Are Unisex Baby Names Worth A Shot?

What do the names Taylor, Bailey, and Kyle have in common? They are suitable for a boy or a girl! Gender-neutral or unisex baby names are quite popular these days.

Remember Mary Stewart’s little girl named Jude? How about Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ baby girl with the name Wyatt? Well, they’re not just for celebrities anymore!

And yes, there are so many cool gender-neutral names to choose from! But before you jump into the bandwagon, let’s talk a bit about some pros and cons.


Experiences with Unisex Baby Names

On the flip side, growing up with gender-neutral names is met with different experiences by people who bear them. Some kids may feel uncomfortable having to explain about their name.

Some people also find themselves getting mistaken as of another gender. For instance, Today’s Parent website shared the story of a boy named ‘Jayne’ who was critiqued for having a feminine name. Some strangers told Jayne’s parents that he should grow larger to make up for his name, or that he should not become a sensitive boy when he grows up.

They even attempted to masculinize Jayne to Jay to avoid confusion (when, in fact, there’s nothing to be confused about). Still, Jayne’s parents stood their ground and disregarded the negative notions on their child’s name.

However, there are positive sides to opting for unisex baby names. It’s always fun for a girl ‘Jean’ to meet a boy ‘Jean’–like meeting the opposite gender of one’s self. Plus, women who bear gender-neutral names tend to be more fairly treated in workplaces under ambiguous identity.

On the contrary, males who tend to have female names were met with scrutiny and stereotyping. Such is the case of Mr. Kim, who bore the traditionally feminine name ‘Kim.’ According to his story, it was only until the moment he purposefully added the suffix ‘Mr.’ in his CV that he started getting offered and accepted in jobs. His applications were rejected repeatedly before the change.


Questions to Ask

Now you probably are inclined toward gender-neutral names for future reference. However, before you make it final, here are some questions you might find helpful:

  1. Does it sound too odd for a boy or a girl?
  2. Is the gender-neutral name leaning toward femininity or masculinity? How do you think it will affect your child if it leans toward the opposite side?
  3. Will the name spark too much-unwanted attention?
  4. Is there a brilliant guy with a feminine name that you can refer to? Or an outstanding girl with a male name that can add validity to your decision?
  5. Are you willing enough to stick to your guns once the name is given to your baby?


Some Gender-Neutral Baby Names to Love

If you want your child to become interesting in people’s eyes, try giving him or her one of the unique gender-neutral names. Here are our top picks:


This variant of the name ‘Schuyler is commonly given to girls, but it works just as well with little boys. It’s a Dutch name that means ‘scholar.’


Another trick to come up with unisex baby names is to refer to the natural elements. The name ‘Ocean’ isn’t only an ode to Mother Earth and her seas. It also adds a fresh touch of individuality–just like how it was in the hippie sixties.


Celtic baby names are getting more popular these days with the influx of parents wanting to have a more sophisticated moniker for their baby. What we love the most are baby names that could pass as gender-neutral, such as ‘Devon’ which means ‘little dark one.’ It has a fresh and modern gender-free association with it.


Aside from referring to hot charcoal, the name ‘Ember’ does well for both baby boys and girls.  The name ‘Ember’ is considered a variant of the name ‘Jeremy.’ So if you like the latter but want a  unique touch to it, go for ‘Ember.’


Don’t confuse this with the Australian city–although more baby names are getting based off actual scenic destinations. We think that Sidney is a perfect gender-neutral name to grow up with. Baby boys can be confident, growing up with this moniker because it’s not too feminine. At the same time, girls will love bearing this fancy name.


Unisex Baby Names: This or That?

Thoughtful consideration regarding your preferred baby names will help your child avoid any uncomfortable encounters in the future. They would need your full support and encouragement. These will boost your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, which are critical for their success.

So, whether or not you decide on gender-neutral baby names, the choice is yours. Prioritize your child’s development, and they will soon grow up being proud of who they are.