instances of people with this name in the Bible. One is the son of Simeon and the grandson of Jacob. One is a priest who was married to a foreign woman. One is a leader who was recruited by Ezra tasked with finding Levites for the re-population and restoration of Jerusalem. The last was a Priest who is unknown except for the discussion about his descendants.

Kelita – This name may mean someone who is adopted. In other translations it may refer to one who is crippled or otherwise challenged. In biblical terms this was a member of the Levites who would go on to help Ezra in explaining and demonstrating the Mosaic law to the people of Israel.

Neriah – This selection for the list of the best Christian names for boys means God is my light. This name also appears for two individuals within the Christian bible. The first one is a son of Shemaiah and a descendant of King David. The other was a leader from the Tribe of Simeon.

Obed – This is another variation of Obadiah for this list of the best Christian names for boys and thus, means the same, as a servant of God. In the Biblical writings the name was attributed to the father of Azariah who was one of the commanders of the hundreds. He also formed part of the efforts of Yehoiada to reinstall Joash as the rightful King.

Pagiel – This is an old Hebrew name for boys that means God allows, or that God has willed something to happen in some translations. Pagiel was from the House of Asher and a son of Ocran, a Prince within the same house. Ocran was also one of the leaders of the tribes of Israel.

Shamir – This final entry is a rock, and on this rock we will conclude this list of the best Christian names for boys. The name references a Shamir stone, a flint like stone in some cases. The name as it appears in the biblical writings is listed as a member of the Levite tribe. There is also a location that bears this name.