What are the top Baby Girl names of January? For most of the people in the world, January marks the first month of the year. There are 31 days in the month of January. It is also frequently that the coldest days of the year will occur in the month of January. Thus, there seems to be at least some focus on warmth and comfort for the month.

These baby girl names have largely been selected along those lines, though also with an additional focus on home life and their inherent nurturing abilities in many cases. Granted, the roles of women have changed over the years. will focus on particular features of the baby girl names selected specifically for each month. also works diligently to provide you with unique baby girl names that you may not otherwise have access to, or come across in more traditional lists of baby names. Names like Mary and Jane may be great, but most people do not require a list of baby names to learn about those names in particular.

Instead, wants to give you a deeper insight into meaningful names. Ideally, some of these names will click and you can select baby girl names of January based on the dreams, hopes, and desires that you have for your January born baby girl.

What Are the Symbols of January

What Are The Symbols For The Month of January?

  • The Birthstone in January is the Garnet

  • The official Flower of January is the cottage pink Dianthus caryophyllus or galanthus as well as the traditional carnation. In Japan,

  • The Western Zodiac signs for the month of January are Capricorn until 20 January, and Aquarius through to the end of the month

Perhaps the most popular day of the month is January 1st or New Year’s Day. This is true at least for those who did not celebrate too much the night before at least, though we almost all know someone who has partaken of the New Year’s spirits a little bit more than they should have who come to regret it the next day.

New Year’s day is not only famous for sporting events, most notably for the fans of American football, but also for parades and other more family oriented celebrations. Among the most famous of these are the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, and the New Year’s Day Parade in London.

Getting out and about may not be high on the priority list for mothers getting ready to give birth to a baby in January though. That being said, the cold nights, the warm fires in the fireplace, and the collections of memories soon to fill the hearth with love displayed on the mantel place make this an ideal day for picking the best baby girl names of January babies.

22 Girl Names For January 2022

Aneira – The baby girl name Aneira means snow and is from the old Welsh. In this list of the best 22 girl names for January you will probably see a great deal of snow, though the same holds true in all the northern climates during this month of the year.

Blossom – The baby girl name Blossom means to mature or to evolve, as a flower blooming does. The word comes from the English language, though it has some roots in both the Dutch and French languages. Naming baby girls after flowers did not become overly popular until somewhere around the end of the eighteen hundreds.

Cruel – Anyone who has ever suffered through a severe January blizzard, or even one of the more intense thunderstorms in the Southern regions will understand the reasoning behind this name. It may seem cruel to use this baby girl name that means literally to be cruel. However, many of these storms can create intense consternation leading to a slightly premature birth. The name may also reflect the strength and cleansing nature of these severe winter storms when used in this context. (See also Cruela)

Docile – The baby girl name Docile comes from the Latin name Docila which means passive or gentle in some cases. Docile may also be used to describe someone capable of withstanding greater external forces at work or at play, and never losing their composure. However, the name may imply that the bearer does not have great interest in more physical activities also.

Eirween – The baby girl name Eirween comes to us from the selection of baby girl names in the Welsh language and means snow. The snow may not hit the coastal regions of Wales very hard, but further inland there can be some amazing vistas, pure and refreshing to behold.

Fidelity – The babygirl name Fidelity means faith or faithfulness and is originally from the old Latin language of baby names but makes its way to English via the Spanish language. There are additional variations of this girl’s name in other Romance languages, though they are similar in spelling and pronunciation, as well as the meaning of the names.

Fury – The babygirl name Fury literally means an enraged woman or an angry woman. The origins of the furies are a bit more complex and involved. The Furies were 3 ancient goddesses of the underworld. However, while the January winds blowing through the woods and the streets can create an eerie and even furious howl, it can also be oddly beautiful at the same time.

Gracious – The girl’s name Grace is one of those double-barreled names with multiple meanings. One form is an abbreviated version of the girl name Gracious which literally means to be appreciative or grateful in life.

Istas – This baby girl name comes to us from the Native American language names and the name means snow. The beauty of the snow may be debatable to some, but there are many wonderful things as well. Snow can be purifying and cleansing, thus the term “Pure as the driven snow”.

Masika – This unique baby girl name is from the African Swahili language of names and means someone who is born during the rainy season. For those areas that are not far enough North to endure the full force of winter, there may still be times of heavy rain and other uncomfortable weather events. However, it should be noted that heavy rains often wash away the trash and the dirt left behind by others.

Patience – It has been said that patience is a virtue, but that is not because it is some passive type of resistance. The baby girl name Patience means one who endures with courage, waiting for more opportune circumstances. When the time is right, the person with a good sense of patience will be ready to take advantage of the situation at hand.

Pleasant – The babygirl name Pleasant literally means lovely. Anyone who has looked out over a scenic vista in the middle of winter can relate to just how lovely such a sight is to behold. The name may also mean a sense of satisfaction or gratitude even. Thus, this becomes one of the double-meaning names.

Serenity – The baby name Serenity comes from the old Latin word Serenus and means clear and bright. Many people attempt to restrict the meaning of the name into a sense of inner-peace, and while that is important, it does not do justice to the more in-depth meaning of this name for baby girls.

Setsuko – Setsuko is a baby girl name with the meaning that leaves it open to use year round. This Japanese language baby girl name means a child of the season, though open to virtually any season of the year in which they are born. There are some similar names though they have different roots, primarily in the Arabic and Swahili language lists of baby names.

Snow – Yes, even the American English word snow can be among the most perfect baby girl names of January 2022. If you are one of those people living in the Southern hemisphere, or even down under as it were, we are sure by this time of your summer, you may be ready for a little more antarctic air to drift your way.

Solace – There are those that believe this girl’s name means comfort. The etymology and the origins of the word indicate it is more accurately defined as meaning one who provides comfort and aid or assistance to others. will note, at least in the case of this author, the solace and even euphoria of welcoming a new child into this world, and the comfort that brings on a daily basis.

Sole – This is one of the many double-meaning names though some meanings are perhaps more apt than others. Sole is part of the foot or shoe of course. The baby girl name Sole is an abbreviated form of Soledad as a name. In this case, the name Sole means the solitude and the ability of the true believer to distance themselves from the trappings of the current system in which we live.

Stara – This is a Swahili language name for girls but is also shared among the local tribal languages, and to a lesser degree in the Arabic languages in other areas of Eastern Africa. The name literally means kept safe, as we all should be during the weather torrents often associated with January, and the severe cold in the more northern climates.

Storm – Those who have experienced the fierce winter blizzards of January may have a better understanding of why the meaning of the name Storm fits. The best baby girl names of January include names that reflect the conditions we live in, and while fierce, these winter storms are also strangely beautiful in their own way.

Symphony – It does not have to be a bittersweet symphony to encourage the use of this baby girl name. The name has the same meaning as the word, though unbeknownst to many, Symphony means a concordance in sound. The origins of the word are from the ancient Greek word symphonos.

Winter – The baby girls name of January should focus on the seasonal names of the year in addition to the environment of their birth. Winter is a harsh mistress but also a uniquely beautiful time of the year. The pocono or poconip as the ice freezes over plants, morning frost, and even a pure white blizzard filled plateau can all be genuinely beautiful, if not just a little scary as well.

Xue – The baby girl name Xue means a woman of the snow, though it may often be used as a double-barreled name such as Xue Fang which means a woman of the fragrant snow. This is a Chinese language name that fits in well with the themes selected for the best baby girl names of January for any year.