Top 20 Most Popular Characters From Final Fantasy

Who are the most popular characters from Final Fantasy? What are the most popular baby names from the series? Why create an article about the top baby names based on character names from Final Fantasy? Okay, this one is personal as Final Fantasy has been one of the favorites of the author both in terms of movies and video games. The technological advances in animation alone have been worthy of praise.

Add in compelling story lines and an incredible and long lived video game series, and Final Fantasy offers baby names for everyone from kids to extended storybook characters. Credit where credit is due as well, it should be noted that this is a list compiled by the Ranker site, and includes the Final Fantasy Character names that have been voted the most popular by their fan base.

It should be noted that there may be slight variations in spelling of some character and baby names as this article has taken the more traditional approach based on the games and Final Fantasy Canon. Additionally, mixed genre character names such as those from the Disney collaborative efforts are excluded from this list.

Most Popular Characters and Baby Names From Final Fantasy

Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy VII – (Male) Cloud Strife is the primary protagonist from Final Fantasy VII and the ensuing spin-off and sequels.

Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy VII – (Female) Had it been left up to the author, Tifa Lockhart would definitely have taken the top spot. She is the main protagonist and hero of the Final Fantasy VII novel, and the remake titled Trace of Two Pasts, in addition to having a supporting role in Advent Children.

Aerith Gainsborough – Final Fantasy VII – (Female) One could easily get the impression that Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular of the FF series, and has some of the best FF Characters. Aerith is a Cetra-Human hybrid and a playable character from Final Fantasy VII. (See also Erith)

Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII – (Male) He is the main antagonist in Final Fantasy VII and said to be the direct physical and polar opposite of Cloud Strife. (See also Saphir)

Squall Leonhart – Final Fantasy VIII – (Male) Squall Leonhart is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII and a student at Balamb Garden, a renowned academy for elite Mercenaries. (See also Storm)

Vivi Ornitier – Final Fantasy IX – (Male) Vivi is a magic user and protaganist of Final Fantasy IX and known as being very shy, and struggling with his former self. (See also Avivi)

Zack Fair – Final Fantasy VII Series – (Male) Zack Fair is a protagonist or hero in Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis, but only appears as a Non-Player-Character or NPC in Final Fantasy VII. He is perhaps best known for being a good friend of Cloud Strife.

Red XIII (Also known as Nanaki) – Final Fantasy VII – (Male) The real name of Red XIII is Nanaki, though this name is rarely mentioned outside of Canon. He is also known as being the only four-legged or quadrupedal character that can be played in Final Fantasy VII.

Auron – Final Fantasy X – (Male) Auron is a former Warrior Monk from Yevon, the caretaker of Tidus, and a guardian of the Summoner Braska.

Yuna – Final Fantasy X – (Female) Yuna is one of the heroes and playable characters from Final Fantasy X and the main protagonist of FF X-2. She is a Summoner and Sphere Hunter.

Rinoa Heartilly – Final Fantasy VIII – (Female) Rinoa Heartilly is a teen member of the resistance faction called the Forest Owls. She carries a rare weapon called the Blaster Edge that uses edged projectiles. (See also Rinea)

Bahamut – Final Fantasy Series – (Male) Bahamut is an Astral god in the world of Eos and is seen as a male humanoid figure with dark scaled armor, and wings made out of swords. He appears in many variations of Final Fantasy.

Vincent Valentine – Final Fantasy VII – (Male) Vincent Valentine is a regular in the various Canonical offerings of the Final Fantasy VII series, and the main hero or protagonist in the Dirge of Cerberus.

Zidane Tribal – Final Fantasy IX – (Male) Zidane Tribal is the primary playable character in Final Fantasy IX and a thief armed primarily with daggers.

Rikku – Final Fantasy X, X-2 – (Female) Rikku is the daughter of Cid and sister to Brother (an NPC) and a playable character. She is also the maternal cousin of Yuna which explains why she is so protective. (See also Rikka)

Shiva – Final Fantasy XIV – (Female) Shiva is the Empress of Ice and wreathed in frost. She is a character which can be summoned in order to freeze enemies.

Kefka Palazzo – Final Fantasy VI – (Male) Kefka is both a Court Jester and Army General from Final Fantasy VI and the final boss and main antagonist. (See also Kafka)

Cid – Final Fantasy VII – (Male) Cid is the father of Rikku and Brother, and maternal Uncle to Yuna. He is an NPC and the Captain of the Fahrenheit, an Airship that was retrieved from the ocean. He is also the leader of the Al Bhed faction.

Cecil Harvey – Final Fantasy IV – (Male) Cecil Harvey is the main hero of Final Fantasy IV and also makes an appearance in the After Years and Interlude in the Final Fantasy IV Canon.

Balthier – Final Fantasy XII – (Male) The real name of Balthier is Ffamran mied Bunansa and he is one of the main heroes from the Final Fantasy XII canon. In cooperation with his partner Fran, he is the Captain of the Strahl, an Airship of Ivalice.

What do you think? Is naming your children after video game characters really any better or worse than naming them after characters in books and movies, or even after famous actors, actresses, and athletes?

Do you believe that the baby names you select for your children will have any bearing on the temperament and manner of your children?

To what extent? If you selected any of these names of popular Characters from Final Fantasy, do you believe it would be a positive or a negative influence on your child to know? Inquiring minds want to know!