The Best September Baby Girl Names

How can anyone decide the best September Baby girl names? How can anyone determine the best names for your baby at all? Well, if the truth be told, BabyNamesPedia just wants to bring you a selection of the best names we see that are both meaningful and unique. These are probably not baby names that you will find in your average top name lists. At the end of the day, BabyNamesPedia just wants to give you more options so you can pick the best September baby girl names. 

For the girls who believe in getting a head start on the holidays, September seems to be the month when they make their presence known. In the United States of America, there are many people who will begin putting up their Halloween decorations, and towards the end of the month you can look forward to your first introduction to the same old Christmas tunes for the new “Christmas season” in September.

For the rest of the people, September in the Northern hemisphere sees the passage of the Autumnal Equinox and finally, cooler days and even a few downright cold nights. In the Southern Hemisphere the first hints of the Spring season are in the air, even as the spring rains begin and the mud becomes as much a headache as the rains do a blessing.

For the kids in the US, they will head back to school just before the great big labor day celebration begins. Many parents will be shopping in the first part of the month to ensure their kids have the latest and greatest school supplies and fashions.

For those that are expecting a child to be born in September, there may be at least a little anxiety in the air, especially if they have not yet found the perfect September baby girl names for their daughter on the way. BabyNamesPedia hopes to introduce you to the perfect name for your September baby, even if it may not have been quite the type of name you were expecting. First, let us take a look at what is largely represented by the month of September.

What Are the Symbols of September

What Are The Symbols For The Month of September?

  • The Birthstone in September is the Sapphire
  • The official Flowers of September are the Forget-Me-Not, the Morning Glory, and the Aster
  • The Western Zodiac signs for the month of September are Virgo through to 22 September, and Libra until the end of the month

There are not a large number of internationally recognized holidays during the month of September other than Labor Day. Still, there are a great many International Days including Grandparents Day on September 11.

Despite some popular misconceptions, Cinco De Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day which will be celebrated on the Sixteenth of September, so expect both some Mexican and more traditional Incan and Aztec baby girl names to make an appearance in this list of the best September Girls names.

BabyNamesPedia works hard to bring you a wide selection of unique, beautiful, and meaningful names for your newborn baby girl. Ideally, this list of the best baby September baby girl names will introduce you to a few names that you may otherwise not have considered.

23 Unique September Girl Names

Adalcira – This is a Spanish, combination name for girls and is derived from the names Ada and Alcira. Adalcira is the more popular version of the name in Spanish speaking nations. In the Portuguese speaking nations, the variant form Dalcira seems to remain a popular choice for names for baby girls.

Alaula – This Hawaiian baby girl’s name will take on a new meaning for rural farmers during the month of September. The name means the light of the early dawn, and while dawn may come later, many rural folk may be seeing more of it as they prepare for winter.

Benilde – This is a unique Spanish name for girls with its origins in the olde English and high German languages. In the German or Gothic roots, it meant one who has been wounded in battle. The name infers someone with great fortitude and an ambition to continue no matter the cost.

Centehua – This is a unique entry from the list of baby girl names in the Aztec language and is ideal for those parents who only want to have one child. The name literally translates to only one. The Aztec language is both unique and beautiful, and if you are planning on being a bit more restrained in the number of children raised, or if for any other reason you plan to limit the number of children, this may be the perfect name for a baby girl born in September.

Citlalmina – Is your daughter a dream come true? Maybe she is the result of a long-held wish? This entry from the baby girl names related to the moon and stars translates as a shooting star. If you have wished upon a star, or maybe just have hope for your heavenly baby girl, this is a great choice for a unique and meaningful baby girl name.

Farih – This is an entry from Africa, and more specifically an African girl’s name in the Hausa language of West Africa and parts of Central Africa. The name means one who is a bright white light as if a light shone from the sun. The name may indicate enlightenment in a mental or spiritual sense, or one who is a great leader and like a beacon, attracts followers without any seeming effort.

Finnea – This entry into the best baby girl names for September means someone who is from the stream in the woods. This entry is from the list of Celtic baby girl names and gives some indication of a stubborn fortitude that will refuse to admit, never mind accept defeat in whatever they may pursue in life.

Galadriel – This English name for girls means literally the lady of the light. The name indicates someone who is strong and pure, and who will fight to ensure fairness and equity for those around them. It may be seen by some that this person will always support the underdog, but they are seemingly more concerned with justice, right, and wrong.

Izel – When you are trying to find the perfect name for your daughter, remember that she will be unique, just like everyone else. All joking aside though, this is another Aztec baby girl name and it means unique. Unlike many of the Native American baby girl names, it is also very easy to pronounce.

Kahikatea – This is a beautiful entry from the Maori names for girls and means the White Pine Tree. The pines are also known as evergreen because of their ability to remain alive and vibrant no matter the severity of their environment. The name may also imply a unique ability to be flexible without necessarily conceding any ground in their struggles.

Lakkari – This baby girl name from the Aboriginal Australian people means the Honeysuckle tree. The honeysuckle tree is symbolic of bliss and happiness, though not always due to its surroundings. In some interpretations, the honeysuckle tree may also represent the joy and comfort that comes from being in love.

Louane – This Breton baby girl name may actually have more of a mixed heritage gained through linguistic evolution. The name is derived originally from the old French, likely before the conquest of Normandy by Duke Rollo and the Vikings of the day, and long before the Norman Conquest of 1066.

Lubna – This is an Arabic name for baby girls and refers to the incense-producing tree. The name may indicate the ability of someone to bring happiness with them wherever they go. This may be the type of person who will brighten up the room whenever they walk in the door, and make friends wherever they go.

Metsa – This entry for the best baby names of September comes from the list of Finnish names for baby girls and means a woman of the forest. The implication is that this is a strong and beautiful woman who is also exceptionally capable. This type of person is likely not only to survive, but to thrive wherever they go in life.

Necahual – Anyone who has ever had a challenge conceiving or had other issues that make child-bearing difficult or occasionally, even dangerous, may understand the more subtle meaning behind this Aztec name for baby girls. The name means someone who is a survivor.

Ornice – This is a baby girl name from Hebrew but has continued through the ages in many variant forms across many different languages. The name literally translates as a cedar tree which is among the most common variants used for the celebration of the Winter Solstice and for Christmas trees. The reason for this is that the tree has a mix of symbology including beauty, grace, and strength.

Roshan – This baby girl name in Persian means someone who is bright like the morning sun at the break of dawn. There are many different variations of the name indicating a shared etymology somewhere likely in the ancient Sumerian or Sanskrit language. The name implies someone who is strong and pure, and who can enlighten or teach those around them.

Rusalka – This baby girl name from the Czechoslovakian language means a wood nymph or dryad. The wood nymph was sworn to protect the woods specifically, and nature in a more general sense. While small in stature, they were also known for being strong, resolute, and determined to complete their tasks.

Tlazohtzin – While this name may seem a bit difficult to pronounce at first, it also has a very deep meaning. Anyone who has ever experienced the thrill of holding a newborn baby in their arms may understand the deep emotional connection there. The name itself is no harder than some of the difficult to pronounce Irish names and means one who is loved forever.

Tulsi – This is a baby girl’s name in Sanskrit and refers to the Tulasi or Tulsa plant. The plant is also known as Holy Basil and is part of the mint family. It is rumored that the name indicates someone who is a good provider and caregiver. The person is likely to be very sociable and capable at the same time.

Vanika – This baby girl name from the Indian language means literally a small forest, though it has a more subtle, even profound meaning in some translations. It may be inferred from the name alone that this would be a protector not only of nature, but a protector of life. This person would probably be a good protector and caregiver.

Xylia – This entry into the best September names for girls is both unique and beautiful. This baby girl name in Greek means one who is of the forest and who is a lover and protector of nature, life, and the earth.

Yggsdrasil – Sometimes you find a name so unique you have to wonder. This baby girl name from the Scandinavian language is actually from an old Nordic tradition. In ancient Nordic myths, Yggsdrasil was the tree that bound together the heavens, the earth, and hell. The name implies that this person would be an excellent diplomat or liaison, capable of bringing the parties with differences together to sit at the table and discuss things peacefully.