Middle Names Millennial Parents Would Adore

What makes baby names even better? Giving your baby two names to double the fun!

Middle names for boys and girls are relatively common in American households. One of the main reasons for having a middle name is to increase a person’s uniqueness through his legal identity. On a similar note, millennials are taking the creative process to newer heights by using middle names that are both fun and meaningful.

What are trendy middle names for millennial parents? What are the inspirations behind them? Let’s find out!

Virtues and Values

From the old days to the current age, parents are still going for attributes and values as middle names. You can never go wrong with a moniker that represents courage, bravery, strength, honesty, modesty, and many others.

Here are some cool and trendy middle names for boys and girls that speak for desirable values.


This Swahili word for ‘strong’ has a beautiful ring to it. Use this name for your baby girl in hopes of her growing up to be a lovely and bold woman.


You want your child to have a happy life. Perhaps, giving her a middle name that means ‘great joy’ might spark that in her.


Props to the popular online game character, Zelda is one of the most popular baby girl names to be given to a little princess. This name means ‘happy’—so let your baby spread positivity and joy all around with her name and presence.


Nothing says ‘holy’ more than the sought-after middle name for boys, Austin. Although it is popularly used as it is, we think it’s one of the most gorgeous baby boy names that fit right in the middle.


Finn is now used by more modern parents for their baby names. This word translates to ‘fair’ in the English language so having it as a first or middle name for boys elevates their baby name meanings into something more valuable.


Pronounced as ‘ZIY-Veh-n’, this middle name for boys should suit your liking if you want a name that means ‘vigorous and alive.’ Thank us later if your baby boy grows up to be an ecstatic young man!

Ending with Certain Sounds

We’re now in the 21st century, and parents still can’t get over the –ie or –anna endings for a middle name. ‘Marie’ and ‘Anna’ may also sound too usual to these moms and dads.

Even we would agree that we need fresher middle names without having to sacrifice these requirements. Here’s a list of baby names that end with certain syllables for your satisfaction.


Place this name in middle of your baby girl’s name to add an extra hint of uniqueness. This gender-neutral name has Germanic and Hebrew roots. Let’s hope this name endows your baby with ‘noble strength’ through life’s difficulties.


Baby names ending with ‘ie’ are not just for girls. They are also great for baby boys— just like the name Kadie. It’s a Celtic name that means ‘pure.’


The name Emery is a surprising contender for middle names. It has that recognizable ‘ry’ ending for baby boy names but it doesn’t take away the uniqueness of it all. Plus, this name means ‘rich!’


Did you know that this name is used in remembrance of Saint Gianna Molla, a mom who risked her life for her baby? We’re sure that your little girl will grow up feeling proud of having one of the most courageous and gracious baby girl names to ever exist.


Although it has the common ‘-lyn’ ending to it, the moniker will still be one in a million when called out loud in public.


Instead of using the traditional ‘son’ ending, a fresh alternative would be getting a middle name for boys with something that sounds just like it. It’s for this reason why we think the name Jaxon fits just right into the box.


Going on an Adventure

Lastly, parents are getting adventurous not just with their outdoorsy trips but with their baby’s middle name as well. If you would like to follow this journey, here are some unique baby names that will take you on another trip.


What a beautiful addition would the name Alaska be? Not only is the word known for being a ruggedly beautiful US state, but it can also pass as one of the exciting baby girl names for your newborn.


Speaking of adventures, the name Journey is becoming more popular for modern parents these days. Growing up is a journey in itself, so why not give this peculiar moniker as your child blossoms into a beautiful woman?


This name is selling hot, like pancakes! From the famous actress Isla Fisher to the dreamy blue skies and sandy beaches, Isla is a soothing middle name for your precious princess.


If you like the idea of the name Journey for a little girl, consider giving your boy the male counterpart Quest.


Are you feeling inspired by your trip to the Grand Canyon? Go for it and add Canyon on your list of middle names for boys. It will remind you of something magnificent and grand, just like the scenery itself.


You may think that this is an ode to the famous Irish writer, Oscar Wilde. That’s partly true, but we like to think of it as a nod to the wild adventures that your son will take on in the future.


Two is Better Than One

For the parents out there, who are unsure about giving their newborn a middle name, we suggest that you go for it if it speaks to you. These baby names can make your child stand out from others, especially if they have the same first name.

Plus, trendy baby names will replace the fear of being too traditional when baby naming. So, go ahead and make it two!