Middle Names That Contain A Name You Already Love

Parents are now getting more creative when it comes to cooking up cute baby names. Some put a modern spin on classics while others explore crazy ways to come up with a baby name. These include hosting a baby-naming Olympics and even asking social media followers for their opinions! Regardless of the method, the goal here is to arrive at the perfect name for your baby, right?

Middle names have been used to add a touch of individuality to a baby’s moniker. However, you’d be happy to know that you can actually pick unique baby names that have other names in them. It’s not only creative; it provides more options to choose from when your child is asked the question, ‘What would you like to be called?’


The Dons

Don is quite the masculine name that could stand on its own for your baby boy. However, if you find it too plain or too short, there are a few middle names for boys that contain this sophisticated and exquisite-sounding moniker in them.


Whether you like Brandon from Game of Thrones or the actor Brandon Bruce Lee, this name is pretty popular. Little boys having this as one of their cute baby names can choose to be called Bran, Don, or Donnie–depending on what they feel like using.


While only three-syllables, we think the name Edoni is versatile. You can call your baby boy Ed, Donny, Edon, and Eddie, among others. Plus, not many kids are named Edoni so you can be quite confident that your baby will stand out with this unique moniker.


Donatello is a name for your baby if you love and feel inspired by classic fictional characters. Plus, it’s an Italian baby boy’s name which translates to ‘given by God.’ Aside from Don, nicknames can include Nat, Nate, and Dee.


The Jans

Within the family of cool names for babies, another name that parents love for their baby boys is Jan. Aside from being a cute middle name, Jan could also be the cornerstone of creative baby names.


The Dutch and Albanian people have been enjoying the name Arjan for quite some time already. It means ‘golden life.’ While it may be a bit uncommon, there are three nicknames for it. These are AJ, Jan, and Jay.


Pronounced as ‘Jan-ae’ or ‘Ja-nae,’ this Hebrew name means ‘Yahweh is merciful’ or ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ It is also a literal variant of the name Jan for you to have more options for cool boy names that you already love.


Aside from being an alternate spelling, this name is a lovely Slavic derivative of the boy name Christian. Kids will love playing around with different nicknames like Kris, Krist, Yanny, and Kristy (if you’re into unisex names and nicknames).


The Lyns

Lots of people can be named Lyn and bear the same nickname. If you truly want to elevate this name, there are a few cute baby names that will make your baby’s a special one.


This old Greek name has a rhythmic hint to it. Calynda has a Sanskrit translation of ‘the sun’ which makes it a whole lot better option for a jovial and cheerful baby girl. You could nickname your little lass Cal, Ally, Lynda, and Callie.


Instead of going for the more traditionally spelled Eleanor, you could go for Elynor with its modern but royal flavor. We love its old Greek translation of ‘bright one’ and ‘shining one.’ Plus, we can play with several baby girl names like Ely, Lyn, Nora, and Elyn.


Kady and Lyn work as cool nicknames for kids that will be named Kadelyn. This name means ‘pure and lake.’


The Anns

Ann is a popular name that means ‘blossom’ in Old Greek. It’s alternatively spelled as Anne. While it can stand on its own, we think combining it with other names would make it more interesting.


Fans will recognize the name Annabeth from the Greek myth fictional series Percy Jackson. In fact, it can pass as a magnificent medieval name for brave little girls. Anna and Beth are great baby names to alternate with.


If you love the strong and independent attorney Annalise Keating from the legal drama-crime TV show How to Get Away with Murder, you have probably considered naming your baby girl after her. Character aside, the name itself exudes confidence and strength. Nicknames may include Ann, Anna, Lisa, Annie, and even Alice.


We picked this name because it has lovely translations. In Hebrew, it means ‘God has shown favor’ while in Old Greek it translates as ‘flowery.’ Possible nicknames include Ann, Nickie, and Nikka.


Options, Options, Options

If you want a certain nickname but don’t want to settle for a common middle name, you need not worry because there are choices everywhere.

Plus, here on BabyNamesPedia, we have a filter feature that allows you to search for names that contain a particular nickname! You can even choose among three filter options for a more customized set of results: ‘Start With,’ ‘End With,’ and ‘Contain.’
Now, you’re all set to hunt for the perfect baby name!