21 Brilliant October Baby Names

When we think of October, we picture chilly weather and golden landscapes. We’d love to have a picnic in leaf-strewn parks and marvel at the colors of autumn. As for baby names this month, they’re associated with birthstones, zodiac signs, birth flowers, trees, harvest, and the number eight.

If you’re bringing home baby this month, here are 21 baby names that could be perfect options.

October Baby Names For Girls


First on our list is Agatha which means ‘good, kind’ in Old Greek.

How does it relate to October, you ask? Well, it reminds us of crystal agate, the talismanic stone of Libra. It’s believed that crystal agate gives protection and has healing properties when worn by Libras.


Another stone in this list is Beryl, one of the birthstones for this month. Did you know that emerald is the green-colored variety of beryl?

This gender-neutral name comes from the stone itself. It’s an excellent choice for a short and uncommon baby girl name.


Three’s a charm! The third name on our list is also a stone. Coral is a birthstone for October in the Hindu calendar.

Coral is a popular name for girls. It comes from the Latin ‘corallium’ which is a species of precious red coral. We’re sure your little one is just as dear to you.


Since the Libran scale is based on the Scales of Justice grasped by Themis, the Greek personification of divine order and fairness, we thought this name fits right in.

This popular gender-neutral name has its roots in Latin. Out of all the October baby names here, this is the only one that’s focused on virtue or trait.


Whether it reminds you of pancakes or autumn, the name Maple sounds fun yet endearing. It comes from English and means the tree whose sap is distilled into sweet syrup.’


Since we talked about birthstones, let’s have this month’s birth flower as well. Marigolds bring cheer to your garden just as your little angel would bring joy to your life.

Interestingly, marigold in Latin translates to ‘star of the sea.’


Opal is probably the most popular birthstone for October. By the way, it’s a classic favorite that comes from the Sanskrit, ‘upala.’ Based on value, darker opal is more expensive than white or light ones.


Looking for a trendy baby girl name that’s autumn-inspired? Consider Olive. This delightful name reminds us of an olive branch, the symbol of peace. While not as popular as Olivia, we’re certainly fans of this name.


Got a feeling she’s going to be a golden child? Look no further than Zarina. From Persian roots, this name means ‘golden one, golden vessel.’


If you’re looking for something uncommon but stands out, try Zimra. We think this name belongs to this list since it means ‘choice fruit’ in Hebrew.

October Baby Names For Boys


This gender-neutral name means ‘born in autumn, smart’ in Japanese. While it’s quite unusual as a boy’s name, we think it’s cute and lovable.


While Aspen might make you think of a ski resort and snow in Colorado, this gender-neutral name stands for a tree. Also called poplar tree, this plant was considered sacred in Celtic mythology for its ability to connect people to the spiritual world.

So, we think Aspen would be a delightful name for an autumn or a winter baby. Don’t you think so?


We could think of Kaede as the boy equivalent of the name Maple since it has the same meaning in Japanese. You could also have it for a girl because this name is gender-neutral.


Another cool autumn-inspired boy’s name is Oak. This name is derived from Old English and stands for ‘oak tree.’

Fun fact about oak trees: they usually live for 200 years, but some live over 1000 years. Amazing, right?


Want a well-liked and trendy name for your October baby? Pick Parker. It’s an occupational name that means, ‘someone tending a park’ in French.


You’d probably identify this name with Matthew Perry or Katy Perry. Yes, this name was initially used as a surname.

We think this name is cool and playful though it’s a bit uncommon for boys. This unisex name means ‘pear tree’ in Old English.


This name comes from Old English and means ‘red field.’ Somehow, we imagine a lively boy with this name frolicking in autumn leaves.


If you love leaves turning red in autumn, you might like the name Russell for your boy. This name means, ‘little red-haired one.’ You could nickname him Russ or Rusty.


Since October comes from the Latin octo which means ‘eight,’ we’ve got two names on the list, Tam, and Valo, that mean the same.

This name means ‘eighth-born child’ in Vietnamese. So, for a short no-fuss name, Tam’s a great option.


In Finnish, Valo means ‘man of light.’ But interestingly, in Malagasy, a language in Madagascar, this name means ‘eight.’


This Germanic name means ‘yew tree.’ This tree was thought to be magical by ancient people since its leaves remain green in winter. It’s also known as ‘ironwood.’

The female counterpart of Yves is Yvonne.

Enchanted with October Baby Names

Autumn’s in full swing this month, and we’re thrilled for you! We hope you enjoyed our round-up and added some awesome names to your shortlist.