Weirdest Things Parents Do To Name Their Child (With Real Life Examples!)

From absurd baby showers to crazy gender reveal parties, we’ve seen the lengths that parents do for their kids. However, trends that recently caught our attention are unusual ways of coming up with baby names.

In case you haven’t noticed, baby naming methods are also evolving. What’s even bigger? There are some wacky things that parents do when they run out of options. Check these out!

Asking for Name Ideas from Their Loyal Social Media Followers

Most people now live and breathe online. Personal lives are even shaped by social media followers. It’s not far from reality for expecting couples to ask their online peers for advice on what to name their baby.

If they’re brave enough, they can even let their social media followers decide for your baby names. Talk about the power of social media!


Image from @sophiecachia_ on Instagram

For example, Australian blogger mom Sophie Cachia asked her Instagram followers for some non-traditional baby names that would match with her firstborn son’s named Bobby. Her post was flooded with more than a thousand comments, and the responses were great. Some baby boy names included Archie, Oliver, and Flynn.

Well, she gave birth to a girl and ended up choosing Betty Margaret as her baby’s name. However, after a few weeks, she experienced serious baby name regret and decided to change her daughter’s name legally to Florence Margaret.

Anyway, we think asking people online or offline could be a fun and frivolous starting point for pooling baby name suggestions.

Asking People to Vote on A Baby Name They Love

You could also post your favorite names and ask people to vote – like a baby naming poll.

Australian football player Trench Cotchin and his wife Brooke did this for their third child. According to the Sun, the couple already thought of naming their son Becker. But some of their family and friends kept remarking that the child would be called Boris after the German tennis champion, Boris Becker.

So, they set-up a voting system in the hospital and had everyone vote. A few days later, the couple decided on the name Parker Foxx Cotchin.

If you want to take it up a notch, you could follow what celebrity couple Jade Roper and husband Tanner Tolbert did. The Bachelors in Paradise stars asked their more than 1 million followers on Instagram to vote from a list of 16 baby boy names.

Each day, the names were cut down by two. While they said it was just for fun, they ended up choosing the top two contenders for their adorable baby boy – Brooks Easton.

Image from @jadelizroper on Instagram

We’re curious, would you consider doing this too?

Branding their Baby 

Some parents take brand loyalty to a whole new level. Several moms from the popular parenting forum Netmums revealed the strangest names they’ve heard in real life. And they’re brand baby names!

One mom has met a Versace with twin siblings Dolce and Gabbana. Another has met an Armani. Footwear brands like Nike and Adidas were also mentioned.

We also read in Malay Mail that an Indonesian couple named their baby boy Google! Yes, the search engine!

His father hoped that like the tech giant, his son would be able to help many people. We’re happy to report that the company responded by sending baby Google some gifts.

And in case you’re wondering, there’s also an Egyptian girl named Facebook.

Taking Cues from the Time of Day or Day of the Week

On a more traditional note, parents from other parts of the globe tend to rely more on their environment for baby naming.

For instance, children from the Akan tribe in Ghana automatically acquire names that correspond to the day of the week that they were born. The name Kojo tells others that a little boy was born on a Monday whereas Ekua is a Wednesday name for a baby girl.

Meanwhile, for the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka, they choose the first letter of their baby’s name depending on the birth date and birth star at the time of birth or nama nakshatram.

These naming traditions might seem unusual but let’s remember to respect other people’s cultures and appreciate the beauty of diversity.

Searching the Internet for the Oddest Name Categories

When all else fails, the internet has your back. BabyNamesPedia has a catalog of names that contains so much more than what you could ask for. Physical encyclopedias and almanacs can quickly become outdated. With the internet, you can continuously update your list with the latest baby names.

There are lots of exciting themes for unique baby names like woodseasons, and even grass on our site, so you’ll never run out of ideas. If you find one that suits your little bub, you’re good to go.

All for the Love of Baby Names

Baby naming is probably one of the most exciting things about parenthood. However, creative juices can run out. Some naming traditions from older generations may not even work anymore. The ideas above could be of help to parents in picking out awesome baby names.

With the help of the internet, online communities, and closest friends, you’ll realize that inspiration can be found anywhere, and it may take a village to name a child.