17 Names That Mean Love For Your Little Darling

Do you want the world to know how much you love your baby?  Start with their name. We’ve picked out some of the best baby names that mean love to help you out.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Love


To kick off our list, we have this Hawaiian baby name that translates to ‘love and compassion.’ While it’s usually used as a greeting similar to hello or goodbye, it means more to native Hawaiians —it’s a way of life.

Did you know that Hawaii has a state law called The Aloha Spirit Law which requires government officials to welcome people with Aloha?


In French, this name translates to ‘little love.’


This lovable baby name translates to ‘delight’ in Sanskrit. We love how pleasant it sounds.


This Spanish baby name that means ‘heart and courage’ in Spanish. You might think of this name especially if you’ve gone through a difficult pregnancy or your baby bravely fought an illness.


In Hebrew, this name translates to ‘beloved, favorite, darling, friend.’


You might like to name your baby after the ‘city of love.’ Plus, French is also called the language of love.

Did you know that this city got its name from its early inhabitants, the Celtic Parisii tribe?


A variant of the more popular Cherie, this name means ‘darling’ in French.


A shortened form of Davida, this gender-neutral name means ‘beloved, favorite, darling, friend.’

In medieval literature, vida is a short biography of a troubadour or musician.


For a unique gender-neutral name, consider Zody. This gender-neutral name means ‘beloved or desired’ in African-Congo.

If you’re looking for one with a more feminine flair, Zadie stands out to be a cute alternative.


From Native American-Sioux, this beautiful moniker translates to ‘one who has a brave heart.’ Doesn’t the nickname Yana sound adorable?


Baby Boy Names That Mean Love


This Latin name denotes ‘love of God.’  Your son will have something in common with the child prodigy and gifted Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


In Welsh, it comes from the elements ‘car‘ meaning ‘love’ and ‘gwen‘ meaning ‘white, fair, blessed, and holy.’


This endearing name means ‘love’ in Welsh.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Why not try the unique name Cerys? In Welsh, it translates to the ‘one who is dearly loved.’



This short form of Jedidiah means ‘beloved of Yahweh.’

You might recognize it in Star Wars movies as the guardians of peace and justice who use the light side of the force to protect the beings in the Galactic Republic. It doubles as a cool nickname too, right?


A trendy unisex name often used by modern parents is this Sanskrit moniker that simply means ‘loving.’ Interestingly, in Japan, kami are spirits or holy powers in the Shinto religion.


In Russian-Hebrew, this name means ‘heart of the lion.’ This baby name has, in modern times, been made famous by The Scream trilogy star Liev Schreiber.


To round off our list, we have a moniker that means ‘heart’ in the African-Igbo. Now, what’s not to love when you have your child share the namesake with the legendary Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Love is in the air!

Yes, and we see hearts everywhere in this season of love.

Did you know that the heart symbol was inspired by a now-extinct plant called silphium? People used in the seventh century B.C. as a seasoning.

By the way, we have a collection of heart-themed names that you might like to explore. You could also take a look at some exciting names from romantic scenic destinations.

Enjoy the search, and soon you’ll find a name you’ll fall in love with!