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The new year is fast approaching! If you’re giving birth soon, you may want to see our list of top baby names prediction for 2021.

With over 16 million page views, we’ve finally arrived at the top 20 names that stirred our readers’ curiosity. Some classics gained momentum this year, with several modern and foreign ones achieving popularity as well. A few names have also returned and secured their spot.

Can you guess what the popular baby names will be?

Let’s find out!

Top Baby Names for 2021 – Girls


If you guessed that a virtue name would be high up in our list, then you got it right! This Latin name which means ‘grace of God’ seemed to be a popular choice for parents who liked the classics, too.

Did you know that the name Grace also has its roots in Greek mythology? Known as the Charites, the Graces were three minor deities borne by Zeus and Eurynome. These goddesses represented charm, beauty, and goodwill.


Stephanie is surely loved by many parents. Previously in the fifth rank, this moniker climbed to the 2nd spot this year.

Rightly so, Stephanie translates to ‘crowned’ in Old Greek. No wonder there are royalties with such a name. Talk about Stephanie, Queen of Navarre and Princess Stephanie of Monaco.


Another returnee from last year is the classic baby name Jane. This all-time favorite means ‘Yahweh is gracious’ in Hebrew and has many famous celebrity namesakes.

Consider Jane Fonda who made a TikTok account this year and brought her famous aerobics videos to the platform!


In the Tibetan language, Zaya means ‘a victorious woman.’

If you’re wondering, basketball superstar Dwayne Wade recently re-introduced his child as Zaya Wade after she came out as transgender. A name fit for a victorious story, isn’t it?

Top Baby Names 2021 Zaya Tibetan a victorious woman


This striking multilingual name is also making its way up to our popularity charts. Kyra translates to ‘throne; sun’ in its Old Persian roots. Meanwhile, it means ‘of the lord’ in Old Greek and ‘little dark one’ in Celtic.

It’s surely a good pick when you’re looking for a diverse name. And if you’re expecting twins, you might also want to pair this with Luna, which means ‘moon’ in Latin.


Jacqueline is a classy name for a girl born in the new decade. The Hebrew name means ‘Yahweh may protect; supplanter’ and is a good feminine version of the name Jacob.


Are you also looking for a name with the right balance between uniqueness and elegance? You might want to pick Aniyah. This moniker with a meaning of ‘God was gracious’ in Polish is becoming trendy these days!

top baby names 2021 Aniyah Polish God was gracious


Still on our list this year is this crowd-favorite which means ‘of noble birth’ in Sanskrit.

Make no mistake! Although it sounds like the famous character from Game of Thrones, this has a different meaning from the fictional heroine named Arya. The latter translates to ‘song’ in Latin.

Do you think this name will make it again to next year’s list?


Did you know that the name Angela was previously reserved for babies born on Saint Michael’s feast day on September 29?

Don’t worry! This Old Greek name which means ‘messenger of God’ is now free for any parent to give their darling dears.


With a name that means ‘lake’ in its Welsh origins, Lynn is climbing up the ranks this year. It’s no wonder that nature names for girls are getting more popular now more than ever.

Top Baby Names for 2021 – Boys


Climbing to the top from last year’s 8th spot is this prosperous and unique baby boy name! Many parents seemed interested on what Jin means. This short but memorable moniker means ‘gold, bright, and beautiful’ in Chinese while it also translates to ‘precious’ in Korean.

In Korean pop culture, the internationally famous boyband BTS (Beyond The Scene) also has a member named Kim Seok-jin who’s fondly called Jin by fans. Doesn’t this name give you the good fortune vibes for your upcoming bundle of joy?


Profession-based names are becoming more interesting this year, with Braser earning the second spot. This English name literally means ‘one who works with brass.’

Although not frequently used in recent years, we think it’s a cool name for your unique baby boy.


There’s no doubt that the death of basketball icon Kobe Bryant created a global impact. Even the National Basketball Association’s prestigious All-Star MVP Award was permanently named for the legend, one month after his passing.

By the way, did you know that the name Kobe is multilingual? It stands for ‘tortoise’ in African-Swahili and ‘Yahweh may protect’ in Hebrew.

Kobe African Swahili tortoise


Of course, names that speak about one’s heritage are getting famous, too.

Erin, which means ‘Irish man’ in Celtic, might be a great alternative for the biblical name Aaron. It’s also a nice gender-neutral name for your little munchkin.


In Hebrew, this name signifies ‘Yahweh will add.’ Joseph remains to be a favorite among parents, especially with the prosperous meaning behind it.

If you’re looking for names that connote wealth, royalty, or brotherhood, you may also like the monikers Jesé, Richard, and Emre.


Like its famous namesakes, Vincent is a name that continually stands out for parents. It translates to ‘winning, conquering’ in Latin.

Vincent Latin winning conquering


Do you want a name that could draw strength out of your little one? Try Dante. Not only is this becoming more famous these days. It also literally means ‘enduring, steadfast’ in Latin.


Returning from last year’s list is this baby boy name which means ‘man from Hadria; dark one’ in Latin. Adrian used to refer to a man from Hadria, which is a town in northern Italy.

Perhaps globetrotting parents would like a baby name from this good scenery?


Another contender for this year’s list is this unique boy name with Irish Gaelic origins. Curon, with its meaning of ‘hero or champion’, is gaining momentum among our readers.

Irish names may be a little difficult to pronounce, but there are many beautiful names from this language.

Top Baby Names 2021 Curon Irish Gaelic hero or champion


One of the classic baby boy names that stand the test of time, Theodore sure is a crowd-favorite. This name which translates to ‘gift of God’ in Old Greek is coming back to this year’s list.

Aside from Teddy, you can also choose the nicknames Terry, Thad, or Tedric for your young man.

Let the Countdown Begin!

Did you get any correct hunches? Your guess is as good as ours. Our list surely took inspiration from varied sources for the top baby names for 2021.

Regardless, we hope you discovered some great choices in your baby naming journey. Cheers!