Test Driving Your Baby Names

Confused with all the ideas written on your baby name list and couldn’t decide which to pick among trendy names like Alaia, Legend, Winter, or Ezra? Not sure about naming the little bean Buffy after your favorite vampire series?

We get it.

Your quest for the perfect one is quite an adventure in itself. So, when you manage to finally sort through the crème de la crème of baby names, how do you know if it’s the one?

Do you just mumble names in your head or perhaps try other smarter ways to know which can be added to your shortlist?

Worry no more as we’ve pulled together some handy suggestions on how to test drive baby names.

Google Is Your Friend

Test Driving Baby Names Google It

Have a look at the articles that pop when you search all ideas on your baby name list–from the top baby names down to the unique ones. Don’t forget to do an international translation test if you haven’t checked yet.

Doing this test would be really helpful, most especially for future globetrotting tots. Be warned though. Brace yourself for the most peculiar surprises!

To round up some examples, this cute baby name Chloe sits as one of the top baby girl names in the US then plummets in Germany. Why? It turns out that this name sounds like Klo which is the German slang for ‘toilet.’

Fanny, on one hand, is a sweet nickname for the French baby girl names Stephanie, which means ‘crowned’, or Frances, which means ‘Frenchwoman, free one.’ Both names embody strong empowered women.

Yet in the US, Fanny doesn’t seem to be as likable as it refers to buttocks. Moreover, in British English, it’s an offensive slang term for a woman’s private parts.

The nickname Dom, a cute pet form to Dominique or the Biblical name Dominic, which in Latin means ‘Lord, belonging to God,’ apparently translates to ‘stupid.’ So, before you finalize your baby names, go for a quick Google search, and do your homework well.

Go For A Frappuccino Run

Test Driving Baby's Name Frappuccino Run

Can’t make up your mind if you feel like getting your morning cup of joe (Yes, the American Pregnancy Association has recommended that it’s okay to consume less than 200 mg of caffeine per day. But of course, it’s still best to check with your doctor) or that sinful non-caffeinated vanilla frappuccino? Both are delightful, but it’s not the main reason why you’re in the cafe.

Your mission is to hit two birds with one stone: First, you deserve a cup of coffee and quiet, alone time! Second, is to tick off your checklist if the baristas can do the following:

  1. Understand your baby’s name.
  2. Get the spelling right.
  3. Pronounce it correctly. (Except of course if you plan to name your princess Ahuiliztli, pronounced as aa-Wiy-Liy-ZTLiy, which means ‘joy’ in the Aztec language, well, we’re positive the barista wouldn’t be able to get that right in one or even four tries)
  4.  Complete your order without being weirded out by the name.

Spell it, Write it, and Say It Out Loud

Test Driving Baby's Name Say It out Loud

You could jot down all possible name variants, acronyms, and other combinations. That’s better than just thinking about the baby names in your head.

Next, spell it out all the same—your first, middle, last names, and initials individually then all together. Think of every possible combination. Does the first name sound strange with your last name?

Lastly, verbalize the baby’s names out loud. Do you like saying the name?

Does it sound like a tricky tongue twister, or does it tune in nicely? Analyze your thoughts and decide again. Keep exploring until you find the perfect fit.

The Name Initial Test

Test Driving Baby's Name Name Initial Test

Run a test on your baby’s name initials. Think of possible words or name variants that might lead to silly nicknames or even bullying. Steer clear of initials that embarrassingly rhyme, to gross words or spell out, to weird, unfortunate combinations such as Raena Ofelia Taylor or Lander Ocean Lewis.

The Popular Name Guessing Game

Test Driving Baby's Name Gender Guessing Game

If you’re going for a common name like John or Jennifer, remember that your child would probably have someone in class with the same name. Would it be alright if your child is known as John P., Jennifer V., or Justin R. all through elementary? You could also opt to add a middle name to make him or her stand out.

Visualize Your Baby’s Name

By visualizing, we don’t just mean reading, writing, or saying the baby names out loud. Try to feel if you have a connection with your chosen baby names or if your heart flutters the moment you hear the sound of it. 

If something feels off about the name, keep searching. BabyNamesPedia has more than 150,000 choices of baby names, meanings, and variants to choose from.

Think Ahead and Be Smart

There are other ways on how you can test drive your selected baby names–place a reservation on a restaurant, try yelling the name in the playground with a dozen more children or let everyone in your family say the name and see if it sounds like a perfect 10.

The important thing is for you to do it for as much and as long as you want until you feel happy, satisfied, and 100% confident that you’ve chosen the baby name that feels right. Enjoy your search!