15 Multilingual Baby Names to Explore

Have you ever wondered if your baby’s name had meanings in different languages? Multilingual baby names are trendy these days not only because of their unique taste but for their border-crossing meanings

If you’re looking for the right moniker, then read on.

Multilingual Baby Names for Girls


To top off our list is the baby girl name Asa which means ‘born in the morning’ in its Japanese roots. Interestingly, this name in the Hebrew language translates to ‘doctor, healer.’


Whether you opt for the Russian roots of the baby girl name Kysa or its African-Ugandan origins, it’s a y lovely moniker for a little girl. Kysa can be translated to the Russian language as ‘kitty’ or ‘pussycat.’

On the other hand, it means ‘born after twins’ in the African-Ugandan language.


Would you have guessed that the baby girl name Lian is both of Latin and Chinese origins? It means ‘graceful willow’ in the Chinese language and can also serve as a shortened version of the English name Gillian.


This baby girl name bears multiple meanings depending on language. In Japanese, Hana means ‘flower, blossom.’ If you’re drawn to this name, you might like to take a look at other flower-inspired baby names for girls.

In Native American-Arapaho, it translates to ‘sky, black cloud’ while  the Arabic language offers the meaning ‘enjoyment’ for this moniker.


Nadea has its meanings in both Russian and Arabic languages. In Russian, it represents ‘hope’ while in Arabic it translates to ”delicate, moist, tender.’


The name Raisa has meanings in both Old Greek and Yiddish languages. It means ‘adaptable, easy-going’.


Talia has roots from Latin, Hebrew, Old Greek, and Arabic. This baby girl name means ‘dew from God’ in Hebrew.


For a fancier variant of the name Zahra, parents can choose the baby girl name Zahara. People who speak African, Urdu, and Arabic languages recognize this name easily. Like Hana, it translates to ‘flower.’

Multilingual Baby Names for Boys


The Sanskrit and Hebrew languages offer the meaning ‘rock’ to the baby boy name Adree.


This name which doubles as a cute nickname has German and Latin origins. It’s a variation of Henry and means ‘house owner, lord of the manor’ in English.

On the other hand, it means ‘to conquer’ in Latin.


Gillie is a baby boy’s name which means ‘song’ in its English Gypsy roots. Did you know that it also appears in the Irish Gaelic language and translates to ‘servant’?


Another internationally recognized name is Jakob which traces its origins in the Hebrew language. This little boy’s name is widely used in other languages as well, including Scandinavian, German, Dutch, and English.

Jakob is also a fancy variation to the classic baby boy name Jacob which means ‘Yahweh may protect; holder of heel; supplanter’.


Perhaps you recognize this name as the surname of famous pop singer Zayn Malik.

More than just a surname, it’s a beautiful multilingual name which means ‘king’ in Arabic and English languages. This royal-sounding moniker also appears in the Scandinavian language based off its its Old Norse origins.

If you like this name, go ahead and explore other king-themed names for boys.


Did you know that the baby boy name Niko appears in several European languages? It can be treated as the shortened version of the German name Nikolaus in the Slavic language.

Finnish, Old Greek, and French languages also consider Niko as a variation of the classic name Nicholaus and means ‘victor of the people.’


In feudal Japan, a ronin is a samuria who had no master. But in Hebrew it represents ‘song of joy’ and in Celtic it translates to ‘little seal.’

Names Beyond Language Barriers

Multilingual baby names are exciting ways to bring cultures together. Besides their meanings, they show the richness of various languages through names.