Posh Variations To Classic Names You Love

Do you love timeless names? I guess we all do. From Mary and John to Anna, the classics continue to dominate annual lists of popular baby names. Meanwhile, parents still want a touch of uniqueness to their child’s name, right? If you want your child to stand out in the crowd, start scribbling down these distinctive baby name variations.



Amelia – from Emily

For a fresher take on the baby girl name Emily, try the sophisticated-sounding name Amelia for the cute bub. From being a Roman Empire favorite, which means ‘imitating’ and or ‘rivaling,’ your baby will surely love growing up with the Amelia twist in modern times.

Ellis – from Isabel

Isabel sounds excellent as it is. The derivative Ellis makes it even better, no? For a less common name that still means ‘God is my oath,’ consider the name Ellis for your little girl.

Kalea – from Clarity

We love the name Clarity because it has a laid-back ring to it. But doesn’t its Hawaiian form Kalea sound a bit more exciting? With its meanings of ‘clear,’ ‘bright,’ and ‘famous,’ you will always remember the calmness of the ocean waves every time you call your daughter.

Cassie – from Katherine

Thinking of old Hollywood movies with female protagonists named Katherine? It still is a beautiful name. But if you’re going for a name that sounds more casual, try Cassie. By the way, Cassie is also a pet name for Cassidy.

Maisie – from Margaret

Margaret is a lovely English name, which means ‘pearl.’ Want to switch this name up? Consider choosing the trendy alternative Maisie instead—like that of Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark in Game of Thrones.

Audris – from Audrey

Audrey is a gorgeous name for a baby girl, which means ‘noble strength.’ To amp it up, try the name Audris which has a more delicate ring to it.



Eiden – from Eden

Eden reminds us of paradise from the Bible, right? Plus, its Old English origins translate to ‘blessed bear cub.’ Adding the letter ‘I’ in the middle elevates the name to a whole new level and creates a wonderful alternative for this classic name.

Gwayne – from Gavin

For those inclined to give their baby boys the name Gavin but find this moniker a bit overrated, switch to the name Gwayne, which means the same thing: ‘blessed,’ ‘white,’ ‘holy,’ and ‘fair.’

Avram – from Abraham

If we’re talking about classic baby names, why not include the name of the greatest patriarch of all time? Abraham is a beautiful name on its own. Its variation Avram gives it a little more oomph, especially for modern parents. It still means the same anyway, ‘father of many.’

Yorick – from George

Oh, George! The royals love this name, and so do we. If you think that the name is too old-fashioned for your liking, try Yorick instead. This name is a Scandinavian alternative to the moniker we learned to love through the years.

Hale – from Harry

From royalty to fictional characters, Harry is indeed a classic, but it might be too common. So why not use the name Hale, which is the Hawaiian counterpart of Harry? It still is classy but has a modern and fresh twist to it.

Robyn – from Robert

Did you know that aside from Rob and Bob, the name Robert has many other alternatives as well? Talk about Robyn, which is a more modern and chic form of the name. You’d be interested to know, both names mean ‘bright famous one.’


A Nice Twist to the Common Ones

The love for classic baby names doesn’t die out easily. However, you also want something as individual as your child’s personality. To keep the timelessness of the names without sacrificing uniqueness and individuality, these variations do come handy. Take your pick!