Most Outrageous Baby Names of 2019

Fair warning: these names might make you feel annoyed and go, ‘What were they thinking?’ Baby Names Pedia has rounded up 15 of the most outrageous baby names that were given in 2019.

Is your child’s name on the list? See for yourself!

Outrageous Baby Names for Boys


Can you imagine your child being named Lucifer, the common name for the Devil? We imagine people to be wary of him all his life.

But somehow, this name still ended up on the list of baby names given in Scotland.

By the way, it’s also the title of a popular Netflix series about a demon helping cops solve crimes in Los Angeles. Instead of this name, consider looking through other unique names inspired by Netflix.


We want our kids to be successful in life, but giving it as a first name is just ridiculous. Let their achievements speak for themselves. Still, several boys from Scotland were given this name.


Yes, these furry mammals may be cute and awesome, but frankly, other animal-inspired baby names just sound way cooler like Leo, Colt, or Hawk.

Better yet, check out our collection of wild names for boys. Interestingly though, Zooey Deschanel named her firstborn daughter Elsie Otter because they love the creature. Maybe the Scottish parents who gave this name were big otter fans as well.

Colloquially speaking, an otter is a gay male with a lean body.



In Latin, this abbreviation translates to Medicinae Doctor or Doctor of Medicine. So, we’re worried that the Scottish boys who were given this name will always be teased, “Are you a doctor? Will you be a doctor? Why are you called Md?”

We think it’s just too much burden on a child to keep defending his name from other people’s nosy questions.


This term’s popularly used to refer to a friend in Australia or bringing animals together to breed. Also, it’s a Spanish caffeinated drink made from the yerba mate plant. But some boys in Scotland have this name now.


You might think of buzz as thrill or excitement but did you know that it’s also slang for feeling high from drugs or alcohol? That’s not something you’d want to be associated with your child, right?

Plus can you imagine kids calling your child ‘bzzzzzzz’ when he’s at school? It’s not far-fetched.

But perhaps the parents in Scotland who chose this were excited to have a baby.


A single letter name may look cool but it can come with issues. When setting up appointments or making transactions online, your child might encounter problems with the system since it can’t be validated.

Even when applying for a job, some companies might think there’s an error in his resume. But these did not stop some parents in Scotland from giving this name.

Outrageous Baby Names for Girls


We couldn’t quite understand why some parents in Scotland would name their daughters the same moniker as Microsoft’s spreadsheet program. Perhaps they wanted their child to be exceptionally good at something when she grows up.

In lieu of this name, we suggest adding girl names that mean victorious or prosperous to your shortlist.


Khaleesi is the wife of a Dothraki leader in George R. R. Martin’s wildly popular TV series’ Game of Thrones. This name became fairly popular in the U.S.—consistently in the Top 1000 from 2014 to 2018.

However, because Khaleesi Daenerys turned from a strong-willed warrior into an all-out “mad queen” towards the end of the series, we’re worried kids given this name would be picked on.

This name’s also in the roster of baby girl names in Scotland.



This name reminds us of three things: Tootsie Roll candy, the Tootsee Roll dance by the rap group 69 Boyz, and the famous American comedy movie released in 1982 that starred actor Dustin Hoffman— all of which can be used to taunt any girl named Tootsie.

Did the parents of the Scottish girls who were given this name consider any of these?


Surely there are far more beautiful royal baby names than Dutchess, the archaic form of duchess. This title is used for someone who marries a duke, a monarch who’s ranked lower than a prince of nobility and a grand duke.

But somewhere in Scotland, we fear some little girls will be called ‘your grace’ incessantly as they grow up.


Speaking of nobility, here’s another highly unusual name given in Scotland. Rather than Royalty, we suggest going for queen-themed names for your little princess.


Now, a lot of people find Apple’s virtual assistant helpful. But we don’t think it works as a baby name. Why?

Well, people just might start asking your child irritating questions like ” Hey Siri, what’s the weather like today?” or ” Siri, can you do call me a cab?”

Still, this name’s in the birth registration data from Sweden and Scotland. It even ranks 83th on the list of Top 100 Swedish baby names for girls.

Alternatively, if you want to name a baby after your favorite label, make sure to check out our list of brand baby names.



Unless you’re a rapper, it’ll be hard to get away unscathed with this name. People might not take you seriously in school or at work. However, some Scottish parents still went for this name.


For some reason, this name has become notorious online. Many people have expressed their hatred for this name, which is heaven spelled backwards. Some even think that it’s a fad name that means hell since it has the opposite pattern.

We just don’t want your child to be on the receiving end of people’s snarky comments.

But in Queensland, Australia, it ranks 93rd in the Top 100 Baby Girl Names.

Instead of this name, explore our huge collection of biblical baby names for girls.

Will This Name Hurt or Help?

A name is one of the first gifts a child receives from his or her parents. Avoid names that can be used as jokes, puns, or rhymes. Give a name that’s positive and meaningful.

Besides, if you’re not sure which names you like, you could always start with our Top Baby Names for 2020. Then, dig into some of our best baby name themes. You’re well on your way to choosing the perfect name for your little one.