Why a selection of noble August baby girl names? If someone is august, they are said to be noble, honorable, sincere, and even grand in some spectacular way. Thus, it does seem fitting to have a selection of baby girl names that reflect their more noble or august self. Granted, the month itself was named after Emperor Augustus, and not because of his noble traits.

Still, nobility and honor definitely merit some consideration in terms of the best baby girl names. As is always the case, BabyNamesPedia hopes to introduce you to some more uncommon but profoundly meaningful baby names for your perusal. These are not going to be the more traditional list of names, which usually consist mostly of the common names you are already familiar with.

Baby girls that are born in August are thought to be exceptional leaders. August babies are noted by some for being fiercely independent, strong, and capable. Girls born in August also tend to be highly organized and efficient. This may offer them a decided advantage even during the worst of times. Someone who is truly noble in nature need not lead merely from strength.

What Are the Symbols of August

What Are The Symbols For The Month of August?

  • The Birthstone in August is the Peridot or Olivine
  • The official Flower of August is the Gladiolus or the Poppy
  • The Western Zodiac signs for the month of August are Leo through to 22 August, and Virgo until the end of the month

For some people, August is the last part of the year when they will be able to comfortably get outside to enjoy the great outdoors. For some, beaches are ideal, while others will select the more localized watering holes. August is also a very popular time of the year for barbecues and gatherings of families and friends.

For some people out in the country and on the farms, August will ring in the first of the late summer and Autumn harvests. Early August is very likely to see large groups of people out cutting hay and timothy, providing fresh feed for their livestock and setting up their surplus for sale or storage to get them through the coming winter months.

August is light on the more traditional international holidays, though it is certainly not lacking in International days of remembrance and celebration. Generally, you will be safe from the incessant holiday music for at least another month, as even the most ardent holiday fanatics wait until autumn to begin putting out their decorations.

The potential for the August baby girl, names aside, is truly one full of potential for becoming a truly noble figure in every sense of the word. Thus, it only seems appropriate that this list of August baby girl names reflect that same nobility and potential. It should be noted, as is always the case, that BabyNamesPedia also hopes to introduce you to unique, beautiful, and profound baby girl names that you may not otherwise encounter.

23 August Baby Girl Names Meaning Noble or Honorable

Aalish – This entry into the best baby girl names for August born children is from the list of Gaelic baby girl names and is a Celtic variant of the name Alice. Going back to the French and German linguistic roots of the word, it means one who is of a noble kind or noble breed. While the individual may not be born into royalty, it is perceived that they are generally from well-respected households and make a good name for themselves.

Aarya – The stark truth about this name is that it has its origins in one of the most ancient languages. This baby girl name in Sanskrit means one who is born of a noble lord. The name is more commonly used in modern day India, though the anglicized variants of the names are also common in the English speaking world. The name has seen an increase in popularity since the portrayal by Maisie Williams of Arya Stark on the Game Of Thrones series on HBO.

Adara – This is a baby girl name in Hebrew and means one who is possessed of a noble beauty. The name has evolved through the natural linguistic evolution to become common in the ancient variants of the Greek or Aramaic language and the Arabic. The name may be interpreted by some as meaning in inner beauty reflecting hidden strength or resolve.

Alanza – This entry is from the Spanish baby girl names and means someone who is both noble and eager. One of the many reasons that August born babies tend to be such good leaders and teachers, is their desire to learn and to share that knowledge with others. It should not be a big surprise when parents begin learning new and interesting facts from their children in this respect.

Alarice – This is primarily an English name for baby girls but has its roots in the old High German language. The name means one who is a ruler over all, but a noble ruler at the same time. The name implies not only great strength, but also more than just a modicum of knowledge and wisdom.

Alfonsina – This is originally a Gothic name but is more common in modern times as an Italian name for girls and means one who is noble and prepared or ready. The etymology of the name is derived from adal which means noble, and then gets interesting. Adal is combined with ala which means a struggle, and hild when means battle. The implication is that when grown, this baby girl will likely be a force to be reckoned with.

Arglwyddes – There are many challenging names in the Irish language but this has its roots in the ancient Celtic and Pictic origins of the language. This entry from the Welsh names for baby girls is similarly difficult to pronounce, but is both profound and beautiful at the same time. The general meaning of the name is a very distinguished lady. In days of yore and lore, this title was reserved for someone who had proven themselves to be truly exceptional in at least one particular area or field of work.

Bajila – This rather unique baby girl name in the Arabic language means someone who is exceptionally dignified, even if a bit stalwart either physically or mentally. This person may be stubborn but the name may indicate that they are more likely than not to be correct at the same time.

Bakari – This name comes from the Eastern portion of the African continent. This is from the list of Swahili names for babies and means someone who is in and of themselves a noble promise. In line with the more ancient traditions and cultural history unique to the Swahili people, this may mean someone who is a legacy, or willing and able to complete the promises, fulfill the dreams, or fulfill the manifest destiny as proclaimed by their ancestors.

Capita – This baby girl name from the Latin language means an intelligent and superior woman. While it may not be possible to ensure that every girl born in August will be successful, enough of them are to make it noteworthy. The baby girls born in August tend to do very well as leaders and as teachers, either of which would benefit from the presence of a superior, intelligent woman.

Edla – This name is more common in the modern era across English speaking areas of the world. Originally, this is from the list of Scandinavian names for girls and means one who is noble. While the individual may or may not be born among the noble classes, they ostensibly carry themselves in an exceptionally dignified manner, and rarely allow their emotions to rule the day.

Fola – This is another entry from Africa into the best names for August born baby girls. This is an African name for girls from the Yoruba language and means someone who is always or eternally honorable. The name implies that they are honorable in all of their transactions in life, financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Gormlaith – We move on to the list of Celtic names for girls with this entry in the best baby names for August. The name means Blue Princess, but what is a princess if not a queen in the making? Add in the more noble, dare it be said, the more august nature of babies born this month, what a queen could she become?

Hanohano – This entry is from the list of Hawaiian names for girls and means someone who is always dignified and retains their composure. It should be noted that this is not the same as someone who is precocious or pretentious, though it may appear that way to others who do not understand the nature of the proverbial meaning behind the name.

Isolde – This baby girl name from classic literature may have complex etymological roots. In truth, it is likely from the linguistic evolution between the ancient Pictic and Gaelic languages from the early dark ages. The reason it is considered to be a literary name for girls is because of its presence in the Arthurian legends where she was the mistress of Sir Tristram, of the Knights of the Round Table in the court of King Arthur.

Kahurangi – This is an entry from the Maori names for girls and means someone who is always noble. It may have a more subtle or nuanced meaning in the tribal origins, culture, and history. It may very well be that this was merely someone related to the local leaders, though it seems to indicate more focus on their personality and bearing than their bloodline.

Mahuizoh – This entry for the best August baby girl names is from the Americas. This name is from the list of Aztec names for girls and means one who is a glorious person. Despite some popular misconceptions, this does not mean that they were honored for being a sacrifice, but rather glorified for and in the way that they lived their lives.

Maibe – This baby girl name means a lady, not just a woman, who is both dignified and serious. This entry comes by way of the list of Egyptian names for girls and seems ideal for inclusion as a potential name for girls born in August. The driven and strong nature of the girl born in August, when combined with a serious and dignified nature could only lead to power and success it seems.

Min Jung – This is a combination name from the list of Korean baby girl names and means someone who is both bright and noble. Add in the strength and commitment of the August born baby girls and it seems to be the perfect recipe for success. Given the seriousness with which the Korean (and many other Asian) people pursue their education, the name may imply something even more exceptional.

Motayma – This name is one of the American names for girls but originates with the Native American tribes, likely from the extinct Native American languages of the Northeastern United States. The name lives on through legend and somewhat limited use. The name means someone who is a noble and great leader.

Silana – This baby girl name from the French language means a true lady and one who is very dignified and reserved. Given the reputation of the proverbial French lady, one could almost imagine someone of a truly royal stature, composed in every action and never allowing their emotions to run their lives.

Sudevi – This is something of an overwhelming name, even given the great potential for August born baby girls. This is an entry from the list of Indian baby girl names and means a woman who is an exceptional goddess. Given the many different gods and goddesses, and other religious beliefs in Indian lore, it may not be a rhetorical or facetious name.

Taka – We move on to the Japanese names for girls with this entry for the best August baby girl names. The name Taka means a woman who is tall and graceful, and may be compared to a falcon. This would also indicate a keen awareness and the ability to see and to take advantage of opportunity any time it passes her way.