Unique Netflix-Inspired Baby Names

Sometimes inspiration for a baby name is just in front of you—literally! If you’re struggling to pick out the perfect baby name, binge-watching on Netflix might do the trick. So, stay chill as we’ve gathered some edgy and unique Netflix-inspired baby names!

Unique Netflix-Inspired Names for Girls


In the crime drama series Ozark, Darlene Snell is a local drug dealer and wife of a crime lord named Jacob. Her strong desire to have a child after her baby passed away led her to kidnap a pastor’s son.

The name, however, is the exact opposite since it means ‘darling’ in English.


Ffion is the daughter of a cult founder in the period horror film Apostle. Her name has Celtic origins translates to ‘fair, blond.’

By the way, Ffion is a variant of the more popular Fiona.


In the British comedy series Sex Education, Maeve Wiley is a self-assured high school student who teams up with her friend Otis in setting up a secret sex therapy clinic.

Her name suits her well since it means ‘she who intoxicates’ in Celtic.


Mika Camarena is the wife of an American US Drug Enforcement Agency undercover agent, Enrique S. ‘Kiki’ Camarena Salazar, in the crime drama series Narcos: Mexico. Both characters were based on real people who were involved in the fight against the Guadalajara drug cartel in the early ’80s.

This delightful name means ‘the knowing raccoon’ in the Native American language. Meanwhile, the moniker translates to ‘new moon’ in Japanese.


Can you imagine being able to connect to others telepathically? In the science fiction series Sense8, Nomi Marks is a political blogger who becomes reborn as a sensate.

 Sensates are extraordinary humans who can communicate with others with their mind. Nomi in the series stands for ‘know me.’

In Hebrew, though, this name means ‘sweetness or pleasantness.’ It’s a derivative of the name Naomi.


If you’re interested in otherworldly creatures, you might recognize Prairie from The OA. Prairie Johnson, the main character, is a blind woman who went missing for seven years.

When she appears again, she could now see and considers herself The OA (The Original Angel). She then leaves with a few locals in search of the other missing people who are in another world.

This gender-neutral name means ‘from the flatlands’ in English.


British television series Collateral features Sandrine Shaw, a British military captain, who became an assassin. Unlike the character, this strong and powerful name means ‘defender of men’ in Old Greek. 


If you love the series Gilmore Girls, you might like to have Sookie for your daughter. In this comedy-drama series, Sookie St. James is the bubbly and enthusiastic chef at the Independence Inn and Lorelai Gilmore’s best friend.

In Japanese, this name translates to ‘beloved.’


While the other names come from characters, Vella is for the American TV actress who plays Heather Davis in the comedy-drama series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Besides this role, Vella Lovell lent her voice to Princess Mermista in the Netflix series, She-ra and the Princesses of Power.

Interestingly, this name is based on the English name Velvet. Both names mean ‘soft fabric.’


We have this name on our list for Xanthippe Lannister Voorhees, the self-indulgent stepdaughter of Jaqueline Voorhees, Kimmy’s boss, in the critically acclaimed sitcom Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

This rarely used baby girl name means ‘yellow, golden, fair’ in Old Greek.

Unique Netflix-Inspired Names for Boys


Chidi Anagonye is an extraordinarily intelligent professor in the fantasy comedy series The Good Place. This series takes place in the afterlife, and Chidi is seemingly the main character, Eleanor’s soulmate.

We think this name is perfect for the character since Chidi means ‘God exists’ in the African-Igbo language.


Another character in Collateral is Kip Glaspie, a detective who investigated the shooting and death of a pizza delivery guy. In the series, actress Carey Mulligan played the role. However, this gender-neutral name is actually more popular for boys.

Kip means ‘pointed hill’ in English.


We added this name on our list for Gordie, the huge science geek in the mystery teen drama The Society. The series is about a group of teenagers who needed to survive after the other people in their small town vanishes.

This name means ‘great hill’ in the Celtic language. It’s also a nickname for Gordon.


For a foreign-sounding name, you might like Pierre. In the docudrama The Last Czars, Pierre Gilliard was the French language teacher of the five children of Russia’s last czar, Nicholas II. Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei were the last czar’s children.

In Old Greek, Pierre translates to ‘rock or stone.’


If you’re into fantasy or adventure, you might consider Rian for your little boy. Rian is a Gelfing Crystal Castle guard who leads the rebellion against the ruthless Skeksis in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

This name is a variant of the more common Ryan. Both come from the Irish surname Ó Riain.


The comedy series One Day at a Time centers around the life of a Cuban-American nurse and single mom Penelope Alvarez and her two kids: Elena and Alex.

Pat Schneider, or Schneider, is Penelope’s rich landlord and best friend.

This rarely used baby boy name means ‘tailor’ in German.


In the coming-of-age series Atypical, Zahid is the lead character Sam’s co-worker and best friend. Zahid wants to teach Sam, an 18-year-old with autism, about girls, dating, and relationships.

In Arabic, this name translates to ‘self-denying, ascetic.’

Fascinated with One-of-A-Kind Names

If you’re going for those unusual and rare names, our pro tip is never to leave any stone unturned.

And that includes getting inspiration from tv shows, movies, books, and even documentaries.

Who knows, one of these character names just might be the unique name you’ve been looking for.